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Blogger’s Sweets Epi 2 from Bloggers Sweets on Vimeo.

Lololol I was bloghopping and I went to Jayden’s blog and I got reminded of BLOGGER’S SWEETS!! This was like, half a year ago?!?

Anyway if you haven’t seen it when I posted it up last time, you can find out more at

This video is superrrr funny! I keep cracking up during the part we were doing the “catwalk”.

I know I look so much taller than James but if you look carefully, when we’re standing the difference is not that much. But the truth is he’s veryyy small size la. Doesn’t help that I’m not your average short and petite Singaporean girl too. LOL.

I was sitting up very straight during the video and he was slouching in a corner like some little mouse.

And he’s not even that shy real life!!! He’s always full of crap and bullying me, yet in the video he seems so… softspoken? Bleh. If anyone who knows James sees this video, they would know what I’m talking about lor!! ULTIMATE PRETENSEEEEE.

I remember I was like, “You see la! You almost never talk at all in the video lor!”

And he was like, “GOTTTT. Just when I opened my mouth to talk, they had to insert some music to shut me up. =(“

LOL. He was referring to the ending part of the video. Damn funnnnyyyyy plz. Must watch to know what I’m talking about.

Anywaysss… He came to look for me yesterday, before he went into camp. And he passed me this puzzle, with our picture on it.

A puzzle because… you complete me. Take away one tiny piece and my life would be incomplete without you.

He told me he’s very sorry and that he would like to go out with me to buy a nice frame for this puzzle to hang it up in my room when he books out 2 weeks later.

Why do I feel that he only treasures me when he’s on the verge of completely losing me?!?!

Perhaps most guys are like that la. WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN? Hopefully army will toughen him up and perhaps knock some sense and maturity into him. Silly boy.

Nonetheless, it felt very good to hug him yesterday and I love rubbing his botak head!!!

Indeed, I laughed at his funny botak head like I said I would in my “When I Think Of You” post.

…And everything that I knew would happen, has happened / is going to happen.