some of the amazing times we’ve had so far

Decided to blog today no matter how busy / tired I am, since

I’m going on an impromptu weekend getaway trip

to Phuket with Sam tomorrow, YAY!!!

Yesterday, my mum was saying that staying in SG for 2 weeks would be very boring for Sam, and suggested going to Malaysia, but I decided on Phuket instead since I’ve always wanted to go back there after my first short visit.

Today, I confirmed everything and booked the tickets online..

And tomorrow, we’re flying off to Thailand!



Life’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me..
but now in a great way.

I’ve been spending every single day with Sam since the 14th August, and too much has happened to actually blog about everything in detail so here’s just random pictures and some captions!

Us at the Night Safari!

Somehow it was a lot more boring this time, even though the company was great and I loved going there when I was younger. But the keyword is younger… a lot of things easily fascinated me back then.

I think I’ve seen a fair bit more in life now, so the novelty wears off quickly.

The animals were really smelly and kinda boring. I also couldn’t see shit in the dark and most of the animals were not in their enclosures. LOL.

Nonetheless, I still had fun because the company is more important than the location and activity!


Us @ my current fav indian restaurant @ FEP!!!

We’ve been there for dinner 3 times in the past week, crazy or not! I’m glad he likes indian food too. He’s been feeding me like CRAZY, we feast like pigs every single day… to my absolute delight of course.

(him @ the same restaurant on a different day)

Been happily eating a stupidly massive amount of good food, the only downside is I’ve put on 2 kg already. T_T

Whoever commented that I’ve lost weight can now take back your compliments… Time to go swimming more often once he’s not around!!!

Been having mad cravings for Swensens’ yam ice cream… So we went to Changi Airport’s 24 hr Swensens to have supper & dessert but to my utmost displeasure, they told me that they don’t have yam ice cream anymore!


I reckon that’s their best flavour, after butterscotch & cookies and cream!

I don’t usually like yam flavoured stuff but Swensens makes them really gooodd.

Half satisfied my cravings with my other fav Apple Crumble in the end… you might recognize the same dessert in another pic from my earlier post – now you know how much we eat!!!

We were told that only Ion’s Swensens has the yam flavour left, so we headed there another day…

Not very impressed with the mall & its shops so far, pretty much like every other mall.. but I do think the exterior design is unique and pretty cool!

What’s the point of having so many malls in Orchard when they all carry the same brands eh?

Had a hard time finding Swensens @ Ion, and when we finally got there we learned that their Yam flavour was only available for their dessert buffet which costed $19.90.

Wtf. Wanted to leave but Sam persuaded me to stay in the end because he knows how crazy my cravings get… awww.

Round 1 of my dessert buffet!

3 scoops of yam ice cream woohoo. Maltesers, honey stars, marshmallow sauce and butter scotch sauce.. GOOD STUFF!

Round 2!!!

7 scoops of yam ice cream, pwnage :D

Total 10 scoops.. but their 1 scoop is pretty small in comparison to a normal scoop. Was so stupidly bloated after a heavy indian food meal + dessert buffet that I had a hard time getting home.

Felt like I was about to explode and my stomach actually hurt from eating too much!

Note to self – never do that again.

Went for Jap Tepanyaki buffet dinner with my bro & Sam & their friends just now at this place called Daidomon (I think?)… Not really a fan of jap food but Sam wanted to give it a go so I tagged along.

Had this beef sashimi thingy with egg yolk, sounds damn disgusting but it actually tasted pretty good! Well for the few bites at least.

After a couple of mouthfuls it just tasted like slimy-raw-beef-gummy-bears.

The grilling part was actually quite fun but quite painful at the start cuz we were all starving but you have to wait for the food to cook.

All in all I’d say the food was not bad, but $65 per head is way too expensive for the quality and I’d probably never be back there again.


While we’re still on the topic of food…

Sam knew how much I loved butter chicken, and he suggested that he’d try cooking me some and in return I’d make him dessert!

Him writing down the ingredients to buy from a random recipe on the internet

The recipe if anyones interested :P

Him picking out groceries!

I love going grocery shopping with him even though I’ve never bothered to do it otherwise… it’s so much fun and it feels like we’re a married couple LOL.

Stuff we bought

He said, “when we’re married you’re never going to do the grocery shopping… look at how much random crap you always get!”


Start of the making of our butter chicken…

Halfway through! After adding some spices~~

Him painstakingly chopping almonds into little tiny bits because we were supposed to use ground almonds and all we could find was almond wholes

Almost done…

Added almonds & red food colouring~

Lots of butter & onions!! Yuummm.

Finally… frying the mixture and chicken together


I reckon it still looks & tastes pretty good though. I think our main problem was that we forgot to add the cinnamon in & other herbs / spices.. Oh well it still tasted delicious (truth!), plus it was the hard efforts of my sweet bf which is the main point!

Him frying the sausages for breakfast I blogged about previously..


He also flies across oceans to be with me and a whole bunch of other stuff. =P

Does yours?!?!

Sam still surprises me everyday and constantly blows me away… He’s the best bf you could ever ever imagine :)


My turn…

I try to bake French Cheesecake, one of his fav desserts ~

Stupid amount of cream cheese needed. Reminds me why I never touch cheesecakes usually

Apparently I was supposed to whip the mixture until it became light / fluffy, but it was wayyy too hard so he ended up doing this…

HAHAHAH nastyyyyy!!!

Too much fun :’)

Lol idk he came up with this pose

The look of concentration on my face -_-”

And the end result, after freezing for hours~~

My bf draws on cheesecakes. Hmmmm.

Okkkkkkkkkk I really wanna finish up this post and post all the other photos I have, but Sam’s nagging at me to go to bed now cuz it’s 2am and I have to leave the house at 5 later and I haven’t had any sleep yet!

I’m off to catch a nap now before flying off to Phuket.

OMG I can’t believe I’m going to Phuket in a few hours!!!

So suddenly and so awesome :) :) :)


See you guys soooonnn