So my party had a photobooth..

We sure knew how to rock one.

Photobooth pictures by


Because there wasn’t enough space in my previous post for Thank You’s, here’s some more to express my gratitude.. I’m long-winded like that!

To the friends I’ve met through blogging: Thank you, crazy blogger girls for whoring it up in front of my photobooth, taking ten thousand vain spastic shots, wasting my photographers’ resources ah… LOL. Just kidding. I have much love for you gorgeous people! So blessed to have met genuine and like-minded people through my blogging days, and I no longer have to feel lonely at events, or pretend to be somebody I’m not in front of y’all just for you to like me. I am thankful everyday for the opportunities given to me, and the great people I’ve met because of it. I’ve had a lot of  fun & memorable times with most of you over the years, events that I won’t forget. All of you have impacted my life in one positive way or another, which is why I just had to have you at my party! :*

To my real life friends: To the people who couldn’t make it to the party but still hold a place in my heart, you’re awesome. Obviously, everyone at the party was DEFINITELY awesome. You accept my weirdness, my strange behavior and my quirks. That means a lot. I love our time spent together. I don’t bother with people I don’t like, it’s either I like you a lot or I don’t like you at all. So that means you’re really, really special to me. ♥ To the ones I couldn’t invite to the party because of my 35-guests-limit – I’m sorry and I still think you’re really cool. Please don’t take it personally, I would invite at least 50 people if I could!

To my mother, and father: Thank you for bringing me up and for the love you’ve shown me throughout my life, especially mama. Dad has always been super strict, but I see now that he just wanted his daughter to grow up to be a well-grounded woman who is responsible and successful. Well, I try to be, Dad. It means so much to me when you told me you were very proud of me, because it’s something I never thought I’d hear. I thought you would resent my baking profession forever, passing it off as frivolous and unproductive, but for you to understand what it means to me and the potential it has means.. everything. It was never my intention to let you down by not going to university. I miss you everyday. To mama, I tell you all the time that I love you. So I’m sure you know by now. Sometimes you’re a crazy woman and that’s where I think I got my craziness from. But I know that you would always want the best for me, and try to provide that whenever possible. Now that I see you less, I finally realize how amazing it is to have a caring parent around to nag at you all the time, and to take care of your needs. I miss your nagging, and your homecooked meals. If you ever cook for me again, I swear I won’t complain that the food is boring. There is nothing in the world like  homecooked meal by someone who loves you. Thanks to the freedom you’ve granted me in my teenage years, you allowed me to experience things most people my age still have to wait years more for. Even when I rebelled and flunked real bad in school, got into a shit heap of trouble and insisted on going out with bad boys….. you never gave up on me, and you’ve always been my rock. I love the both of you and it’s a lifelong dream to see you two be in the same room, getting along again.

To Multifolds photography / Melvin: I’ve only gotten to know you better in recent months, but in this short span of time, I think you’re a great friend, and a very professional and friendly photographer with gorgeous captures to boot! I know you don’t usually do birthdays because you’re super busy and always flying here and there for your lovescapades, so thank you so much for snapping my birthday pictures for me. Melvin takes the best couple photos, that in my opinion, captures the moment entirely. You can follow Melvin’s photography on Facebook, where he updates with amazing pictures regularly!

To my man Charles, whom I mentioned I didn’t have a picture of in my previous post (then he sent one to me over whatsapp lol)..

The party wouldn’t have been as wonderful if it weren’t for all your hard work, sweat, worrying and advice as an event planner! This was the guy who ran around helping me carry heavy things, did the floor planning, liaised with all my other sponsors, he’s the one who made sure NOTHING can go wrong.. the person who ran the entire show that night. I literally just rocked up at the venue and did nothing because he had everything covered. He was my superman that night :’) The party was perfect because of such meticulous planning. I really appreciate all that you, Jolene, Vilvian and Gui Jie have done for me, WAY beyond what you guys initially offered to do as sponsors, you people treat me like a real friend and did everything in such a heartfelt manner, entertaining my silly &  ridiculous princessy requests.. because I know you wanted me to have a party that was unforgettable. Thank you for making it happen. Charles also co-owns Fox Out, one of my favorite online fashion stores in Singapore! I’ve done a feature of their apparels before, and you can be sure there will be a next one in the near future ;)

..And that’s how a glittery 21st birthday party happened.

I’ll always remember it as one of the best nights in my life.