Ridiculous copying

So I’ve had an interesting night.

A random question on my Formspring led me to the link of a blog, and from that blog I saw an advertorial / review for an online cupcake store. Out of curiosity and to monitor competition, I clicked on the link and lo and behold….

What do I see???

MY EYES!!!! They burn from the unoriginality.

Don’t see it???

Scroll up and scrutinize the page further.

Try to spot a picture that sorta LOOKS like our cupcakes, but eh.. not really, cuz the standard’s not there.

Yup, I’m pretty sure y’all know what I’m talking about if you’ve been following my blog closely enough to know the designs we’ve been coming up with. I’m not going to link her site on my blog and give her free hits, so no, don’t ask, do your own google work if you’re interested.

Our lovely original:

Sad pirated copy:

……..First off, let me just say how SHOCKED I was to see another Singaporean copying our original designs and selling them off as their own IN PLAIN SIGHT.

How dare she insult me like that??? If you’re gonna copy my designs, at least do justice to it and make it look good or halfway decent, damn it! Not only are you trying to become my competitor, you’re trying to compete with me with my own products but presented in a sub standard way… wtf?

If she were in U.S or some other country selling cupcakes, I really couldn’t care any less (well I’d be annoyed at the copying but not so outraged) but don’t you know that Singapore is a small, small place?!? Did you not imagine that I’d stumble upon your site one day or my readers would tell me or people would eventually confront you about it???

It baffles me how some people don’t think about the consequences to their actions or how they choose to simply ignore it.

When I saw the page my mouth was literally hung wide open in horror like this: :OOOOOOOOOOOO….. “SHE DID WHHAAATTT?!!?!!? BITCH!!!!!!!”

Firstly: To be anally fair, yes, she didn’t say “These are MY new designs!” but she only said Recent Cupcake Design!” which is enough to imply that the designs were HERS. Honey, your sentence is missing “Recent cupcake design!…. that I ripped off from Shiberty’s Sweets.”

Plz don’t be an idiot and tell me she didn’t mean to copy because unless you are a stupid platypus, it should be painfully obvious to you that her actions were downright intentional, a deliberate way to try and earn a few quick dollars.

Now to make things clear: I am a hundred percent sure that these designs are completely original to us, chances are, you won’t find another identical picture on the net. If you do, good for you, you’ve probably found another copycat of Shiberty’s Sweets.

Plus the fact that she even bothered to swirl it in the exact same way and use the exact same red muffin cups already proves everything!

Secondly, she copied not ONE design… but TWO!!!!!!! And possibly a whole lot more that she hasn’t posted pics of yet - who knows right?!? I definitely wouldn’t put it past her. I can only imagine if I didn’t blog about this, how long more would she have kept this going?

Our original Angry Birds design:

Her imitation:

This might be out of topic but eh, why your icing so lumpy one ah?!? Looks unappetizing max!!!! Buttercream should be smooth and yummy looking, it shouldn’t look like puked up guts bleached white.

Now I know we are not the only people in the world to make Angry Birds cupcakes. Angry Birds is a really popular iphone game so naturally it’s a popular theme for cakes, I’ve seen many great cakes and cupcakes done based on Angry Birds.

But just so you know, the original Angry Bird looks like this.

He does NOT have black lines on the side of his face and under his eyes, I just added it for fun coz I thought it made him look cuter and angrier.

And she replicated the exact same thing!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf? Ok I believe I do not need to elaborate any further on how she copied us, you can just see it with your own eyes.

Say real one if she had just copied bits and pieces here and there but tried to improvise on her own or give it her own unique spin, I would probably close 1 eye and forget about it. Note that I am not trying to trump competition, I don’t even consider her competition but it’s really more of the fact that I feel PERSONALLY INSULTED when people do these things to me.

It’s about integrity, FFS. You have or not?!?!?

It’s annoying when people use my pictures without permission, it’s messed up when people rip quotes off my blog or chunks of my lengthy blog posts without crediting and it’s REALLY fucked up when you try to fuck with me and rip Shiberty’s Sweets designs off and try to sell them off as your own!


What makes you even think that people would order those designs from you when your prices are similar to mine (My website used to state $45 and up for 12 cupcakes, just like what hers currently has) but I happen to produce them about ten times better?

Who do you think you are, popping out of nowhere, stealing our designs and trying to profit from it?

I just started Shiberty’s Sweets recently, couldn’t you at least give me and yourself a little face and copy our designs a little LATER? (I dunno what that would prove but just sayin’) Instead of being all like,Hey if she can do it so can I!!! In fact Imma do it right now!!”

Well guess what girlie – it’s not as easy as you think. If you think you can succeed in this by leeching off my work and jumping onto the cupcake bandwagon while it’s hot then you are WRONG. There are many established cake / cupcake sellers out there, I am not even your biggest competitor. First of all, you need actual skills and talent, sorry to say but looking at your cupcakes it seems you have neither. It’s easy when you’re dealing with one or two orders every now and then. It’s easy when you see some cute designs on the internet and copy it so you save yourself a whole lot of thinking / planning.

But you know what’s NOT easy?

Working your ass off almost everyday, baking and decorating sometimes over 100 intricately designed cupcakes a day (with UNIQUE self-thought-up designs btw!), till your bones ache and your muscles cry for some proper rest, to try and succeed in pursuing doing what you love, despite the fact it means postponing going overseas to study in a university or the fact that it could fail miserably and fall flat on your face, wasting a lot of time, effort and money because it’s a risky business but you go ahead and give it your all and do it anyway… and one fine day, you come online to see someone trying to discredit you like that.

It’s really not easy.

I know I can’t stop people from trying to outsmart and outdo us in this field, but likewise, I can’t help feeling upset over it when they try to do it in such an outrageous manner with complete disrespect for us. (also no thanks to me PMSing coz of that time of the month so I might be over-reacting a little more than I normally would)

If it was out of interest or passion, there is nothing passionate about ripping off someone elses work and if it was out to make money, I sincerely doubt you can make a decent amount with that standard of work. Instead of copying I suggest you start working on your technique first, don’t waste your own time. Word will eventually get around about this, and I’m pretty sure being known as a rip off is not a good way to try and start a business. Your swirled cupcakes in the first picture barely reach HALF of the muffin cup after buttercream has been piled on, so before buttercream is what? 1cm of cake? And you want to sell people that shit for $4 bucks a pop? Jokes.

Shame on you for doing this, and I am very disappointed.


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