Yooooohooo :)

I am back from the audition. I honestly cannot believe I skipped school to go to this casting because there is like NIL chance of me getting in!

Soooo many girls went, I tell ya. Who am I to compete?!? *defeated pout*

I feel super guilty because my teacher just had a talk with me yesterday telling me to take my studies seriously and to stop skipping school,

….but I just pulled a britney.

I think I should go to school tomorrow and start singing Oops! I did it again. when I see my teacher :X

But I have an MC to back me up so he can’t say anything! hiak hiak hiak.


I woke up super early today and prepared 2 hours in advance in case I will be late. (which I always am, for that matter)

And in the end I sat around home doing nothing cuz I prepared too early!

No one’s freaking online on weekday afternoons.

If you ever see me online @ my Chantango (it’s below my tagboard at the right), feel free to talk to me because I AM FRIENDLY!

La la la..

I’m in a nonsensical, frivolous mood.

I still have all my make up on now. And I’m still wearing that short tight dress.

It seriously sucks to be perfectly dolled up, yet you are at home blogging when you should be out having fun and showing off your effort! (by effort I mean the time wasted to make yourself look good)




Silly James got jealous when I posted up pictures of Valentine presents I’ve received from others but didn’t show the one he gave to me.. =P

So here’s a picture of me looking very satisfied with my heart shaped bottle! He folded paper into many cute little heart shapes and apparently, those red seeds stand for love. *didnt know that*




Hmm… I can’t decide if I wanna change hairstyle!

I think my current hairstyle now is gorgeous, but suddenly, I want short hair / short fringe. LOL.

Perhaps I should venture more into hair modelling, so I can keep changing different hairstyles without contemplating much.. =D

Whenever photographers tell me to face the camera with my best angle, I always get confused!

I can’t decide on which is my “best angle”..

Right side?






Left side?


Full frontal?

…Which side do you think looks best?

Oh yea, pardon the messy hair, only styled it after my camwhore session.


When I meet my daddy this weekend, I’m going to tell him I want to whiten my teeth! I honestly can’t stand yellow-ish teeth. Horror of all horrors is to be something you hate.

Bleaching costs a bombbbbb.. but my dad is a dentist/professor so he can do it for me for free. But the problem is, will he? =(

I think when he sees my teeth he will get the shock of his life and probably agree straight away. Ahaha.

Maybe I won’t brush my teeth starting from now till I meet him, just to convince him a little more =X




I’m becoming more and more conscious about my looks! It’s killing me.

I’m determined to lose 2 kg. I’ve stopped eating unnecessarily..

Whenever I look at old people, I get really scared =(


I wanna remain young & beautiful forever.

I am already not-so-beautiful when young, can you imagine what I will look like when I grow older?!?!?

…I can’t. :(

I seriously suspect that I’m going to mature very fast and look like 30 when I’m 20. Which sucks.

Then I will look 50 when I’m 30.

By then, I think I’ll kill myself.

So that I will never become OLD-FASHIONED AND NAGGY AND CRANKY and basically, well, old.

But what happens to my kids? I can’t just commit suicide like that.

I am considering not having kids :)

I’ve never wanted kids anyway. The horror of pregnancy!!!!!!! (super HUGE bellies, gain fat, super painful. especially when the kid comes out of your ahem!)

Even if I decide to have kids, I’ll probably adopt.

I’ll adopt cute angmohs!!!!!

Or I don’t mind giving birth if the father is a hot angmoh. Wooooooooooooooooo.

Gee, I am just ranting on & on mindless aren’t I.

To prevent you from thinking I’ve gont nuts I shall now end this post,


Who the fuck cares about “growing old gracefully” when being 16 means you take act-cute-pictures with duck pencil cases and no one can blame you for being obnoxiously vain and childish?