Violent removal of my eyelash extensions


This morning, I woke up and I have no idea why but I had this sudden irresistable urge to pluck off all my eyelash extensions.

So I did!

I started flipping them around, tugging here and there… and I managed to pull off 3/4 of them without much pain or have any of my own eyelash fall off.

But the rest were sooo stubborn… and I hate discomfort around my eye area so I panicked until I started tugging quite vigorously and accidentally woke James up cos he was lying right next to me and he just stared at me as though I’m the weirdest creature on earth, with my eyelash extensions half gone and the other half dangling off my eye.

So I got up and got some oil and started to remove them…. Was quite painful actually. Should have gone to Milly’s to remove them but I was lazy to go allll the way to FEP…

So after a LOT of pain and stupidity (should not have attempted to remove them myself in the first place, girls, do not try this at home!)


Although I look very ugly without make up now, I love the feeling of splashing water onto my face without worry and rubbing my eyes every morning!

And I missed my mascaraaaaaaaaaaa. Hehehe I was grinning to myself like an idiot just now as I applied like five coats of mascara o___o

Super close up of my eye!

Anna Sui’s mascara rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks.

My own eyelashes are SUPER scarce now though. Probably cos they were damn botak to begin with… and I must have plucked half off just now… so yeah. Doesn’t matter.

To be honest, I don’t really care about my real lashes cuz I swear by fake ones. My real ones just don’t exist.

But I think I’ll go put on new lash extensions soon.. the previous ones weren’t too “Qiao” thats why I couldn’t stand them. Lash extensions are very comfortable and pretty actually, neither are they painful..

Unless you’re an itchy-hand idiot like me.

Ok so like anyway I feel damn bo liao now!! I’m all dressed up and ready to go attend Jayden’s 21st Birthday Party butttt I’m waiting for Fidel to be done.

I MISS HER LOADS!!! So happy gonna see her later :D

But now I got nothing to doooooooooo!

I think I should just head down now and start eating, HAHAHA. Jayden’s quote - “Whenever I pass by Jessica, she’s always eating.”

KKKK anyway I am super in love with my outfit today cos 1) It’s very comfortable and 2) It’s pink and pretty!

Finally I got myself a new pair of white shorts that’s super comfy. Since my favourite pair got lost like monthhhhss ago, I haven’t been wearing shorts much but all that’s gonna change now!

How come recently my posts all so bimbotic?! Whining about appearance, posting pics from make up event, etc etc…




Can’t wait.