Jessy baby very crazy!




Cuzzz… look what happened to her Ah Poh!!


What happened to my sweetie pie and who’s this emo bitch?!


Her eyeliner scares me!!! So fierce :(

Didn’t take Jessy long to make Emo Poh smile!

She’s not the only FIERCEEEE one! Check out my killer expression.

I think I must be damn interesting,

since people want to take photos of me even when I’m doing something extremely uninteresting such as squatting down while talking on the phone.


Prelims are less than a week’s time.. First paper is this Friday, I think.

I don’t know when my papers are. I always go to school and my classmates are like, “Eh later got exam/test leh.”

And I’d ALWAYS be like, “Oh is it?”




Seemingly always busy, yet never busy with the things I should be busy with.

I just feel that there are so much other things in life I’d rather do than to study.

I know, hardly anybody likes to study but I’m kinda stubborn.. So yeah, it gets kinda hard trying to convince myself that I should study.

I don’t know when my love for studies died!!! It’s really sad.

I used to always aim to be top 10 in Primary School, and I’d love bringing home good grades to show my parents! Whenever I was bored, I’d take out my Science textbook to read cuz I was extremely curious about learning new things..

When I was in P3 and finished reading my textbooks during leisure time, I’d buy my P4 and P5 textbooks to read!!!!

I was THAT interested!

..Then slowly, unfortunately, I have no idea when exactly did I start losing my interest.

It’s just one of those things that kinda happen without you noticing. And when you finally do, it feels like it’s too late to save it.. Like cancer?

PRELIMS ARE IN A WEEK!!! That’s just so motherfuckingfasssstttt.

Why does it seem that this year has passed incredibly quickly? And when I was in Sec 1, my days seemed to pass sooooo slowly!

I think this year is the fastest year I’ve ever lived. I can’t believe August is nearing.

August would mean 2 years of me and James being together. 2 WHOPPING YEARS!!!!!!!

…Ok, so 2 years may not be all that long, but you can’t deny it IS a LONG – TERM – RELATIONSHIP.

Sighhh ok back to topic about my studies.

I’d give anything to regain my love for my grades!!!!

I know if I put my heart to something, I can achieve it. There’s no doubt about that.

But I guess I just feel as if I know that I can do it, so there is no need for me to prove myself to anyone other than myself who already knows what can be done or cannot be done.

Sounds stupid, yet incredibly true.

Who gives a fuck about what others think?! I used to say “I don’t care” but still I kinda cared a LITTLE, but nowadays when I say I don’t care, I REALLY DON’T CARE!

Thousands and gazillions of times I told myself I’d start studying, yet nothing has been done.

Damn, when I was in Sec 3, I swore to myself I’d study hard during Sec 4 for my o levels!!!!! Why am I so damn lazy?!

Its sad how in Singapore, your future depends on your certificate.

Anyone without a cert is automatically classified as “useless” or “hopeless”

Why can’t there be more to life than just mindlessly memorizing formulas on textbooks and slogging away for your job?

Someone asked me why I don’t blog about school life since most other girls at my age do that…

Very good question.

But I’ll give you a better one – what IS there to blog about?!

It is a routine. Wake up at 6am, go to school, listen to teachers rant, go home. I’m not a school person.

True, school got friends, but not as though outside of school don’t have friends what -___-

I actually find school to be the least interesting of my life, so the only time you’d ever catch me blogging about is when I want to complain.

I have nothing against MY SCHOOL (Holy Innocents High @ Hougang, stop asking)

I just don’t like being told what to do 24/7.

In school, you’re always being told what to do.

You’re told to shut up, you’re told to tie your hair neatly, you’re told to walk faster, etc etc…

Right I am digressing too much.

It is 1am and I should get to sleep already, because I have SCHOOL tomorrow.

Anyway, the main point of this post is to remind myself that O levels are very very near…

And I should start studying not because it is good for me – I have a better reason…

My life is simply too good as it is now,

I cannot afford to mess it up by flunking some stupid exam that everybody’s mad over.

Everything that I’ve built up from last year would all come crashing down on me.

And I really, really don’t want that to happen…

Honestly, my life is perfect at the moment, all except for the F9s math and science brings me… And I loathe tuition, but am currently considering that option.

Anyone know of good tuition teachers? Do email (subjects – e math, phy and chem combined science)


Prelims, prelims... My wake up call.

Reminder that I’m only 16, even though I haven’t been acting like one.

I’m still somewhat a kid. Does this give me reason to shake off responsibilities?

Life is so good as it is now, I hate to think about the future.. Yet I fear not planning for the future would destruct the present.

What does life have in store for me, after the dreadful O levels?

I sure hope its more than just several other textbooks.