I’m super super happy =))))))))))))))))))




Happy like THIS!

Just now when I was lying on my bed, I kept hugging my bolster and wished it was James…

And I said this out loud: Jamessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Where is myyyy James?????? I MISSSSSSSS YOUUUUUUUU, do you misssss me toooo? I wonder what he’s doing….



My phone vibrated!! SMS received.

Guess who it was?






If that isn’t telepathy, then I don’t know what the hell telepathy is!

I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy. The message was this, “Dear, if you are awake, can you please call me? I miss you so much…”

I melted~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m this warm pool of mushyness right now, HEHEHEE.

When he left for China, I kept thinking that I wouldn’t be able to contact him for the whole trip!

So I thought that my life would be completely deprived of James for that period of time.

But to my utmost surprise, he called and SMS-ed me alot before he boarded the flight to China, and he SMS-ed me once he landed in China.

Even though he said he wouldn’t be able to contact me cuz his phone doesn’t have autoroam… but he bought a china phone just to contact me!!!!!!!

He also called me at night to tell me he missed me and goodnight (even though he told me that alot before he left for China)


The next day, he called me in the morning again!!! Hehehehe. We SMS-ed more, flirting and chatting….

HAHAHA these photos illustrate what I’m trying to say soooo well!

Then a few hours later, he called me AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN. *skips around happily*

You know what he said??

He said that he was looking around for things to buy for me and asked what items I would prefer!

He went shopping with his mother & sister instead of shopping with his father just because he wanted to buy back something nice for me :)


I know I know my phone bill is gonna be expensive this month :P

And then when I called him just now, he was soooo happy to hear my voice. (I could tell! HAHAHHH)

And he told me he bought me a GOLD shoe with diamantes on it~~~

Which really made me even more DAMN HAPPY because my lover knows me inside out!!!!


And he knows my weaknesses. =P

Before we hung the phone he told me he missed me very much again and that he would SMS me once he reached Yunan (how the hell do you spell it?) because he’s taking a flight there already :)

So I was wrong!!!! I thought that just because he went overseas, I don’t have him in my life anymore but then now I realize that his heart will always be right here with me even though we’re a thousand miles apart..

And mine with him.





OH my gosh am I gushing too much??? Hehehehe.

I LOVE JAMES SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to know that he misses me too and thinks of me often when he’s in China =D

So he didn’t leave me to die here in Singapore afterall! Hahaha.

I do hope he’s safe and having fun there!

Alright alright I know you’re getting sick of me being so mushy and gushing about James and everything =P

I need to go prepare now, I am kinda late and I need to attend the event at Cineleisure later!

BYE BYE!!!!! HEHEHEHE. (“v”)

*happily floats away*