O hai evwyoneeeee!!!! ^.^

My name ish pudding, teh pudding hamster! (i noe right, so creatively named)

So vewy nice to meet you. *extends paw for a handshake*

I just got myself a lovely new owner yesturday and have alweady adapted well to my surroundings!!

My new home is a big glass tank, which is easy to clean and purrfect for Jess to view all my little furry, irresistable hammie antics that makes me her go “Awww” like crazy… Silly human!

I’m a curious little hammie who likes to play with new toys all the time! Adventurous and fun loving are my best traits…

I may nip lightly sometimes, but that’s only because I want to check you out. My bites don’t hurt very much, I pwomise!!

Some of my favouwite activities include burrowing around my bedding, throwing pink fluff evwywhere.. Squeeeeeeeee

Running around in my wittle hammie wheel so fast, you’d never be able to get a pwoper picture of me!

Jess says I’m already tooooo fat, so I need to work out and diet more! (but she keeps feeding me all sorts of treats.. evil human)

When I’m tired and sleeeeepy from all that playing and running around, I like to cuddle up into a puffball and take snoozes in the corner of my tank!


Stop poking me when I’m having my hammie naps, stupid human!!! (Yes, I like sleeping with my head squashed inbetween my abundant squishyness and the glass tank)

This is me spanking new home!! It doesn’t look like vewy much now, but Jess promised it’d be super pwetty and awesome once she’s done making and buying me toys and other decorations to pway with all the time..

She likes me a lot better because she says I’m much friendlier than the other hammie in the house, whose name I do not speak of because I want alllllllll her attention! ^.^

She drew and stuck this onto my tank today while I was sleeping! Me likes it vewy much *nods furry head*

Yup yup yup, that’s my name!

Okie, his hammieness is gettin sleepy now, it’s time for royal napz once again..

She wasn’t kidding, blogging is real tough work!!

I’ll talk to you humans again soon… hopefully next time Jess would take more photogenic shots for me and maybe photoshop my fat chin away!! ^.^