Straightening my hair again

2011 is definitely the fastest year of my life thus far. It’s less than a month to my birthday and I remember last year’s birthday like it was yesterday.

I guess work really makes time flies. I’ve never worked harder for anything else in my life :) And it’s high time I took a well-deserved, long break!


2 whole weeks of NON-stop action and fun. :DDDD! At first it was just all-talk and “maybe” and “ifs” while we discussed the idea 2 months ago, but just yesterday we’ve booked all our flights, tours and accommodation already. Literally shaking with excitement. I ♥ my baby girl so much and we will be meeting Sam in the Gold Coast. A holiday with your bbg and your bf – does it get any better? Kinda wish I could make a stop in Perth and visit my mum since I really miss her but our itinerary is so long already.

Some of the things we have planned:

Beachfront holiday apartment on Bondi Beach

Hang gliding off a cliff in New South Wales (!!! BEEN DYING TO DO THIS FOR SO MANY YEARS)

Theme parks like Movie World and Dream World in Gold Coast

Snorkeling off pristine beaches in Brisbane

And moreeeeeee. *dies* .. *excited face* ……… *spasm*

I’ll make sure to record EVERY bit of it down and share the journey with you guys!!! You’ll feel like you were on the trip with us hehe. I won’t be lazy this time and take less pictures after the first few days. I will force Fidelis and Sam to snap a picture of our every waking moment :P

I am so stoked about blogging details of the trip even though it hasn’t even started. Hope I have free time the next few days to schedule some pre-blogged posts so my blog can auto-update itself for the 2 whole weeks I am absent.

Anyways! On to a much lesser exciting topic…… hair.

Finally got rid of my frizzy hair, the perm has faded for so long and the aftermath was a giant uncontrollable fuzzball. Fidelis got me some hair vouchers from Clover in return for shooting the pictures for Clover Fashion and convinced me to rebond my hair, so here we go!

Before we start… Clover Hair Salon is located at

Far East Plaza, #03-12. Tel: 6836 2748

No, I am not sponsored by them, but they’ve always been nice to me and good with my hair plus the owner is Fidelis’ friend so I’m just doing them a favour by blogging for them!

Speaking of which, any hair / beauty treatment salon interested in being my long-term hair sponsor?

Will advertise for your salon with blog posts and pics, etc! I usually do my hair for free at Milly’s (my nails sponsor for a few years now), however since most of her staff are chinese speaking it’s a little difficult for me to communicate and tell him what I want. I don’t even know how to describe the type of perm I wanted to my hairstylist, I just said “quan quan” and he gave me whatever perm he chose in the end, lol.

Am STRICTLY looking for salons that have mainly English-speaking staff.

Preferably in town or east or somewhere not close to the west since I live in the East. We can work out finer details through email, so if you’re interested in collaborating with me, pls email me at ♥ ^.^ I can advertise for almost any other services except hair extensions and nails, I’m a strictly Milly’s girl, hehe.

You can’t tell here, but my permed hair was REALLY knotted. And frizzy and limp and fried and awful. Well ok, maybe you can tell after all lol.

I was at a photoshoot recently and the photographer said in a funny diva voice: “Gurlllll, ya HAVE to do something wit yo hair!” in a diva tone, while slightly shaking his head.

HAHAHA somewhat embarrassing but mostly funny actually. I’m like the laziest person on earth and each trip to the salon takes money and a few hours of my time omg. A few hours of sitting there tirelessly and staring at myself in the mirror -_-

Last picture of me with frizzy hair!!!! YAY!!!

Fidelis looking slightly psychotic and martian-like with that head gear lmao. I get to see her again tomorrow for a blogger’s event! So looking forward. AND the day after she’s coming to my place to shoot more pix for Clover! Love taking pictures of pretty girls :)

Stylist of the day working her magic on me… And err, yup, that’s my 2 exasperatingly different hair color tones. Don’t worry I’ll get it colored soon e_e

Fidelis snapping a candid of me looking icked out cozzz I actually HATE products on my hair. And on my face. I cannot stand any sort of “powder” or foundation or even sunscreen on my face. The only thing I apply is moisturizer otherwise I will break out in pimples everywhere and get reddish / itchy skin.

Same thing for my hair, whenever I have hair spray, wax, leave-in treatment or even conditioner…. I’m in a desperate rush to wash it all off. I dunno, I guess I like feeling primitive? Lol. I’m all fake lashes and thick eyeliner but some things I’d rather leave natural and untouched. Otherwise I feel so “covered up” like my face and hair cannot breathe O.O

Me: “hey let’s take pictures! perfect time for camhoing.”

Fidelis: “HAHAHA wtf why you look so fierce!!!”

I tried to lean in closer to her but she backed off abruptly. She no like my product-laden hair :’(

Hey haters! This face is for you.

Fidelis: You are smelly.

Me:… *pulls a convincing “go fuck yourself, bitch” face*


Andddd we are all done with rebonding!!! :D

Straight hair again, yay! I hate how flat my hair and how it looks so boring but I think it is an improvement from my perm-aftermath hair before lol.

The ends are still soft of poking out because my hair is really fine and layered. The length also means it pokes out a lil more but it was better after they dried it with a hairdryer.

Taken with my iphone coz my dslr is so heavy I cannot use one hand to carry and take from side angle o_x

SO STRAIGHT AND SMOOTH RIGHT?!? They did a short treatment for my hair (I think?) so it’s improved a lotttt! In a matter of like 2 hours? Just compare to this pic!

Old me. -flips hair-

I am now brand new. lolol

All done!

Are you happy to see my fuzzball gone? Hahhaha everyone say it’s such a relieving change. I didn’t think it was THAT bad… right? I do miss the volume terribly tho.

Bby girl looking fab with her new red color! Our hair looks so straight and smooth here ♥

COUNTDOWN TO OUR AUSSIE ADVENTURE: 8 more freakin’ days!!!

Waiting for indian food at our usual, Mumtaz Mahal. Oh and we didn’t plan to wear matching animal prints clothing but I guess we have some sort of synergy going on heh

♥ x ♥ x ♥


After hair + food, I had my ugly chipped nails prettified at Milly’s while Fidel waits for her bf to pick her up! It’s ULTRA convenient that my nails sponsor, hair salon and favourite indian restaurant is all located under one mall – Far East Plaza. I could spend the whole day there without being bored.

And after a whole day of tiring shopping can pop into Milly’s for a free classic mani / pedicure. Love being a blogger :D

Milly’s specializes in Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions and Nail Art.

I like glitter but Sam likes French Manicures, so I got an inbetween! :) Everytime I get my nails done I spend the next few days just staring at my own fingers..

So pretty and eyecatching!

Far East Plaza outlet
14 scotts road #03-129, Tel: 67376723

Bugis outlet
Bugis Street, Little Red Dot, Tel: 63384137


Other recent snaps:

Pretty yellow rose Sam bought for me some time ago. Been waiting for an opportunity to post this photo. I don’t know why but looking at this picture is strangely calming. ♥

Almost as if I can feel sunshine on my face and hear birds chirping.

We’ll be in Oz during Spring, I seriously hope I get to spot some gorgeous blooms!

One of our frequent Supper Sessions with Nich!

He just got his license (he’s my age leh omg I need to get MINE NOW) and he always drives me around everywhereeee. I ♥ friends who drive! I don’t just mean the lazy / selfish people who have a car, I mean good friends who actually drive you around willingly without you having to ask. ^.^

His car is SO COMFY it has this really nice old leather smell (hope I don’t sound perverse lol) but I always fall asleep in the front seat about 10 minutes into the drive.

Sibeh song. Friend picks you up from home, drives you out to supper (he treated us btw, why he so nice one?), drives you back home and you can even fall asleep in the car coz he knows the way to your house! He’s been such an awesome buddy recently ♥


The calm before the massive storm….

Rainbows and clear skies await afterward.

Sweet hand written note one of my cake customers, Melody, gave me!

I am really grateful to have the nicest people supporting me and Shiberty’s Sweets all this while. :’) Or I might have gone well insane by now with all the stress.

How cute is the hello kitty card? Oh wait and speaking of the cat with no mouth…

Recently pimped out my iphone with Hello Kitty stickers LOLOLOL.

I’ve NEVER been a Hello Kitty girl, in fact I’ve always found her appeal kinda redundant coz she’s so simple and doesn’t even have a voice or mouth…. but I walked into this store and it had all sorts of SUPA cute Hello Kitty stuff and eventually gave in. Bought hello kitty pens, notebooks etc :(


Sam made lamb stew the other day and it was soooo good! We’ve been cooking quite often and it’s a real joy. It’s usually a lot better + cheaper than the food we get outside. Our mentality now = the more we save, the more we get to spend on our upcoming trip so.. Save, save save awayyy!

at Mandarin Gallery. OMG LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

I can’t eat Ramen from places like Ajisen etc anymore. I’d feel like I was eating Maggi Mee. I have heard great things about Tanpopo too (is that how you spell it?) so I can’t wait to try it soon :D Any other good ramen places to recommend? And I mean GOOD places! Not fast food chains. “Authentic” ramen is so hard to find.

Snapshot of pretty Beatrice @ and Brad @ eating Churpie cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets made for Churp Churp’s first community gathering!

I got to learn a magic trick from an illusionist that day woopie!!! Now I can perform magic on ANYONE, as long as I have 2 books I can amaze your balls off I swear. I can read your mind lol.

Spotted at Mandarin Gallery: No Eating, No Sleeping and…. No making out?!?! :o

We were meant to be kissing (I think?) BUTTTT we’re just not one of those girls who kiss each other on the lips for photos sake.

Funny ass Neoprints we took during our double date!!

ROFL @ the pic on the left.
Do you like my Neoprint editing skills? :D

Piccy of my hamster, Mr Pudding, being UBERRRR KAWAII!!! I usually frown upon the word kawaii (even the word kawaii is act cute) but this one is a valid reason.


…..Beware, the pix below get EVEN cuter.