January dress up with T&Y

Throughout the month of January, T&Y has got my outfits for different occasions covered!

For Chinese New Year this year, instead of going for a full on Cheongsam I’m opting for dresses and outfits that have an oriental chic vibe like the Malika Dress. Way more practical than a traditional piece. Does anyone else think it’s crazy how we buy CNY outfits only to stash them away in our wardrobes when the festivities are over? And if you wear the same hing again the next year… everyone’s going to remember. Or at least, the pictures would show so. I wouldn’t do that.

I love pleated clothing because they don’t have to be ironed. AMIRITE? I’m all about practical fashion. You won’t find me prancing around in sky high heels unless there’s a damn good reason to be suffering in them for. This Lace Maxi Dress is so easy to wear because of its light and flowy material, it’ll come in handy whenever one of those “I have nothing to wear days” happen.

I’m crazy for maxi dresses these days. The longer the dress, the better. This Striped Navy Maxi Dress is my idea of a brunch date outfit! I’m always talking about brunch… that’s because I’m never awake in time for breakfast. That’s how you know you’re self employed.

For all of you corporate ladies out there.. you’re not forgotten! The Marilyn Dress can take you from office to malls & pubs, depending on how you dress it up. They always say every girl needs a little black dress, but I’ve always favored little white dresses more.

TNY.sg carries an easy-to-wear range of fashion apparels that appeals to the girl next door, especially with their essential basic pieces. Each month they’re giving away a surprise gift to one lucky customer. This month, it’s a Goyard card case!

I think it’s very thoughtful of T&Y to offer free registered postage for ALL orders, so you don’t have to worry about mails being lost when you shop with them! Get your parcels delivered before CNY with ease! :)



I cooked my way through Christmas 2013.


I’m having Christmas withdrawal symptoms. I miss hearing soothing & cherry Christmas carols everywhere I go, I’m DEFINITELY going to miss the fairy lights and wonderful decorations… and most of all, I will miss the copious amount of justified FEASTING!!!

This year, Christmas came and went just like that.

I remember thinking, “Oh, it’s going to be Christmas soon.” And now here we are, 5 days after Christmas, which has well and truly gone. Is this seriously going to be how life works from now on? That the older you get, the faster time flies? If only Christmas could be a whole week long. I know technically there are 12 days of Christmas but nobody really seems to care from the 26th of December onward.

I cooked a lot this Christmas. In fact, I cooked for and hosted three different groups of friends and family throughout the week. It was A LOT of action in the kitchen. I realized that most pictures I took were of me and the food I made!

Here’s an example of one.

I love seeing men in the kitchen.

French onion soup and creamy chicken / bacon / mushroom spaghetti…. washed down with Somersby!!!!

And this was another party.

Yina was 3 whole hours early for the party, so she took a lot of Behind The Scenes pictures while I was prepping the food for everyone! That’s me cutting up apples and other delicious ingredients for my holiday salad. It had grapes, apples, oranges, pistachios, blueberries, onions, cherry tomatoes and greens, topped it all off with an apple cider vinegar dressing.

Mushroom soup in the making!

 I love making soups, they’re so fuss free. For mushroom soup, I just sautee mushrooms with onions, add stock and milk / cream then turn on my blender. It has never failed me and tastes about a thousand times better than any canned stuff!

We made a new Canadian friend, Clifford, and he stayed over at our new place for a night before he had to fly off! We put his muscly arms to good use, he was BBQing away for a good whole hour! All this whole enthusiastically donning a Santa hat. What a guy.

Chicken satay is my favorite type : )

After 3-4 hours of cooking and prepping, my hungry guests arrived… And as any of my house guests would tell you, the highlight to visiting my place would be the FOOD. I absolutely love cooking, especially for people who appreciate it – and these people always do!!!

Shepherd’s pie, chicken wings (thanks Nich for marinating them and bringing them over!!), deviled eggs, holiday salad, chorizo pasta, mushroom soup, BBQ-ed satay / bacon and peanut butter nutella fudge cake.

Did I cook all of this? Hell yes I did! : D

Of course, with much needed help from my DFW & friends. It’s a lot of work, but seeing the look on people’s faces as they eat your food and sing high praises is well worth it. I’m a show off like that.

Sam & I before feasting…. You know what I hate???

 Cooking perfectly hot food then having it turn cold while I take picture. But how do I NOT take pictures of the food and before eating?! /blogger pains/

Da boys and my messy house background (which will be seen in a lot of today’s pics)

Had quite a bit of alcohol this Christmas… *hic* And so did this cheeky monkey!

Say cheeeeeeeeeeze everybodeh!

What it looks like at our dining table.
Every. Single. Time. #noshame #itsourjob #actuallywearejustobsessed

If you try to take a bite out of the food before all photos are taken, you would be EXECUTED.

I absolutely ♥ these wonderful people.

Thank you for all the boisterous laughter and joy you brought to my new home!!!!!!!

You people never fail to make my heart lighter, no matter what sort of rough time I’m going through, I always forget my troubles and worries when I’m with you. It was such a fun and cosy little home party and I couldn’t think of any other way I would rather spend X’mas. After eating, we all sat in my living room and started caroling together…. Which was really strange but awesome. We took a hilarious video of us singing All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey (sooo many re-takes before we finally settled on one!) but it’s with Melissa at the moment!


As I mentioned earlier, Yina arrived at house super early that day, much to my surprise, and she came with this huuuuuge box in tow. I was like “WHAT you got me a present?!!?!?” and she just smiled / smirk with raised eyebrows in typical Yina fashion…. LOL. Then she told me it was a combined gift from everyone and I was like awwwww.

I was so excited to open it because presents are extra special when you were totally NOT expecting one! For birthdays, you know you’re gonna get cool stuff, but for this X’mas dinner I told people they could brink drinks or otherwise come empty handed since I wasn’t planning to get any of them gifts either (just hosting the party and making food) but they got me a KICK ASS state of the art type of expensive microwave oven because I told Yina that mine was ruined, that very same afternoon. I was extremely upset when it happened,  it was damaged during a quarrel by accident, and I just ranted to Yina about my problems as usual… I never expected this thoughtful girl to rally everyone so last minute, and go out to Best Denki to buy it, carrying this massive thing to my house all by herself literally hours after I told her my microwave oven needed replacing.

Such an angel  ♥ ♥ ♥ :’) Thank you so much you crazy ass lovely people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well as it turns out, my microwave oven DIDN’T need replacing in the end (just needs a new part to be bought in order to fix it) and since the one they got me was pricey and brand new, I didn’t want to waste their money by having two microwave ovens in the house…. (my house is too small for that)

Thus, I exchanged and topped up the microwave oven for a new camera instead!

I felt pretty hesitant and bad about it at first, for thinking of exchanging a present, but my friends were so kind and encouraging about it, insisting that I get something I actually need and no matter what they’re still happy to have contributed to a gift for me. I was OVER THE MOON when I laid my hands on my new camera – it’s a camera I’ve been lusting over for quite some time now.

Used my first little blue box & gorgeous Christmas pressie (*squeals* ♥_♥ rose gold with diamonds!!!!) as a model for some test shots, and it took awhile to get a hang of the new cam… but once I did, I couldn’t stop clicking away!!!

Definitely my favorite tree ornament of all time.

More food I made – this time for X’mas Eve dinner with the family!

This is bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, garlic spread & portobello before it goes into the oven.

Calamari rings

And my brilliant spur-of-the-moment invention – salted egg crab linguine with shrimps & sundried tomatoes.

It had curry leaves and chilli and salted egg like the traditional recipe, then I turned it into a creamy sauce with some thickened cream and olive oil. How’s that for fusion food?! Turned out pretty freakin’ awesome if I do say so myself!!!!! If I had a restaurant I would so sell this. And I would not be surprised if some months or years from now, I see restaurants / cafes start producing this dish! It’s a food phenomenon waiting to happen. : P

I had so many people talking about the pie from the previous party that I had to make another batch after that! I cooked a total of X4 the amount you see in the picture above for each party and gave away trays of homemade pies as Christmas gifts as well.

My cute little potted Christmas plant from Ikea. Sitting on a table (and chairs) also from Ikea. What happens when a 21 year old girl goes furniture shopping for her new house? She gets Ikea furniture for everything. Lol. Some day I will be able to afford designer furniture. But today, I’m happy being able to afford my own rent. Life has gotten a lot tougher these few years.

This one I didn’t make, my mom bought : P

Even though my gran is deeply religiously Buddhist, I still wanted her to come for Christmas dinner because I believe this holiday is meant for everyone of all religions, races, ages and beliefs to come together and appreciate their loved ones.

 I got her a gold necklace, and her reaction was just adorable!

She tried to slip it on via the top of her head but obviously it was too small for that, hahaha!

My aunt curiously looking on as I put on the necklace for my grandma… I hope she likes it and will think of me whenever she wears / sees it! She’s the only grandparent I actually ever got to know and spend time with, so I make sure she knows that she’s special whenever I can.

It’s become some sort of tradition to get my mom something from Chanel for Christmas. And the look on her face is always the same. : ‘)

That’s all my cake decorating supplies at the back!

Other random pics of Christmassy affairs…

My Christmas Day was spent looking at baby bunnies early in the afternoon (I’m getting a new one. AAAGGHHH THE FLUFF OVERLOAD WAIT TILL YOU SEE HER PICTURES) and then heading over to Marina Bay Sands for dinner and a stayover!

We may not have snow, we may not have real Christmas trees… we didn’t even have Turkey, or a mistletoe. But that’s okay. I had my loved ones to spend this holiday with. That’s more than any present Santa could bring me.

Happy New Year to all of you.. sending my love!!



Gingham Picnic with Mel & Yina

A few days before my 21st birthday in September, my two crazy girl friends and I decided it would be a good idea to have a random vintage photoshoot, just for the heck of it. And of course… to celebrate our friendship!

I have no idea how this idea was born…… I think it was something like me one day suggesting a picnic for our next meet up would be great fun, then Yina was like yes we can take lots of awesome pictures and look pretty and Melissa was all “MULTIFOLDS?!”. End of story. LOL. We talked to a couple of people over the next few days, and roped in some of our friends from relevant industries. Yina settled the amazing props set up from her wedding sponsor, Melissa got the awesome photographer as Multifolds is a good friend of hers and I found us a make up artist / hairstylist! Who has now also become one of my good friends! This shoot turned out to be such a blessing.

I’ve always loved everything vintage – I used to listen to songs from the 50′s to 70′s EVERYDAY and I’m obsessed with vintage fashion, so I couldn’t be happier when it was decided that the theme should be Gingham! We were going to settle for just “floral pastel” and the whole whimsical look at first, but I’m so glad that my stubbornness prevailed that we pushed through normalcy and went ahead with a more challenging but unique concept! The pictures turned out even better than I’d expected when I was trying to visualize it in my head.

Behind The Scenes

Setting up on site!

We were far behind schedule (we are always late, I think it’s a blogger thing) so we scrambled around like mad upon arriving, it wasn’t long before we would lose the sunlight. Lucky for us, the main decorations have already been prepared by the conscientious Suying from MerryLove Weddings prior to our arrival, so we just had to shift certain things around a bit! She cleverly put together such a lovely combination of props that fitted our theme to a T. We couldn’t believe how pretty our little picnic set  looked when we set eyes on it! :) They do mainly weddings but can also tend to themed photoshoot requests like these! (Perfect for pre-wedding shots!)

I brought customized cupcakes and my signature rainbow cake for the shoot, of course. What’s a picnic without pretty cakes? I could also finally put my awesome ferris wheel cupcake stand to very good use! I was wondering when I was gonna get around to taking that expensive thing out of the original packaging.

Ummm… I’m trying to figure out if this was a fail shot of me trying to act cute or an unfortunate candid. Anyway, don’t you love our crazy appropriate dresses from DustBunny Vintage?! Going to their quaint little store and trying on their one-of-a-kind pre-loved vintage dresses, looking for the perfect fitting one was the funnest thing ever! There’s just something special about knowing no one else will be wearing the same dress as you. It’s like wearing a piece of history on yourself!

After a couple of frantic minutes went by, we began shooting!!!!! Everything happened so fast…. it was like CHOP CHOP, snap snap, ok let’s go next scene. Being a model is no easy work! Of course, Melissa was an absolute natural at it, whereas myself and Yina were a lot more awkward and oaf-ish. XD (I claim the throne of awkward queen, though)

Pouting pitifully as Yina fixes my hair for me. Sometimes she’s like a mummy to me in the best way!

Done with the first set of photos, and we’re off to a big open field for some movement shots!

Awww, I love that even off-camera (these were candids), we’re holding hands ♥ ♥ ♥

Here are some precious memories beautifully captured by the amazing Multifolds Photography. Whom I consider to be one of the best wedding photographers in Singapore! It was a huge privilege having Melvin document this for us.


Photoshoot Pictures

Getting to know Melissa and getting closer to Yina must be some of the best things that happened to me this year. 

In these two ladies, I have found great friends that I can share happiness, tough times and tons of laughter with. We can talk about everything and nothing, and even in our periods of quiet silences, awkwardness never creeps in. Conversations, I can have with anyone, but it’s the people I can have comfortable silences with that I treasure.

Yina wasn’t someone I thought I’d become close to when I first got to know her, but I grew to appreciate her as a person more and more through the months and years. She is extremely kind & understanding, someone who quietly observes situations & people, making up her own mind about them instead of being too quick to judge. She keeps it real all the time and brings me back to earth whenever I get my head stuck in the clouds. In some ways, I feel she’s a lot like me. I think she too, knows what it’s like to be wallflower in the past. She really gets what you’re trying to say when you share matters of the heart with her. More often than not, I end up pouring out my bottled up feelings to her, something I don’t do with most of my friends, not because I don’t trust them but because I feel like they won’t get me. But I feel like Yina does. She listens.

 I LOVE her sense of humor and how straightforward she is… Her dramatic facial expressions alone without her voice is enough to crack me up. You can count on her to make you feel better no matter how lousy a mood you’re in.

She has so many underrated talents about her – always making people laugh, being an impressive artist, sings like an angel..

Melissa is something special.

She has this innate positive ball of energy that surrounds her very being. When you’re standing next to her, it’s impossible to feel negative emotions. She’s always so happy that it makes you happy, too. I think it’s that million dollar smile of hers that infects you. Sometimes I think she’s some sort of superwoman. Mel is ALWAYS busy, always doing something, always looking great while she’s doing it. She might seem like a princess on the outside, but she isn’t afraid to do silly & unglamorous things together with her friends in the name of fun and she’s still down to earth despite her popularity.

Mel is that sort of girl that every guy, and every girl loves. Everybody loves her, but me, especially so!! Melissa, Yina & I, we share strong interests in the same things – photography (for our Instagram & blog), being photographed (also for our Instagram & blog), blogging (I see a recurring theme here), make up, FOOD, fashion, adventure, making fun of our boyfriends, spontaneity & all things frivolous and fabulous…. but what I truly love most about these two is that they are good people, through and through. At the very core of a person, what matters is whether they have a beautiful heart or not.

Each so different and wonderful in their own way, these lovely friends of mine constantly inspire me to be a better person and a better friend, even if they don’t actually know it or aren’t purposefully trying to do so.

“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.”

Credits & Special Thanks to

• Make Up + Hairstyling (for Yina): Marie Soh

• Hairstyling (for Melissa & I): Shunji Matsuo @ Somerset 313

• Photography: Multifolds Photography

• /Vintage Outfits & Accessories: DustBunny Vintage

• Props / Picnic Set Up: MerryLove Weddings

• Cakes / Cupcakes: Shiberty’s Sweets

• Models: Yina Goh & Melissa Koh


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