What’s Bakin’? #10

Wow, I’m actually at the 10th segment of my What’s Bakin’? posts!!!!

Time flew by. Very soon it’ll be a year since I’ve started this baking stint. I wonder how many hundreds of cakes I’ve baked and how many thousandsss of cupcakes I’ve frosted. I think my first order completed was 10th March…. I’ll be in Australia by then, so no celebrating my one-year-cake-anniversary with even more baking :P

You know, exactly 10 days from now, I’ll be seeing TAYLOR SWIFT LIVE IN CONCERT the 2nd time! I’m soooooooo exciiiiiTTTEeeeeDDDDDdddddddd I THINK I’M GOING TO PEE MY PANTS.

It will be the second time I’ll be seeing her perform live, and I love her 10x more since the first time I’ve seen her. Back then I was a fan, but now I am a SUPER FAN. LOL. I’m going to know ALL the words to her Speak Now album. I’M GOING TO SCREAM SO LOUD AND MY HEART WILL EXPLODE IN THE STADIUM. There’s nothing quite like a chorus of 40 000 fans screaming in unison.

But I’m worried she’s not going to have her signature curly blonde hair during the tour, coz she’s been sporting a slick straight do recently??? I can’t imagine her doing the tour with straight hair!!! :( Ok enough with the fangirl T-Swift talk. I’m pretty sure I’ll spam more about that next time, lol.

Let’s get back to admiring the gorgeous cakes from Shiberty’s Sweets! (yes self-proclaimed. actually not really since I get tons of compliments on them all the time lol)

If you’d like to share my cake pictures online, please have the decency to credit and link back to me!

This set got 200 likes on Instagram! A V’day themed order :)

Alternate view! It’s so girly and frilly and pwetty~

The Rilakkuma family!!!! ^.^

So is the female Rilakkuma his girlfriend, or his sister?

Of course you have to get matching Rilakkuma to go along with the cake!!!

I think this is the epitome of a “princessy” cake.

A giant hot pink bow, glittery heart shaped golden key, diamonds and pearls.. it’s shamelessly and gloriously girly!!!

Boys, don’t click away the page just yet!
I have surprises in store for you too!

A BMW cake modeled after Velda‘s beau, Freddy’s car! Picture credits go to her!!! :)

The Honda Fit! With a sun roof.

Another underwater themed cake! Spot the bottlenose dolphin and sea turtle!!


Random cute bee. This was from another cake I just thought it was too adorable not to share so I included it lol

So I know the key is kinda droopy / lopsided.. I’ll try to make it straighter next time!!! :3

A girl cake should be two things, classy and fabulous!

Who holds the key to my heart?

Of sakuras (or my imitation of them n_n) and owls!

Ohana means family. ♥

Simple and elegant floral themed

A close up

As sweet as candy!!! ;)

That’s all I have for today!
I hope you guys liked looking at my work. Head on over to http://shibertys.blogspot.com if you like what you see.

I’ll be overseas in Australia from 24 Feb – 13 March so email replying (and blog posts updating!) may be slow during this period!! Bear with me! :)