Random pics that never saw the light of day

Was browsing through My Pictures folder earlier today when I came across some pics I meant to share a long time ago but for some reason or another, these pics never made it on my blog.. But here’s a revival for them!!

They don’t really have particular meaning or point to them… I guess I just like them coz they’re decent photos even without any photoshopping :D

By photoshop I mean editing bodily features, I HAVE to edit the lighting of every single pic I post on my blog, even if it’s a crap one taken from my iphone. I think I’m obsessed with editing contrast and hues.

With Sam @ our favourite indian restaurant!

I have tried so many indian restaurants from all over the place and even famed ones in other countries, they just can’t compare to Mumtaz Mahal @ Far East Plaza! (5th floor, look out for red signboard, near chicken rice / indonesian eataeries, opposite escalator)

I have been promoting them for a long time now, because their business isn’t really that good (baffling, I love their food) and I’m terrified they’d close down due to not having enough customers, so I figured they could use with some free advertising from me. Especially now that I’m going to Perth soon and will visit them a lot less often, I don’t want them to close down on me!!! I still want amazing indian food when I come back to visit Singapore.

I like this top!! But like a lot of my other clothes, it disappeared into the mysterious depths of the black hole that is my closet after the first time I’ve worn it. I seriously dunno where all my nicer clothes go, I’m highly convinced my maids have been stealing excessively from me -_-

With drastically different hair lol

Bahahah couldn’t resist posting this pic because I think I have a very kind gaze here!! I know it makes no sense but whatever meh this entry is pointless anyway

Reasons I have completely stopped camwhoring in the toilet:

1) Nobody likes seeing toilet bowls, sinks or contact lens cases in the background of pictures.

2) The lighting makes my nose looks unnecessarily huge

3) Feels very low class!!!

My fav necklace of all time is this vintage piece of YSL heart shaped pendant that says “In Love Again”

It’s sooo presh! I found it a couple of years ago wrapped up in this pretty silk packaging unused in one of my mum’s accessory drawers and I asked her if I could have it, and she said yes! I changed the chain to something a little bit modern, at first it was like.. silk also? Can’t really remember.

She said she got it at least 3 decades ago when she bought something from YSL and they had a limited edition promotion that gave these out!!! Perhaps during a V’day promotion?

Blowing bubbles, splashing in the water and soakin’ up the sunshine. Beautiful day.

Lookin effing tired after a longgg night of filming for a school project. But it’s all good because I received pretty flowers at the end of the day from my boyfriend for a job well done!

I was one of the actors (nobody else wanted to be) and my role was a drunken whore HAHAHAH I had to walk around with an F&N soda can pretending it was beer and that I was wasted.

I’ve never even been drunk or wasted in my life before so needless to say I couldn’t relate to the role very well.

I see you.

Is that fungus I spot on my tongue?

LOL jk.

Check out ma last birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!! A KILLER WHALE CAKE ♥ ♥ ♥ It looks a little melted and messy but I reckon it’s still fab, it’s an orca after all!

This was still when Sam and I were clueless about cakes (but interested)

We’ve come a longgggg way. I can’t wait to see THIS YEAR’S cake because I’m sure Sam will make it epic!

LOLOL just realized how close I was to setting my hair on fire just to act cute in a pic.

+ my finger looks broken

This was what our tongues looked like for at least the next few hours after eating that much black food coloring – you know what this means??

Never order any design which requires a significant amount of black in your cakes, especially if you wanna take pics and people will be around!!

Me + spongebob + a name sticker on my arm at an MTV event yonks ago. Random? Yup.