tired but somewhat happy..?


I am sooo tired. man, i bet if i lay onto my bed right now, i could fall asleep in like 5 mins. (i usually take more than half an hour to fall asleep at night)

I woke up at five plus this morning to go to school. Left my house at six a.m, and i walked out of my condo (took 15 mins) and waited for the bus (took 10 mins) and took the bus to tampines interchange (another 15 mins) and when i finally reached tampines interchange, i walked towards the bus stop to YET again wait for bus 72 (took 13 mins to come) and sat 72 to hougang interchange. (the bus from tampines to hougang took 30 mins)


Can you fucking imagine that?? I go through that torture five days a week at SIX in the bloody morning! And to add on the fun, I repeat the process everyday again in the afternoon to get home.

My life is wonderful..

It was especially wonderful this morning, when I travelled 15+10+15+13+30=83 minutes to school (that’s One hour Twenty Three minutes) to get to school JUST to be two-minutes-late.

Thus, I got my EZ Link card confiscated and got dentention.

Tell me, how is life fair? Is it my fault that the bus chose to came a few minutes late? Grrrr. Are you going to tell me to leave my house earlier?

What, you want me to wake up at four thirty and leave my house at five thirty AM every fucking morning is it?

Grrrr. I hate that indian fatso security guard at my school.

She ALWAYS gives me this annoying, satisfied smirk whenever she confiscates my EZ Link card for me and happily hands me a detention card in return.

She is so annoying that sometimes I want to gouge out her eyes and BBQ her ass.


She is ugly, annoying old and frighteningly fat.


I can sympathize with her for being so annoying, because being that ugly is a very sad thing. And naturally, you’d have a pretty sad life so you’d wanna annoy others to make yourself feel better.

So I guess she gets to keep her eyes (and horribly huge ass) for now.

But complaints and fat people aside, I have TWO things to be happy about today:

#1: I got my eyebrow trimmed!!!! YAY. It looks SOO neat now, I swear, I’ve been needing that eyebrow trimming for a long time now.

#2: I got myself TWO new fake eyelashes! Weeeeeee

Aren’t they so very pretty?

Yeah, I know, they are kinda thick. But I like it that way. I’m every bit the fake eyelashes and thick eyeliner you see on me – attention attracting, dramatic, glamorous and absolutely fantastic.

I think, in total I have had over thirty pair of fake eyelashes. And each pair is about $3. That’s 30×3= $90 on fake eyelashes. Hahaha. But soooo worth it, I tell you.

Mascara is absolutely retarded and troublesome. With fake eyelashes you get much more than twice the effect with half the hassle.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about mascara smudging when you wear fake eyelashes! Unless you are a retard at make up.

I cannot survive without fake eyelashes :)


YAY! yayayayayayayay. I am a HP freeeeeeeeeeeeeeak. I have read all their books like 3 times each and watched all of their movies. Once, I was so obsessed that I cried terribly when my mum wouldn’t let me fly to (London?) to try out auditions for the role of Cho Chang. LOL.

F.Y.I – Cho Chang is the NewNotPretty asian girl that Harry kisses in the Order of the Phoenix. OMG!


If only magic existed..

I’ve waited like a bloody full year for this movie! AND THE BOOK IS COMING OUT SOON TOO. GAGAGAGAGA.

But I can’t believe it’s the last book of the series. That’s just depressing.

I know Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) looks like eww in the trailers and posters, but I swear, he is soo cute when he’s not wearing the Hogwarts robes and those big glasses.

I really like the way all of them looked in first two movies.

They were all sooo young and MUCHO ADORABLE! Sadly, everyone grows older and things change as time passes by – just a few months ago, Daniel Radcliffe’s half naked (FIT!) pictures made its way around the internet.

I saw them, and he was pretty damn hot. Where the hell did that innocent adorable young boy from the first movie went?

I think they are just scary reminders to us that time passes too quickly. =/

You’re at the peak of your life, and then you blink, you’re at the “golden” age, and then you blink once more.. Next thing you’re blinking no more.

Recently, I am so overly obsessed with my looks. I wonder when I’ll stop being sososo vain? I have no idea. I think vain old women are scary.

If I’m still vain when I’m like 40, I’ll be like those scary fat aunties you see with the horribly curly permed hair and wearing tights + pumps and sporting red lipstick.

And speaking of aunties and clothes, recently I’ve noticed something : Branded handbags are soo common! Be it FAKE or AUTHENTIC. Ugh. You walk into a shopping mall and you’d see the same kinda (imitation?) Louis Vuitton bags on all the aunties, and the same Gucci and Guess bags on the younger ladies.

Don’t you think that sucks? Which is exactly why Gucci and LV bags is such a turn off for me. I prefer to go for unique designs from Chanel and Dior which is not so common.

Okay, why the hell am I talking about branded handbags on my blog? Now I sound like a fucking bimbo.

ANYWAY. I have been like yada yada blahblah all the way, so I’m kinda gonna stop here. Instead, we’ll have pictures! Since my previous pictures didn’t have pictures.

During the weekend, James came to stayover for 2 days and while he was at my place, we got up to pretty lame stuff :

LOL. That ass drew that on my back when I was sleeping!!!

So I took my revenge.


And after that, he went out of my house to smoke. And he was sitting along the corridor:

Seeing that he didn’t catch my mentos and that it dropped onto such a weird place, I yelled “WALAO! See la, no more mentos liao, how? Rain gonna wash it away :(“

Then, I promptly turned my back and went into my room.

After awhile, he still didn’t come into the room. Thinking that he was pissed or something, I went out to the living room to look at him through the window

And to my horror, this is what I saw:

he climbed down to get the mentos for me!!!!


Have i ever mentioned that the boy i love is crazy?

Other random pictures:

Intriguing cloud pattern, don’t you think? I love looking out of my bedroom window.

I like to gaze out of my window and look at the passing cars, and look at the pretty water display at the front of my condo, not forgetting the basketball court where I eye on topless guys who are playing basketball at the condo opposite mine. The view of the sky is also beautiful, everyday there is a different beautiful sunset view to behold.

I think my bedroom’s view is pretty awesome. =D

Kay, I’ll blog some other time, I have to finish eating my cheesecake (cheesecake is TEH SHIZ) and then showerrr.

I miss my boyfriend SOOOOOOOO MUCH. I haven’t seen him in like four days now. It may seem like, “Four days ONLY what..” but you seriously have no idea how much I long to be in his arms right now =)

Every minute when I’m not with you, I’m only thinking about the next time you’ll be by my side once again..

Goodbye my lovers (“v”)