Why do people hate Valentine’s Day?

So I was surfing the net last night at about 2am (technically V’day was just over) and some people were talking about how much they disliked Valentine’s Day
(such as tweeting #ReasonsToHateValentine’sDay, quotes about how Single Life Is Better, or making fun of a girl happily holding a giant bouquet by calling the guy stupid for buying something so expensive, etc.)

After reading multiple blogs and tweets, I’ve gathered enough information to conclude that these people hate Valentine’s Day because…

Everything’s so expensive – Flowers, Chocolates, Dinners, etc

They didn’t have dates / partners to celebrate this special occasion with

They think this date is too “commercialized” and “unnecessary” because everyday should be filled with love, not just on Valentine’s Day.

And I just can’t help but wonder…


Why do single / unhappily attached people like to piss in the faces of happy couples so much?

I mean, what is the point of laughing at / cursing at / shaking your fists at blissfully attached couples just cuz you don’t have a date yourself?

Can’t you be happy for other people that they’re doing well?????

Why you must emphasize on how shitty and stupid you think the whole event is? It doesn’t make YOUR day any better, does it? Not everything revolves around you.

All it does is make you come across as a jealous angry person who didn’t / can’t get laid or dated.

I KNOW it doesn’t feel good to be dateless and lonely on V’day, what with other people talking about what a great time they’re having and your day has been less-then-satisfactory but omg…

Can you stop it with the childish spite already?

I’ve been single on many Valentine’s Day as well, all alone cuz my friends had their own dates and shit but I didn’t go around pooping on peoples parades, acting like I’m above the whole thing!!!

Or even worse, being pissed off at people who had a good time just because I didn’t. What sort of person would I be?

V’day was actually very irrelevant to me when I was Single
, cuz it’s like…. I don’t even have a boyfriend, so why should I care about the occasion? None of my business right?


Whose fault exactly is it that you are loveless and single?? Maybe your jerky ex or your personality disorder but most certainly not the happy people you are indirectly insulting.

People happy want to tell the world about nice things that happened to them also cannot? I’d take a happy non-stop-gushing girl over an emo spiteful craphead any day. Would you rather hear cringe worthy sob stories about how emo somebody is?

If you didn’t wanna BE that person having fun on V’day, you wouldn’t be PISSED at that person for having fun on V’day.

So, you know what I suggest?

……Stop bloody whining and bitching or being a cheap, anti-social bastard with high expectations. Find somebody to go out with and just have fun!!!!!!

Maybe if you stop sulking, somebody decent might notice your smile.

Does it REALLY have to be about crazy passionate love making or extravagant bouquets of flowers and fancy dinners?

V’day is about showing the people you care about that you ♥ them – which means you could go out with friends and family too!!! A bf / gf would obviously be much more ideal, but beggars don’t get to be choosers.

And you’re missing the whole point of V’day.

I realized another type of people who hate V’day are ones that HAVE partners, but lazy / cheap / unromantic ones who can’t be arsed doing anything for each other on V’day so get all pissed off cuz other girls are getting flowers and shit.

OR they are already going on fun dates and getting flowers but they COMPARE themselves to other couples and blame the world for not being treated like absolute royalty on this supposed “special” occasion!!

Well guess what??

If your bf is so damn crappy and unromantic and it displeases you so much, why don’t you just dump him? Hate the player, not the game.


I HAD A BLOODY FANTASTIC TIME!! ....BUT. I didn’t get a ridiculously expensive but gorgeous bouquet of fresh roses.

Not even cheap chocolates.

We did go a nice hotel and ate at a nice restaurant and went for a nice spa treatment but I paid for a lot of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all… Do I mind one bit?


I told myself that if my bf is unwilling / reluctant / forgets to treat me nicely on V’day, I will treat myself and treat him instead! Girls, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be the guy paying. Your mindset doesn’t have to be so backwards.

I didn’t have any V’day plans unless the night of 13th itself, I booked everything last minute. And I was more than willing to chip in for the price since my bf thought it was kinda pricey.

What I’m trying to say is, the more you’re “pressured” to have a good time and the more silly expectations you have, the more likely you’ll end up being miserable on V’day, with or without a partner.

Lower your retarded unrealistic expectations and maybe you won’t find yourself majorly disappointed as often!

It’s perfectly okay to have expectations in general, as long as they’re realistic and deserving of them.

And don’t you people pretend to not care about the whole huzzah because everyone likes sweet little gifts and thoughtful handmade cards and pretty flowers even if they die also won’t admit it!!!!!!

Obviously Valentine’s Day means something to you because you care about it enough to “hate” it. Nobody hates something they don’t care about.


Moving on!!! I feel the need to rant more!

Valentine’s Day may be over the top and expensive, but it is most certainly NOT unnecessary.

The most annoying thing of all is when people go “WHY does today have to be any different from other days??? It’s so commercialized and bullshit!”

How is Valentine’s Day unnecessary?

It is JUST as necessary and important as birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day, mother’s day, independence day etc, because it is a REMINDER to all of us to care a little bit more.

Not just on that day, but in general. We are only human. We make mistakes.

Sometimes we take our partners for granted. Sometimes we’re not as nice to each other as we could be, sometimes we just NEED a reason to be nice to each other especially if you live-in with one another and all you talk about is who should do the dishes today.

A reminder for a 70 year old man that his wife of 50 years STILL deserves a rose every once in awhile because she’s still his special girl.

A reminder that not everyone takes, but one that most people are grateful for.

Just because we want to be treated extra nicely on V’day doesn’t mean that we only appreciate Love on February 14th and that other 364 days of the year are gonna be sucky!!!!!

Don’t YOU wanna be treated nicely on your Birthday? Don’t you want to buy your mum a nice dinner on Mother’s Day?

So if your friends buy you amazing presents on your B’day, does that mean they don’t appreciate your friendship the rest of the time?

If you specifically take your mum out for an EXTRA nice dinner on Mother’s Day, does it imply that you only love your mother 1 day of the year???

Usually the couples who go ALL OUT on Valentine’s Day are the ones who are MUCH nicer to each other than any other normal couples on average days too.

Just Sayin’.

Look around, it’s true ;)


Oh and of course, my last point – about V’day being “too expensive”


X’mas dinners not expensive meh?

You might get discounts at restaurants during your birthday as an exception but that’s cuz you’re not as important as Jesus!

You’re like Mr. Scrooge who goes “bah, humbug!” when people mention X’mas and all things good that keep you warm at night.

Except you’re the V’day version of Scrooge. And I feel sorry for you.

…Actually not really, since you’re being so spiteful. Orbi.

Why don’t you buy the groceries and cook yourself a great meal at home with someone special???


Stop making so many excuses.

For every special occasion or public holiday there will be crowds, expectations and prices that are jacked up high EVERYWHERE. But is that a good reason to not enjoy the festivities???

Anybody who says Valentine’s Day is a waste of time = Logic Fail.

And anybody who is too cheap to buy nice things such as flowers for their girlfriends on V’day because they think it’s too expensive = even more Fail.

You dumb ass, you’re not ONLY buying the god damn red plant, don’t you know you’re buying yourself time, happiness and intimacy as well?

A girl who receives nice flowers is a girl a lot more willing to be nice to you than one who received nothing!!!

Happy girls = frisky girls

Frisky girls = happy guys

Happy girls and happy guys = less time spent quarreling.

And that’s a fact.


That is all.

To everyone who had awesome sex and french kisses and got flowers and yummy dinners, I betcha had a good V’day.

To everyone who sat at home bitching about how much V’day sucked… oh well, sucks to be you. Hopefully next year will be better for you! And don’t forget not to bitch your weight around and to start smiling more often! (remember, nobody likes negative people)

Happy post Valentine’s Day y’all!