Soul of the Night – Post #1

Was playing Wii at Wint Aung’s house on Good Friday =D

While people were singing Hallelujah let’s all praise the lord yada yada, we were staying home and cracking up playing Wii.


Look at my character, isn’t it soooooooooooo cute?!?! =)

It even has a mole near the red lips to make it look more sexy! rofl.

I AM SO EXCITED BY WII NOW! I know I know, it’s come out for a long time and stuff… But I never really thought it was this fun until I started trying all sorts of different games.

Guys out there: Know what’s the easiest and fastest way to take me home?

…Tell me you’ve a Wii and 101 games at home waiting for me to play with them.





HAHAHAHA just kidding!!! James would totally killlllllll me if he reads this.

Sooo anyway. I wanna introduce to you guys a nice place! (not sure if its popular since I’ve never heard of it before)

After lots of golfing, boxing, fishing, jumping around and screaming like little kids while playing,

it was nearing midnight and we got bored of Wii already,

so Me, James, Wint Aung, and Atlantis (Wint Aung’s GF) wondered where we should go..


Nah, me & James detest such places.


No-siree! We were going by car and bike, drink-driving can cost our lives.

Then where else to go during the night in Singapore?!?!





Finally, we decided to go somewhere nearby, one of James’ favourite haunts – a hill nearby Jurong Bird Park

In the past whenever I had a big fight with James,

he told me he would calm himself down by riding his bike up the hill and just sitting there looking at the beautiful night sky.

I was definitely intrigued by the place, since I do not remember any such “hill” near Jurong Bird Park…

So Wing Aunt drove all of us there… and Ta dah! We reached this seemingly weird and kinda small place which wasn’t really much of a hill. More like a slope =P

It has a carpark and that’s about all it really has. No restaurants, nothing. It does have, however, a nice and big open space for people to chill out~~ (I assume it’s for people to chill out since theres so much space and nothing occupying it…)

BUT, the thing that attracted so many people there even during such late hours was the beautiful night lights that you get to see from the top of this hill!

Check out the lights in the background ;)

Also check out me & my sweetie’s matching green outfits!! Hehehe. Purposely bought my FIRST ever green top to exist in my wardrobe, because I know he loves green!

Forget Mt.Faber, this place is pretty damn awesome as well. I like not-so-popular but interesting places – it makes the whole experience of exploring the place much more fun and memorable.

Oh but there are lots of lovebirds there being lovey dovey mushy mushy!

So single people, if you want to go please bring a friend or something, I don’t want any of my readers committing suicide just cuz they felt a sudden sense of loneliness =P

My boyfriend looking out to the pretty lights!

The place is wonderfully out of central area. (I hate crowds at night, hence hate clubbing)

It is surprising that this cozy place actually exists!

And it also usually very windy. A comforting sense of serenity overcomes you as you look out into the night sky in your lover’s arms.. (friend’s arms for the single people!)

wow that sounded so poetic HAHAHA.





If you think that Singapore has too little quiet romantic spots for you & your lover to get mushy mushy, here’s the perfect place!

The only thing annoying about this place is that wherever you look, you see other couples being lovey dovey as well, LOL.

I’m sorry I do not have clear and nice pictures of the place, my camera is awful (please judge from the photos taken above hahaha)

But it is really worth making a trip down! Showing you what’s in store would take away all the fun.

Aww I love this picture, I look so happily in love!

Can’t get enough of romantic nights with my boyfriend, even after 1 year and 7 months I’m still gushing over him (although sometimes it feels like a love-hate relationship!)

This is the 1st post of my night hangouts. I have 3 advertorial posts to cover, meaning I still have 2 left to go! Stay tuned hehehe.

To know more about awesome places to go and stuff to do in Singapore at night, check out Nokia’s website: