Saturday Night Fever


Check out the title of this post.

Saturday Night Fever….


Had a fever on Saturday night and it’s lasted until now. I feel better today, but still sick…


Y’all should be proud of me. *beams*

Anyway anyway. You have NO idea how much I suffered yesterday.

I had like migraine throughout my whole body! It was crazyyyy. Every little movement I made sent a sharp pain piercing through me.

So to avoid movement, I had to lie down most of the time…

And I was supposed to go out with my baby James yesterday, but the good old boy came over and took SUCH GOOD CARE OF ME!!!

I just HAVE to rave about how much it means to me!

Usually when he doesn’t have enough sleep he’d be an asshole throughout the whole day.. But even though he had very little sleep and was quite tired, he really made me feel like a princess yesterday!

Always giving in to me. Sponging me. Making me laugh so the pain goes away.

Talking to me in such a sweet, sweet voice… I was sooo fucking whiny and being a bitch yesterday cos I was in so much pain.

But he tolerated everything and really, he was just so bloody good la. I haven’t had him treat me so good in A LONG TIME!

Sigh, kinda makes me want to fall sick more often =X

It’s really such a nice feeling to know that you’re loved. He might be a jerk sometimes, but when it comes to situations like this, he really shows his care and concern.

When you’re sick and you have your bf to sponge you. To cook things for you to eat. To attend to your every whim!

To just shower you with his love… Is the best thing you could ever ask for in a relationship.

I LOVE YOU. you’re so gooood to me… Babyyyy babyy
*sings Avril’s HOT*

Ok anyway. We watched this movie called BIG STAN.

About some real estate guy going to jail and was afraid of being fucked by his inmates so he learned kungfu to kick their asses and stuff. I know it sounds ridiculous but it was effing funny.

It was more of a dick flick than a chick flick. But like I said, I can crack and take jokes like a man ok!! I pretty much enjoyed it. Go watch it online! Bound to make you laugh.

Then at night we watched Grand Prix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We watched from like 6 to almost 11?

Ok la. Quite exciting but got kinda boring after awhile. The loud engine sound throughout the entire show is soooo annoying!

And Hamilton is hothothot! Me likey. I think the Massa damn poor thing lor ok!

Some parts very dramatic. I get damn excited when a car crashes. LOL. I know it sounds very evil, but really la.. When Piquet first crashed, I literally jumped out of my bed going, “WTF!!”

I think those people who were sitting right in front and saw the car “crashing into them” must have been very very excited.

Ok ok I am going off liao don’t feel like blogging. Nothing to blog about leh. Suggestions?

Chat with me @ my Chantago cos im sick and will be staying home and online the whole day!!!