Recorded Live Chat # 5!

We start playing Taboo at about 32 minutes in the first video, you can watch Sam cheating but failing coz everyone called his bluff!!! Kua kua kua, try harder next time babe :P

HAHAHAH omg you need to fastforward to 27 minutes to watch a HILARIOUS recount of me and Sam’s first kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super hilarious!


P.S – I am in talks with an agent organizing my studying in Perth!!! I want to study Media & Communications, but I don’t know which uni to choose.

I’m considering 3 choices – UWA, Murdoch and Curtin

I’m still not sure which unis my grades qualify for but this is what I have in mind currently anyway.

I know UWA is the most prestigious, but I hear they are known more for their sciences and business related stuff, whereas Murdoch and Curtin offer more hands-on stuff and better courses for media..

Any advice from people who live / study in Perth? It would be GREAT if you’ve actually studied in any of these universities before (even better if you studied media) and can give me accurate feedback!! Thanks!

Any other information on facilities and other things I should about these schools will be greatly appreciated as well :)