Having a lift that opens directly into the apartment made me feel like Blair Waldorf for a day.

…..What’s that? Delusion? Perhaps just slightly.

Love that black coffee table and carpet!

Chandeliers make any home look instantly more welcoming and classier.

Ugly ladder beside me coz cleaning for the new place is still in the works…

Awesome huge balcony in the living room that lights up the whole place beautifully. Too bad there’s nothing particularly interesting to look at, though I do like the openness and it brings in fresh air and windy breezes.

I take one step out of the house & into the lift, and take another step out one floor above to find this sanctuary!!!

Every new age condo has to have this – a private jacuzzi for your residents to lounge in!!! All the more reason to invite your friends over :*

*over excited dorky smile*

Bahahahhahaa Nicholas you are so stupid ♥

Because best friends small each others feet like it’s the normal thing to do.

We all have that one spastic friend who spoils our otherwise-pretty pictures……

There we go. LOL

When it got wayyyy too hot in the jacuzzi due to Singapore’s awful weather, we sought solace in the equally gorgeous pool instead!!!

Boys will be boys!

I thought Sam’s exposed nipples looked rather offensive so I photoshopped them away. LOLOL. I called him over and asked, “Hey, notice anything strange about this pic?”

And he’s like… “Why is my chest so fair and wide? o_O”

……”:O!!! WHERE ARE MY NIPPLES?!?!?!”

“Jess… you look kinda big in this one, and I don’t think you can photoshop this.”

Me: “Nonsense! I can photoshop anything.”

*looks at the picture* …Oh.

/End of picture spam from yesterday’s happy day!