I’d like to share my new favourite song.. it brought tears to my ears

Lady GaGa wrote this song for her Dad.. convincing him to get heart surgery. No doubt her fashion sense is nothing short of downright freaky but she’s the most talented freak I’ve ever seen.

She’s like a whole new artist when you watch her singing live, performing on the piano.

So different from when she’s wearing jumping all over the stage doing the weirdest dance moves you’ve ever seen.

I love how I was proven so wrong about her. I won’t deny that at first impression, I thought she was just a freak show, (actually I still think she’s a freak) using weird outfits and auto-tuned songs to claim her fame but after watching her live acoustic performance, I was moved by her raw talent and emotions. She holds a note like no other.

When she sings, you feel it.. and a great pianist to boot too.

I mean she is one of the few artists out there that actually SINGS. *stabs Taylor Swift*


She is known for her pop, her dance movies and her antics..

Bad Romance and Pokerface are possibly the catchiest songs of this decade, ….but I prefer this side of Lady GaGa more.

…You left me speechless