Saint Pierre

I love having brunch.

Too bad I don’t wake up in time for it on most days! Either that, or I don’t get the opportunity to have it simply because I’m working. Most places that serve brunch food only do so during the early hours of the weekend, and I’m almost always certainly doing cakes on weekends…. can’t leave the house/kitchen. So no brunch for me :(

However, when Edina from the Emmanuel Stroobant Group invited us to have a hosted lazy brunch at the newly revamped Saint Pierre restaurant, I jumped at the opportunity!!!

Completed all my work in advance just so I could enjoy a nice weekend out. So worth it!

I know you can’t actually see anything on the menu I’m holding up. But since it’s nice picture, I’m gonna post it anyway! :P

The new Saint Pierre’s location is absolutely gorgeous, situated right next to the prestigious W Singapore in Sentosa and along a nice sunny stretch of restaurants where beautiful yachts were docked and blue waters were sparkling!

Saint Pierre is headed by celebrity chef Emmanuel Stroobant and his lovely wife Edina Hong, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times prior to this brunch session because she’s my brother’s personal friend, and eventually introduced me to her. She’s such a nice lady!!! My first taste of Saint Pierre’s food was during Savour 2013, and I was sold since then.

We opted for the Saturday Brunch Set Menu, which was $38 a person and you get your choice of fruit juice, homemade assorted breads, a main course and coffee or tea!

It didn’t take long for our bread to arrive, accompanied by their own whipped butter & fruit preserves.

I’m generally not a bread person, but I love croissants, sourdough and ciabatta…. they had the first two of my favorites and I was more than happy to inhale them in a matter of minutes. The salted whipped butter and fruit preserves went amazingly well together on a fluffy, pillowy slice of sourdough. Raves all around!

My main course arrived… Eggs Benedict, of course!

 Eggs benedict everyday, baby. This one was elegantly done with champagne holladaise and thinly shaved iberico ham. I like the ratio of bread (brioche) to egg and sauce. Eggs benedict should always be served in this proportion. Normally eggs benedict is thought of to be a heavy, sinful meal but this one was really light, so light in fact I blinked and it was gone from my plate. :P

Sam opted for the Smoked Salmon, on sourdough with chives and lemon juice. More sourdough!!!!! Yay! I like how their in-house smoked salmon wasn’t unnecessarily salty like most grocery store options are, and seemed to have a higher fat content than the lean cuts I’m used to. Fatty salmon is always, ALWAYS a good idea.

I also had a taste of their Scrambled Eggs with black truffle, toasted bread (yeah, it’s a lot of bread! a tad too much overall, IMO) The eggs were fluffy like little yellow clouds as how they should be, and the amount of truffle was moderately alarming. Makes me wonder if truffle has started growing on coconut trees.

I adore waterfront dining; it’s relaxing, romantic and fun all at the same time.

I don’t care if Sentosa is troublesome to get to. The laid back atmosphere makes the trip worthwhile, and there’s no better place to be on a weekend (well except in bed). The entire set up of Saint Pierre is both elegant and quaint, with wooden furniture, floor-to-ceiling glass windows to allow maximum sunlight in and the atmosphere was classy, but not too pretentious. Sure it’s an uppity place, but it’s not somewhere you walk into and feel uncomfortable if you aren’t paying over a hundred dollars for your meal or if you’re not carrying a branded bag, or dressed to the nines. In fact, there were a lot of happy families and very casually dressed people having their Saturday brunch that day, which was a sight I enjoyed seeing!


If you thought that was all the food porn I was going to feature today…. you’re wrong!!!

We eagerly came back a few weeks later, to sample their Sunday Roast menu!!! WOOHOOO.

What??? How can you judge us for being pigs when the food is this good, and when the owner personally invites you herself? :P

Their weekly Sunday Roast features your choice of roasted meat of the day, an all-you-can-eat, self-serve selection of starters & bread, finished off with dessert, for $68 a person.

I thought I liked their Saturday Brunch, but I LOVE their Sunday Roast.

Heaping servings of refreshing salads were just waiting to be devoured. A buffet you don’t have to feel guilty about!

All my favorite food on one plate. How absolutely pretty.

 Most restaurants that offer a buffet selection are kinda messy, rowdy, and crowded. You’ll have to push past people just to get to the food you want. Not really my idea of fun. I will never suggest a buffet for a meal with friends if given a choice, I prefer quieter places.

But, I especially like how the environment at Saint Pierre maintained its quiet elegance despite being filled with laughter and cheery moods. I suppose it’s because the seating capacity isn’t too large, so it still feels intimate.

Random out of focus shot of Sam looking a little too candidly happy with his food!

When our main courses arrived, I was a little taken aback because I was enjoying their sourdough and starters so much I almost forgot we had a main course coming too. The mountain of brown is traditional yorkshire pudding, which is kinda like bread / pastry that is usually paired with meats and gravy. When I took my first bite of the herb marinated black angus ribeye roasted overnight in red wine and balsamico jus, my awesome afternoon was made even more complete.

It is REALLY good. Melted in my mouth more than my own buttercream on my cupcakes would, and the meat was done to perfect reddish pinknes. Wish I could’ve had double, or triple the portion!!!!!! Sam got the lamb option, which was mediocre in my opinion. Can’t even remember the name of that one, unfortunately.

The main courses also come with vegetable sides and potato gratin! The cheesy gratin was nice :)

A good meal isn’t complete without desserts to leave a sweet taste in your mouth!

Hello, perfection.

Also known as panna cotta with salted caramel. Can I marry you?

I can’t resist posting up picture after picture.. The lighting there is too good to pass up! Just look at the textures in this crumble!!

Sam had a chocolate mint mousse, which was alright, but I don’t care much for either chocolate or mint so I’ll just repeat again that the panna cotta with salted caramel was beyond perfect. I’ve never had better panna cotta in my life.

This brings us to the end of my gastronomic adventure at Saint Pierre. It was an immensely enjoyable one that filled two of my weekend afternoons with smiles, and my tummy with yummy food. Big thanks to Edina, Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, Isabel for always being so hospitable and kind!!!! :)

Till the next meal!

Saint Pierre
31 Ocean Way, #01-15, Quayside Isle, Singapore 098375Tel: 6438 0887

Food quality: 4/5 (while some menu items were relatively simple and not particularly mind blowing, there’s no doubt about the quality of ingredients)
Service / Ambience: 4/5 (gotta love the waterfront views and unpretentious classy atmosphere. also, chef emmanuel and edina are warm hosts!)
Value for Money: 3.5/5 (slightly pricey but you won’t expect anything less from a fine dining restaurant)
Most suitable for:  I highly recommend Saint Pierre if you’re looking for that perfect place to idle away a weekend afternoon. Just look at my pictures!!! The prices aren’t cheap, but they’re worth paying for and pretty reasonable considering the location, ambience, and how renowned Saint Pierre is. Give the Sunday Roast a go! 


Outfit of the day shot outside Saint Pierre. My pretty floral cut out dress is from! I don’t do fashion shots often, but how could I not with such a picture perfect backdrop?

I wish I could live in Sentosa! My life would be awesome. I’d sail on my yacht and bake cakes and cook food all day long and suntan in my non-existent bikini body.

I miss my purple hair!!! If you don’t already know, I got rid of it (much to my regret). I’ll save that story for another blog post… what a shame. No point crying over spilled milk but looking at these pictures makes my heart ache!

What better way to end off this post than with a picture of a greek god randomly cycling past me as I’m innocently snapping pictures of myself?


PS – Wanted to randomly update sneaks of my “new” hair.

Which actually is not that new anymore, it’s like a month old. Jeez I need to blog more often instead of Instagramming everyday!!! Just my everyday iPhone 5 selfie with the same smile, in different cabs. LOL.

I’ve gone back to black!!!!!!!!!! And now have short…..-ish hair.

Not by choice, by accident, but #okcanbobian. What do you think? Doesn’t this feel like a blast from the past (2009)?? Hah! It felt SO odd not having purple on my head anymore. I do sorely miss the compliments it got me! It was such a rude shock at first, but now I’m kinda used to it and I like that I can wear green and not look like an eggplant. I can wear any color now! I used to think, the louder the better… now I’m thinking, basic is good. Classy is better. Sheesh, I’m getting old. So ya, no more crazy bright LOOKATME dresses like the Hollyhoque above for me… I’ve been trying to keep my choices of colors for my outfit safe, and make up natural looking recently!

Speaking of which, Makiyo kindly sent me several pairs of contact lenses in extremely natural shades of browns & blacks that I’ve been wearing every time I go out recently!!!! And in the three selfies you see above. Out of the many pairs of contact lenses I’ve been wearing the past few years, this is my favorite one. It’s got a black rim with very very dark brown centre (that you can only see when the light reflects off it) They complement my new “style” well because of how barely-there it looks, yet still flattering because of the iris enlarging features. They’re also surprisingly comfortable, I can wear them all day and not feel like I want to gouge my eyes out like I do with other lenses. Priced at $15 and lesser per pair, they’re a steal!!! She’s got a lot of designs you can choose from so why don’t you check her website out? Quote “Shiberty” for a discount off your bill! :)