our story

It was a bright and sunny weekend – perfect for going out.

I was looking forward to meeting my girl Eunice, we had plans to go to town together. I got dressed, but halfway through she called me and told me she couldn’t make it.

Bummed out, I wondered if I should just stay at home or find someone to go out with me?

After calling my close friends and realizing all of them were busy, I scrolled through my phone contact list out of desperation.


Called Aaron, wasn’t free. Called Liza, wasn’t free also. Seems like nobody is free!!!!

And as I was scrolling even further, a name caught my eye:


James James James James…

Where have I heard this name before? Why does he seem so familiar yet unknown at the same time?

I sat down and thought hard… And suddenly, I burst out into laughter.

This was the flashback that came to my mind:





It all started more than 3 years ago… When I was only 13 years old.

I still remember, that fateful day.


My cousin had just passed away. I was in shock and in denial.

I was so young and I didn’t know who else to turn to. My whole family was grieving…

And I didn’t have much friends back then. Lonely I was, I turned to the internet for comfort.

I went online and logged into Gunbound and browsed around.

I saw a room with 4 open slots but only one slot was taken by the room master. Seeing that even after a few minutes nobody wanted to play with him, I felt bad for him and went into the room.

I remember the room title very clearly: Random Only

Sooo… the room master liked to play Random Bot games, eh?

I looked at his username: WeiXi0ng.
Then I looked at his country….

Oooooh! A fellow Singaporean boy. Must be nice to chat with.

And so I made the first move to initiate the conversation… told this WeiXi0ng boy that I was sad.

He asked me, “why?”
so I went on pouring all my sorrows to him…

He asked me my age and my school and stuff, then told me to cheer up and that I was just a “xiao mei mei” so dont worry too much.

After awhile, he didn’t reply. Instead, you know what he said during the game?





“my team mate is a noob.”


Talk about totally uncalled for!

I was a 13 year old girl feeling very sad so she played gunbound and just needed someone to talk to her lor, even if it was just an online team mate.

The last thing I needed was someone telling me I played badly.

I was really angry, so I left the room.

To my surprise, I received a message: “Hey… You angry ar? Sorry la xiao mei mei, come back lar, kor kor don’t bully you anymore, ok?”

I replied this: “Wtf, you think you very pro meh? You think you are a blue wand very big deal meh? Play 1on1 la hor, see who is the noob.”

LOL!!! So funny right. I was so trying to be ah-lian last time.

Anyway, he said something like:

“come la, on la xiaomeimei, 1on1.”

So we had a 1on1 match to see who was the REAL noob. I wasn’t going to forgive this stupid online Gunbound-er so easily, he had just insulted me and called me a noob when all I really needed was a listening ear!

We played and at first I was losing…. but at the end, I made a comeback and I won! As expected, I WON. HAHAHAHAA.

I won I won I won.

That WeiXi0ng apologised to me and said, “ok la, you are the pro ok, xiao mei mei? don’t angry. whats your msn, give kor kor.”

I couldn’t believe this guy lor!!! WTF.

First he calls me a noob and ignores my depressed feelings and loses to me 1on1 and now he asks for a Xiao Mei Mei’s MSN.

But since he’s apologized and all, I forgave him and added him to MSN.




From then on, our Gunbound sessions turned into MSN sessions and…..

I didn’t quite know what I was doing. back then…… Afterall, I thought I was only adding a stranger to MSN from an online game. Everybody does that. No big deal.

Nothing would happen, right?

….Wrong. I had no idea what I was getting into…




***to be continued***