Valentine’s Day 2011

Read title!!!! :D

It was the best day of my 2011 thus far.

You should be happy for me because I went through 2 effing tough years with a guy who tore me apart and it’s time I enjoyed TRUE relationship stability and the happiness derived from it!!

Ok well I was moderately happy with Sam before but EXTREMELY displeased with the whole long-distance shit. It was anything but stable. One moment it’d be HEHEHEH I LOVE YOU BABY and then the next is like FUCK YOU BITCH.

Now we’re finally like a normal couple, we’ve been living together for months now and we’re going to get our own place in another country soon…. (Perth, my uni starts in July)

I wanted to combine 2 posts together, 1 post about the actual day celebration and another one about the spiffy presents we made for each other but this post is probably gonna be realllyyyyy long itself so I think I’ll separate it instead.

We didn’t have any plans the night before – but I decided I didn’t want to spend V’day lazing at home (we do that every other day!) so I made a last minute booking at this hotel in Changi Village. A friend brought me there recently to eat at this restaurant and I fell in love with the seaside views and italian food!!

Sam really liked the place too, it was near home so that was a huge bonus. That meant we could wake up at 1pm and start our day a little later! What pigs we are.

Upon checking in, we went to explore the hotel’s grounds and even though they have another pool on the ground level, their roof top infinity pool is gorgeous!!!!

They have this whole eden garden thing going on.. pure white walls, lush greeny, sea side breezes and panoramic views. For some reason I thought of Greece. White walls and the sea, y’know?

It was one of the few times I could enjoy being out in the sun without burning to death!!

It’s so constantly breezy up there, I wish the weather was like that everywhere else in Singapore.

How come in every idyllic paradise situation, there’s always a retired old white couple lazing in my pictures? They seem so right in place too.

Food for thought. I want that sort of retirement life too!!!

Sooo tempted to go for a swim but we had to do it the next day because we didn’t have enough time to finish all our activities in one day.

Sam bought me that gorgeous pink and gold necklace I’m wearing in these pictures as a V’day present part 1!! Thank you baby! ♥

Do you like it? :D

He said it’d look good with all the red lipstick I’m wearing these days

Crazy hair thanks to huge winds.

My mandatory feet shot whenever I feel like I’m in an awesome place :)

I guess it makes a “I was here” point?

Remember how my beloved old sloppy flip flops that everyone hated (they all thought it was ugly) broke? I am devoted to this one now!!!! I wear it out every single day with almost ANY outfit.

It’s just so comfy and simple!!!

Never been that big on footwear anyway… Comfort > Style any time.

I brought my family to this place for dinner recently and they too loved the views!!! Sometimes a weekend getaway to somewhere like this is what we all need to unwind.

Not that I actually need to unwind, I’m just using that as an excuse since I’m probably the most stress-free person you’d meet LOL but it’s still nice anyhow :)

A little too happy. I look almost evil, like a cackling witch :P

I am posting this picture to be fair to all the times I posted pictures of Sam with his eyes half closed on my blog LOL

Just soaking in the sunshine!

And thinking to myself what a nice day it is and how fun it is to be in a nice place doing absolutely nothing. Which is why I’m convinced I’ll like Perth.

Everyone’s been asking me why did I decide on Perth instead of Melbourne in the end, and saying how boring Perth is compared to Sydney and Melbourne yada yada… that the life is very different from Singapore..

Warning me I’d possibly regret my decision…….

But what they don’t get is that is precisely the kind of life I want!!!

Who cares about big cities and night life? It’s so deadly boring!!!

When have you ever seen me partying?

I like taking walks in the parks and baking and taking nice pictures and enjoying good weather and eating nice food and doing relaxing stuff like swimming and singing karaoke, I REALLY don’t need anything more than that! I’m so bloody simple I can’t believe some people think I’m superficial / materialistic, LOL.

So I get it that shops close early in Perth and things are expensive but that doesn’t bother me too much. I go shopping in Singapore because it’s so readily available everywhere and cuz I’m bored, not cuz I have a shopping addiction.

I remember how everyone told me things would change when I hit 18 years old, that I’d stop being the “innocent” teenager who doesn’t drink, party or smoke ever because I’d be legal then…

But nothing has changed!!

I know me, better than anyone else THINK they know me.

What I REALLY need the most is a change of environment. On the contrary, I feel like life is slow for me in Sunny Singapore because I’m so sheltered here. Got money, got nice condo, got mama to drive me everywhere I go and I don’t even wash my own underwear or do my own dishes. *pokes maid*

But in a whole new different country “by myself”, I’d be forced to get off my ass, scrub the grime off plates and take public transport… Work a little harder, gain a little more.

I’ve never even worked a day in my life as a part time waitress or anything like that because I started blogging at a young age.

It’s NICE and everything, but I’ve become too complacent!!! Getting what you want whenever you want it all the time isn’t always a good thing. I feel like I don’t strive hard enough for the things I want to achieve, just because I know I always have somebody or something to fall back on.

Perth will be the perfect learning experience for me.

Nice scenery, nice people, near-ish to Singapore yet ultimately completely different.

So the people who know me in real life…

Don’t worry too much about me. I know what I want this time, and even if it’s tough I’m gonna love it- I just know it!!!!!!!


Back to Valentine’s Day :)

Picture of the guy I’m going to be sharing our own place with in Perth having an orgasm.

LOL not really but it does kinda look like it eh? Wait.. you wouldn’t know.

OR WOULD YOU???? *evil stare*

After taking the photo above, I shouted “Look like you’re enjoying your vacation, not having an O!!!!” and he did this pose instead hahahah

*cue Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”*

I close my eyes and the flashback starts / I’m standing there, on a balcony in a summer air /

Did you guys notice Sam is getting a lot bigger now coz he’s been working out!! And by bigger I mean buffer of course.

Biceps ♥_♥…………
*runs hand over the muscly bumps*

What a cutie! :)))))))

More gardenny goodness one floor below us

And now we’re offffffff to our spa treatment!!!!

Officially the best and only way to spend V’day!

We did the same thing last year, spa + hotel stay except that was in Sentosa instead.

Walked into the reception and asked if they had a couple slot available, thankfully they did. Yay for impromptu plans working out perfectly. I would’ve so regretted if we didn’t do it cuz it was one of my best spa experiences ever :)

Interestingly enough, we were lead up this flight of stairs into a secluded level where a spa haven awaits us!!

Gorgeous thickets of bougainvilleas!!!

They might not look that impressive here but it was SO brightly colored magenta and the golden sun rays made it look gorgeous!

Like a brilliant splash of colour against the white walls.

I can’t believe I still remember what this flower is called since learning it from a primary school science textbook.

Back then science was still interesting cuz we studied mammals and stuff.. then chemistry and physics came about :[

There, much better :)

That’s what they looked like to me. It’s all about perception.

No, they didn’t actually smell like anything :P

I just wanted to take as many pretty V’day-romance-lovey-dovey pics as possible!!!

Pink = the best colour in the world.

In Perth my selection of flowers and plants to take pictures with / of will be broader than the average bougainvillea + grass here. Yay for wildflower season in Australia!!!!!

/End of high quality DSLR pics.

From here onwards you shall be forced to swallow mediocre digital cam pictures :P

This was the room where the magic happened.

Oh man check out that jacuzzi in the middle of nowhere and the sea views!!!!!!!!!!! We were SO excited. Just “wow”. Is this all ours for today?!

Sorry for making it look so crappy here but it was SO GOOD!!!!

Cold breezy winds against bubbling hot goodness =

I wish we were even nearer to the sea but well, you can’t have everything!!

Some day I’m gonna be in a jacuzzi on a nice boat looking at dolphins by the sunset. My dream. Actually I don’t even have to be in a damn jacuzzi but could I see some dolphins plzzzzzzz T____T

All my dreams have either the ocean or dolphins to do with them. It’s strange.


So we got changed into the itty bitty almost non-existent outfits they provided for us and then they left us alone for a good 50 minutes to spend quality time with each other!!!

AND I’M IN!!!!

One word: Amazing.

No no wait. Fantastic.

Life-changing. ……..Almost. :P

WHY DO HOT SPA’S FEEL SO GOOD?? All it is is bubbling hot jets of water wobbling your flabs around. But the moment you jump into one it’s an instant “Ahhhhhhhhh….” moment.

Well that comes after the initial “OW OW OW!!” burning sensation hahaha

Cheeky monkey face

I dunno how else we could’ve better spent our V’day!!! It was really romantic.

♥ ♥ ♥

They added lovely little touches like spreading rose petals in the water and lighting candles for us :)

Every detail counts!!

Happy is me!!!

I think it’s amazing how 2 people can be so comfortable together.

Sometimes I forget he’s that dude I met from Left 4 Dead.

LOL my cheeks were stained rained coz I kissed him then he kissed me on the cheek. That’s why I almost never kiss with lipstick / gloss on..

…Admiring the sea views and watching boats pass us by :)

To be honest I felt a little naked because once in awhile you’d get a few people walking past in the distance and although they can’t really see you – you can see them in plain sight!!!

Relaxation at 1000000000000000000%

The best thing they did for us was PROVIDING CHOCOLATE FONDUE during our dip in the jacuzzi!!!!

I don’t know why they did it, usually spas don’t give you any food except ginger teas and the like, maybe it was a Valentine’s Day special.

Whatever it is, it was the BEST idea ever.

I am usually not a fan of thick chocolatey substances but omggggg this was soo good. It wasn’t the cheap kind of overly-sweet chocolate so you’d feel sick or thirsty after a few mouhfuls, this was the REAL STUFF (Y)

Couldn’t get enough of it. Even lost interest in the spa for a bit :P


LOL our mouths were like this by the time we were done!!!!!!!

Subsequent pics had chocolate stains all over our mouths.. Glamorous indeed.


Self-timer photo spam!!!!!!! ♥

OMG I look so dirty with all that chocolate on my face lol!!

Wipe it on his face nowww :P

Look at his spastic expression. Tsk. Girl of your dreams kiss you and this is the face you give her???

And my faaavvooourriteee part next – massage!!!!!!!! Yay!

Actually the whole day was my favourite part :)

Got changed into their kimono thingy which is even better than a bathrobe because the material is sooo smooth, I gotta get me one of those!!!

And I put my hand on my chest because I imagine that’s what Japanese people do. Like y’know cuz apparently they’re very polite and kind xD

Some water to stay alive. Jacuzzis dehydrate you like CRAZY because it’s soo hot!!!

They washed our feet for us then dumped a chunk of “aromatic sea salt” into the foot bath and then told us to rub our feet together.

When I asked the therapist what it’s meant to do for your feet, she said, “It’s good for you.”

I LOL-ed. I guess she doesn’t know either…

For my foot to taste salty because they anticipate my bf has a foot fetish and there will be some foot lickin’ going on in our hotel room later or what? Cuz my feet sure didn’t feel any different.

…..Nevertheless, as I have once proclaimed before – Having your feet washed for you is one of the GREATEST pleasures there is in life!!!!

I swear.

After that it was….


Complete knock out.

Sometimes I wonder what is the point of a massage when I sleep through like half of it LOL.

Anyway as you can expect, I COMPLETELY enjoyed the whole experience!!!

Besides the awesome things like jacuzzis and massages, another thing that was excellent was the service. Even the cheapest spa I went to had great service.

They are always asking you if you are comfortable, is the application pressure okay and forever so polite!!!!!

I love it.


Afterwhich we headed back to our hotel room a little rest, a refreshing shower then off for our much anticipated dinner!!!

We’d already dined here before so we knew what to expect. In fact I was just here with my family 2 nights ago!

I adore alfresco dining when the weather is right. I don’t feel as confined as I would in an indoor restaurant.

We ordered a LOT!!!

Some parma ham for starters, then they gave us complimentary bread because the food took sooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOO long to come..

Pizza as a side dish. We hadn’t eaten the whole day before this!!

My crabmeat linguine!!!!! As recommended by Wendy, it’s mouthwateringly yummeh I want it NOW!!!!

Glorious generous chunks of crab meat lie beneath silky linguine strands and thick creamy sauce. Man I am so hungry right now :[

MUST. resist. self. from. going. too. often……..

Ending this post with a cute pic of Sam all dressed up ^________^

After our meal we headed back to the hotel room and Titanic was on TV!!!!!!!! How freaking apt??? My all time favourite movie!

As usual I cried and cried while watching it :’) How can a movie be so beautiful and timeless? No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it always makes me weep like a lovesick idiot. Undoubtedly one of the greatest films ever made..

I am so excited about it coming out for 2012 3d!!!!!!!! BIG SCREEN, YEAH!!!


…….*drops him to the bottom of the ocean*


In conclusion??


Everyone should totally abuse the occasion by milking your partners for extra hugs, presents and attention.

Thank you baby for being a real sweetheart that day!!! It was the best V’day I’ve had so far but I’m sure there will be greater things in store for us.

I love you. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I love us together, too.