outdated post :D


sorry for the lack of updates. wasn’t in the mood to blog recently, and when i finally got the mood to blog, my internet connection died on me :(

how unfortunate.

well, it didnt exactly die on me by itself….

fine, fine. i kinda killed it. jasmine and guoxiang were at my house and we were laughing at some funny picture on friendster and i laughed so hard i fell onto my modem and it broke into two.

unbelievable but true :(

“all thanks to your big backside” – jasmine

and you’d think she’d try to comfort me instead.

pshhhhhhhhhh. do you know how BORING (boring= understatement. think TORTUROUS) it is to have to stay home the whole fucking day? WITHOUT INTERNET!

*p.s – im not sure if torturous is even a word but im thinking it is. if it isnt, well then, i just invented it*

i cannot survive without internet! i must go on the internet everyday!


omg. and now im a dead loser, apparently, because i havent been online for like 2 days already.

the day jessica’s modem broke was the day her heart broke too.


so you’re thinking, “if you have no internet connection, then how come i am READING YOUR BLOG POST ON THE INTERNET?”

well, genius, that’s because i’m typing this in Notepad. then im gonna save it, and post it in my blog when i finally get internet connection back, then you’re gonna read it, which is exactly what you’re doing now.

speaking of getting internet connection BACK, im not even sure when that’ll be. prolly not anytime soon though.

THE THOUGHT IS DEPRESSING. bahhhhhhhh. at least my computer is working, so i can rant to myself in Notepad, right?

yeah right. i suck at comforting myself.

anyway. most probably i’ll be having a haircut tomorrow. YIPEE! and FUCK!

yea, i said yipee because, new haircuts are always exciting.

and “fuck” because, well, my haircuts always turn out bad.

like real bad. i always cry after having a bad haircut.


YOU probably wont cry after a bad haircut because YOU arent bothered about your looks because YOU are most probably ugly.

yay. i love acting like a spoilt brat.

SO, i hope tomorrow turns out good. because what i have planned tomorrow is :

haircut!! *prays*

after haircut, going down to mums shop in bugis, to meet Peggy to discuss about advertising on her blog. yay!

then im gonna meet melissa to shop, after awhile im gonna go back to tampines to watch a movie / have dinner with my boyfriend.

sounds like an awesome day, actually :)

and yesterday i went all the way from simei to bukit batok to look for baby at his house.

his mum cooked us lunch, we watched Braveheart on DVD.

i hateeeee war shows. they always make me feel so uncomfortable. but he seems to like it, the way he likes the show 300.

i mean, what’s so enjoyable about watching people stab other people? ugh. so much bloodshed in that show, but for once, mel gibson looked pretty hot in that show. HAHA.

considering that my impression of mel gibson is a middle-aged unhot man.

after watching braveheart, we went to west mall to watch MEN IN WHITE.

i kept telling james to watch OCEAN’S THIRTEEN (muchmuchmuch more worth the money, OBVIOUSLY. how you wanna compare oceans thirteen to some local show?! geez) but hes like noooooooo men in white is funny, let’s watch let’s watch.

and so we watched the show.


zzzz. dont even bother. the last local production i saw was “singapore dreaming”,

which wasnt good either. the only local show i like is “i not stupid” (duh everyone loves that show)

so yeah. i was like, “damn! not worth my 9 bucks at all.”

but little did i know how wrong i was.

there’s this one part during the show,

there is a guy being hit by a car, and instead of helping the wounded guy who got hit, the passersby just crowded around and took down the number of the taxi’s number plate. to buy 4-D, obviously. then the taxi driver was like, “yes!! my number plate is going to win 4-D!! thank you boy!” – talking to the boy whom he hit. *who was still sprawled on the taxi, by the way*

typical singaporean behaviour, right? mmmhm.

lame indeed.

but then i didnt know that my boyfriend was EVEN LAMER.

he called me less than an hour ago, and was like “GUESS WHAT BABY, I WON 4-D!!!”

and im like “REALLY? AWESOME!!!” *even though i thought he was mentally-challenged for buying 4-D, but i felt happy that he won*

and he replied, “YES! guess where i got the number from?”

i thought for awhile, then i said “umm. me?”

then he said, “no, but sort-of.”

puzzled, i asked “what do you mean?”

“remember we watched men in white yesterday? i bought the number of the taxi in the show this afternoon, and i won $150!! yay”

i didnt know to laugh in amazement or to resist the urge to travel to bukit batok and swat his head for being SO MENTALLY CHALLENGED as to actually take down the number plate of the taxi in men in white.

that really demands a wtf.

but my boyfriend is sexy enough to turn lameness to his advantage (a.k.a $150), so don’t you wish your boyfriend was hot like mine? (“v”)

speaking of boyfriend, he’s on the way to my place right now.

after telling me he won 4-D, he said “hey, can i come over to your place? i feel like i havent seen you in a long time.”

but he just saw me yesterday :)))))))))))))))))

so, to anyone who got worried after reading my previous depressing post – fret no more!

im doing great.

even though my internet passed away and i’m getting fatter because i’m ordering mcdonalds every night at 12am,

i’m still doing great.

for the time being, anyway.

and i hope it stays this way. meantime, i’m trying to cope with my everchanging extreme emotions.

but right now,

all i wanna do is hug james when he reaches, which will be soon, so YAY. x)

i feel quite at peace with the world. lolol.

its like a cockroach could appear right in front of me and i wouldnt run away screaming.

yeah. thats how happy i currently am.

instead, i’d pick up the nearest object and KILL THE COCKROACH!! yayyy.

chasing after cockroaches is always exciting and fun, because they run away from you pretty damn fast and then they like to hide, so you can tell the rest of the people in the room ” theres a cockroach in the room and its hiding and i dunno where it is so look out!!!” and everyone will be like AHHHHH! then they’d freak out with horrified expressions on their faces.

sounds like fun.

okay, i’m gonna go now before he reaches, and i hope to see you bitches online soon!