The launch of Shiberty’s Sweets!!!

So I have exciting news to share with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

As you all might already know, I’ve been really busy with a project recently. And today it’s finally coming to life, like for real!!!

Thanks to the lovely response from you guys regarding my previous post asking if anyone would like to order personalized cupcakes from us…

Sam and I have decided to OFFICIALLY start selling em through our very own website! I spent the whole of yesterday and today setting it up, and finally I’m done after many hours of hard work :D

Here’s a screenie to show you peoplel!

My new website is called


And it’s located at ♥ ♥ ♥

I was going to name it, but the double S kinda bugs me and is already taken -_-

Presumably by one of my readers…. who like to chop peoples names… for what?!?

Anyway, do you like the layout? Does it work fine on your browser?

I know it’s a very basic blogskin, I had to put it together in quite a hurry. I had basic coding help from, made the banner myself with photoshop and edited the pink cupcake from this free graphics page, and the rest are free for all trinkets and backgrounds I conveniently found on the web. Yay!!!!

So I know it’s not very professional looking and it’s childish (kinda like my blog, right?) but I didn’t study design or coding so cut me some slack? I think it’s superbly cute at least :)

Speaking of which, I desperately need to find a professional designer to design my website for me….. at a decent rate. I’ll do a free advertorial for ya portfolio! Any takers?!


I can’t believe I’m selling cakes and cupcakes now, y’all!!!

I seriously never saw myself as the kinda girl. I could barely even crack an egg and fry it in the past, now I’m actually SELLING food items wtf!!!!

Recent order that I did – sunflower cupcakes ♥

I am actually REALLY pleased with this cake selling business, because I’m (working towards) achieving something I thought almost impossible. Many months ago, I was watching people making and decorating cakes on Youtube and I thought to myself…

“Doesn’t that awfully look fun?” and for some reason I got really into it and wanted to set up a bakery so bad!! Of course, I had no idea how to bake or to even work an electric mixer so it was out of the question back then. I told Sam about my ideas and he said he’d support me if I decided to go down that path.

He even drew a sign that said “Shiberty and DaNang’s bakery” but we settled on the name “Shiberty’s Sweets” instead because, well… Shiberty is already a known name to you guys and other people, I use it for my blog, facebook and others so what the heck, might as well throw in free advertising for my blog in the mean time haha! Plus since it’s a recognizable name, I hope this way people would be more inclined to trust me with their orders and have faith in our abilities.

Like, if I were to name it something generic like “Delightful Desserts” or something, who the hell would recognize it right?! But I think “Shiberty’s Sweets” has a nice ring to it which will stick in people’s head so yay!!!!

As I was saying before, many months ago I had this dream where one day I’d sell pretty desserts for people to enjoy on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Just something about looking at a pretty cake brings me so much happiness, you know? /drama/

I wanted to share this joy with other people, but I didn’t know how to.

Some of you might even remember the days where I couldn’t bake a basic cake properly, it’d fail MAJORLY, see pic here

LOL so yeah…. I’ll say I’ve come a far way along.

Of course I know I’m not at a professional level yet, there are many things I can improve on and many skills to be learned but I feel so productive and happy that I can turn a hobby into something that will earn me some money AND make other people (plus myself) pleased at the same time!

Receiving positive comments from people and customers makes me grin like crazy, it’s really what keeps me doing what I do.

I wanna thank my readers for their encouragement, because without my blog audience, this could’ve never taken off! Without your overwhelmingly positive response for all my blog posts, I wouldn’t be inspired to take this a step further and without your willingness to support me, nobody would even be buying cakes from me in the first place.

My grandmother saw me working 4-5 hours on 15 cupcakes the other day, and she frowned at me and said in Hokkien, “Why are you doing this? I’ve been seeing you work from morning to late afternoon, just for these small little cakes, how much are you selling them? Can you really earn that much money? Is it worth the effort?”

She tried to convince me to give it up as it wasn’t worth it, and for a moment I did ask myself…. Wtf? I could be blogging for more than half a thousand per advertorial and it’d take me the same amount of time or even less, but I’d be earning so much more.

Or I could even be setting up a blog shop or taking shoots – why am I selling cakes at a miserable amount of profit?!

But then I remembered that I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing it for the satisfaction it brings me. Maybe next time I’ll start charging higher prices and think about the monetary value of this whole business, but for now, I just wanna do what makes me happy. I’m not in desperate need of money anyway, and I’d much rather do something that makes me happy but doesn’t pay much then to do something I’m not excited about and have it pay a lot more.

I don’t know how long I can keep selling these cakes, since I’m going overseas to study soon (term stats in July, for the billionth time I’m telling ya) but send in your orders while you can, people!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ll try to blog about other things besides just baking stuff but as you can imagine, I’m terribly busy at the moment. And I’ve been going out a lot less…. Suddenly, I don’t feel so interesting anymore. Meh.

Nonetheless, remember that I ♥ y’all!!!! ^_____^

And thank you, once again, for giving me the opportunity to pursue another interest of mine. You all have been incredible :’)

Click to visit Shiberty’s Sweets and to show me + Sam your support!!!!