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Yesterday was pretty fun, but I got kinda annoyed at times.

I’m not really a go-out-in-a-group person, because everyone is so damn picky and it’s really annoying when you gotta think hard where to go or what to do because he / she doesn’t want something someone else wants. Can’t people be more flexible and more easy-going?


I like CHOP CHOP, go here go there. Don’t talk so much.

There is nothing that kills the mood more when someone gets all whiny or keeps stalling time. Jasmine and Melissa, if you’re reading this, I’m not referring to you guys specifically, just ranting in general. =P

People need to know how to make up their minds!!!!!

It’s FUCKING ANNOYING when I’m in a group, and I ask them what they wanna do and they’re all just like “I don’t know, anything lor”!

Then when I give suggestions, they’re like “Don’t want la…”


But nevermind.

STILL LOVE YOU GIRLS! You’re bitches, but I love you ANYWAY ;)

Can’t wait for my fringe to get longer so I can style it to the side!

Bangs are cute, but they get old really quick. And the damned thing keeps parting in the center. Refer to picture above. LOL

EEEEE! My loves.

I wanted to use photobucket but I think my bandwidth’s still exceeded right? Alot of people are complaining they can’t see my pics, so I used blogger to upload instead and they’re so SMALL!

CLICK ON IMAGES to see full size version :D

Mighty 6. See the empty space on the left? That’s for Rachael, our missing mighty.




We went to watch Holy Innocents’ High School Musical – I want to be a star.

(my school duh)

Honestly speaking, I had very low expectations for the outcome and I didn’t want to go in the first place, but since my girls had an extra ticket, I went.

I’m very glad to say I enjoyed the musical very much!!!

Some parts were HILARIOUS.

Very cute la!!!!!!! Never knew my school had such adorable talents :)

Absolutely genius. I laughed sooo hard. It’s hard to describe what happened since you gotta see it for yourself to know.

Whatever it is, great job guys! The acting was good, the only thing to improve is probably the singing.

I love the lyrics and music.

Very easy to relate to and extremely catchy.

By the way, remember how I said I wanted to dress down? Ended up wearing a tee and shorts. Cuz I thought they were all wearing casual, and they always complain that I look damn formal.

Little did I know my girls were all wearing black dresses and shit -___-

Like anyway, I have THE BEST slogan tee ever:

HAHAHAHA. I adore this tee to bits.

Whenever I walk pass a couple, I’d see the girl giving me evil looks. LOLOL. It’s even more fun when I wink at the guy and the girl goes bonkers!

I got kinda annoyed cuz everyone was staring at my chest yesterday. Then I remembered what shirt I was wearing.

Anyway, I have a meeting with a client later at 5pm at Suntec.. It’s like 3 now and I feel like going to sleep, sigh. =(

I have to wear contacts, tidy my hair, put on make up and false lashes and wear nicely and travel allll the way to Suntec to meet the person probably for like 15 mins only then come back home.


Annoying! Should I go, or should I not?

That is the question.