What’s Bakin’? #13

First of all, Happy Good Friday everyone!!!

I have 3 things to announce:

1) I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, under local anesthetic. Yikes! It’s definitely not a pleasant experience, but it really wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected and the pain factor I am experiencing is like practically zero… discomfort and soreness along with inconvenience is another factor, however. I’ll get around to blogging about it soon! :D

2) I am feeling better about the moderately depressing thing I’ve been whining about the past two blog posts. I’m back to bubbly, happy, carefree Jessica! Ok, the carefree part has always been a front and a lie. I am not carefree. I am happy-go-lucky by character but you won’t believe the amount of stress I go through sometimes. I’m just incredibly convincing at acting like my life is all good and easy. But I find myself in lighter spirits despite having gone through a minor dental surgery yesterday. Life can’t be all that bad?!

3) Can you freakin’ believe it’s been half a year since I last did a What’s Bakin’? post? I remember when I used to do it monthly! Well, after you keep baking for awhile, you’ll realize quite a lot of designs that people request are repeated from your image gallery…. so nowadays I only take pictures of special orders / something we haven’t done before / just stuff I particularly like. So I only have a small collection of cake images below for you but I hope you enjoy looking at them anyways! And please do feel free to salivate all over your monitor and keyboard, it would make me most gratified.

In case you haven’t heard or realized..

Guess who’s back, back again?
Shiberty’s Sweets is back in business baby, so go tell a friend! 

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What’s gayer than a normal colorful rainbow?

A pastel rainbow cake with ruffles. Mmmhmm. Sam actually did this order all by myself as I was busy with other matters that day – I think he did a good job despite not being familiar with buttercream piping! I cover all of the cream coated stuff normally. I can’t wait till someone orders this again so I can have my own go at it! ;) Looks like a lot of fun to do!

This was actually a design from last year, but I forgot to post it up! This girl wanted wanted a nice big ribbon with a 3d fondant handmade figurine of her sitting on the cake with pink and polkadots as the theme. I love how sweet this looks, too bad it was extremely dark when we took this picture, it hardly does the real thing justice!

I haven’t seen Despicable Me yet. Can you believe it? Everyone’s talking about it and loving it, I’m almost feeling almost hipster-like refusing to watch it. LOL.

These little guys were so tedious to create…. but at least they’re naturally dopey looking so if one or two are slightly odder than the rest, you won’t be able to notice. I think. Don’t go scrutinizing my work now!

Okay, let’s see… What do girls love?

1) Pink & Purple
2) Whimsical Unicorns
3) Roses
4) Pearls
5) Heart Shapes
6) A yummy cake

Damn. Nailed it!

It gives me a lot of satisfaction looking at this photo, because this is real #cakeporn – you can totally tell how ridiculously soft, fluffy and moist our cakes are when it’s zoomed in as close up as this!!!! I take deep pride in producing high quality stuff for our awesome supporters, to make sure their cake is always as good as we can get it to be!

Sometimes some things are out of my control, anybody who has ever given baking a go can tell you that no matter how much experience you’ve had, things could potentially go wrong at any given time. It never always turn out exactly the way you want it to. Just watch cake decorating shows such as Cake Boss or Fabulous Cakes for example! But when I can help it, I do. We could easily use artificial stabilizers / preservatives, a pre-made cake mix, or shortening instead of real butter in our recipes so as to save ourselves a lot of hassle and time…. but we insist on using premium ingredients, self-taught recipes and baking only hours before the cake is actually collected, which runs the risk of us being late for our order (normally this doesn’t happen though) but it results in moister, fresher cakes and I believe it’s a calculated risk worth taking because of the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting recently!  Ah, I love my job. So damn messy but oh SO fun.

Oh, yes! The butterscotch flavored pink ombre cake you see above was turned into this Ballerina themed cake eventually. We were told to do “as much pink as possible” ;)

How about a boyish Jersey cake for a LA Clippers fan to break up the girlyness of this post?

I adore how much more clean-cut our work has become now! We’re not the best at what we do, and still have a long way to go on the learning curve… but practice makes perfect. And practice, we shall.

I LOVE THIS!!!!! I want a classic 2.55 with gold hardware.. In jumbo size!!!! Caviar.

Some day..

Bye everyone!!!! Thank you for visiting! :* 

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