What’s Bakin’? #6

The more cakes I do, the less pictures I take. The less outings I have. The less motivation to update my blog coz I’m drained. (and the less I do of anything else, really. mainly including sleeping and having leisurely free time. it’s like a full time job now) …mind boggling tiring!!!

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the amount of orders and support we have been receiving. About half a year down the track and we’re still going strong. Still getting more orders than we can handle lol.

Although I’ve met some unreasonable / rude / immature / ridiculous / nightmare-ish customers that seriously made me reconsider this decision (*shakes fist towards the high heavens*), I’m amazed at how far cupcake decorating has taken me. So thank you for loving what I do. ♥ Every day is a new test of my creativity, work is never boring and that means so much.

I haven’t shared Shiberty’s Sweets photos with you guys in awhile… I hope you enjoy these photos :)

Fondant jet fighter planes!!! For a real pilot :D The whole time “Like a G6″ was playing in my head.

These look like japanese bombers in WW2 o.O

The whole fleet.

Safari cake that was superrr fun to decorate! There was so much fondant details this thing weighed at least 5 kg me thinks.

Funny lion and alligator. I think you all know by now that every single detail is painstakingly handcrafted and 100% edible :*

Nawwww. How unreal are these monkeys? MY BABIES!!!

King Kong wishes you an awesome 21st!!! The recipient of this cake emailed us a few days after with very kind compliments which made my day. Appreciative customers always make me happy ♥

Side view!

Instead of the normal hello kitty, this time we got a special request for a NERDY kitty! I actually kinda like it hehehe.

Simple mermaid-couple-themed cake. The guy cracks me up lol he’s got serious double chin problems

A pretty shade of blue

2 tiered (or rather, 3 including minnie’s head) cake that was covered in the sweetest pink ever!

Baby mickey and minnie.. they look sort of warped but customer loved it lol

Girly Marie Cat design!!! So feminine ^^ Rainbow interior of course, what else?

10″ eeyore cake with cute lil flowers :)

Sexayyy 2 tiered cake with scroll patterns, blood red roses and black stripes. Red, white and black is such a good color combination.

This was hard to draw… I have a problem with drawing symmetrical lines and estimating drawing space. *nervous sweat* e_e;

The best part is, if you fuck up…. You get to redo the whole cake. …Joy.

No room for error. Making cakes = STRESSFUL. There is so much that could potentially go wrong, honestly.

Oven failing, running out of ingredients halfway, accidentally screwing up a design, meeting deadlines, dealing with difficult / demanding requests and people, ensuring the cake is as perfect as possible for someone’s special occasion… making it a birthday cake they won’t forget anytime soon.

A Volkswagen Polo car cake!. The first of what we expect to be many more 3d fondant car requests after posting this photo up!

Excuse the awful quality pic by my iphone. Was in a rush.

This was fun and simple to do, birthday girl wanted 2 tiered rainbow cake with bright colors and candy elements! The hearts are marshmallows.

Buttercream hello kitty, the original. Last cake pic of the day.


Oh, and one more thing…

My gorgeous kiddo neighbour Sarah celebrated her birthday in advance today! She brought our cupcakes to school. Isn’t she just ADORRBBSSSSS ♥

She looks like an angel. :* And she is a real sweetheart, always so polite and cute. I hate bratty kids so thank god my neighbours are the best ones you could ask for!

I remember when she was just a baby lol, I was like 15 years old then. Funny watching her grow up. Will miss them very much when I move out, which should be soon enough.

In “exchange” for our cupcakes, her momma Lynn, brought over some yummy cupcakes from Sparkle earlier this afternoon!

Sparkle is this apparently famed cupcake store in Sydney. Her husband just came back from a trip there so they gave me some to try. I’ve been curious about them ever since hearing rave reviews from Lynn.. they were yummy!

Absolutely zero points for presentation LOL, but their cake melts in your mouth. Buttercream was ok.

I think their cake is better than ours because it remained soo soft and fluffy despite being through a flight from Sydney to Singapore. However I think our buttercream beats theirs, hands down. Sam reckons our taste a lot better. *buay paiseh*

It’s always interesting trying out cupcakes that other people have made. Very pleasurable to eat a cupcake you didn’t have to make yourself. Novelty. You’d think after working with so many cupcakes, I’d get sick of em… Not at all!

I still love creating them, looking at them and eating them! Every single day of my baking life I am tempted to steal my customer’s orders. I see so many cupcakes in front of me I cannot eat :( If I eat = lose business and get fatter lol. Tough choice.