Seventeen Magazine

Lookie! I’m on July’s issue of Seventeen Magazine!!! You’ll find me in their “Beauty” section, sharing some make up tips.

How??? Do I look funny? I think I look a mixture of both old and youthful. (?!?) I think red lips add an instant 6 years of age on me, but I still have young-ish features at the end of the day…. so in other words, I’m confusing to look at. I think I’m one of those people you could never accurately guess their age. I look much older with make up but when you take it all off I actually look like 17, hah. Not that much older than the 20 years old that I am currently, but still. I know this because when I go out without make up, the taxi uncles ask me which secondary school I’m in (-_-) and when I’m all dressed up, they ask me which company I work for.

Seventeen Magazine did a feature on bloggers showing how to do certain make up looks for under $30, and I actually went out and bought Daiso cosmetics solely for this shoot… At first, I was totally apprehensive of applying something so cheap on my face. After, I was shocked / impressed to discover Daiso’s $2 eyeshadow is actually really pigmented, wtf?!?! It comes in like 3 or 4 different colors too! Highlighter, neutral shades, etc. How do they create such awesome products at such a low price seriously? If you’ve been skeptical of their products, don’t be. I used their facial mask & facial cleanser before and totally loved the results for the price I paid.

Thanks Melody for roping me in on this photo shoot, and of course Seventeen Mag for the pics. Even for the rather ghastly completely-barefaced photo of me that I didn’t showcase here. They directed my make up style (I did it all by myself – no make up artist on set as this is meant to be a DIY thing) so it’s not what I’m normally used to, but I still like it. I prefer to use a softer pink on my lips and draw thicker eyebrows, but I guess this will do. My nose looks so big though! Why photog you never liquify for me??? T_T

If you’d like to look at what (affordable!) products I used to achieve that “look”, or the ones Valerie of used (we were featured together), pick up a copy of July’s Seventeen Magazine. It’s only $3. So affordable, no wonder it was my favorite magazine to buy when I was still in high school and looking at magazines. You can own a hard copy of my face for only $3… Not bad what. LOL