Ombre hair – brown, pink, red, purple!!!

Today’s picture spam is going to be of my new (well not so new now but new enough for people who haven’t seen it yet!) hairstyle - ombre dyed hair!!!! Ombre hair is sort of like a gradient effect where the hair color changes as you get further down to the ends. :)

It’s not quite the same as “dip dye” hair, which normally implies only one solid color at the ends of your hair, or “balayage” which is more like highlights. Ombre is a whole new type of awesome, with differing layers of color shades on your hair. I spontaneously decided to color my hair ombre one night, because, well.. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stay with Safe But Classy Brown, go with Crazy Ass Purple Hair or attempt a Fiery Red. So…. what the heck. I thought I’d get all of that and more, for the fickle minded narcissist in me.


Here’s what it looks like!!!

…Pretty awesome ayyy?

I used my iPhone camera so it didn’t capture the colors quite so accurately, especially the top part where it appears black, it’s more like an auburn brown sort of color actually. So it’s not as harsh looking as it appears to be. The pink / red / purple is THAT intense, though!! At least, it was when I first dyed it, right now the purple is less obvious and the reddish tones are more dominant.

Somethin’ like this (ignore my teddy jammies!), but it all depends on what sort of lighting you’re looking at me in, and which part of my hair you’re staring at.

Other times, it’s just full on bright, neon pink…. I LOVE IT!!!!

I never thought I’d be mad enough to dye my hair these sort of colors, especially not all at once, but I don’t regret it. My mother thinks I’m nuts, but I think it’s fabulous, and so does everyone else, because the first thing people say when they see me nowadays is “Wa. Your hair!!!” or “I LOVE your hair!”

Thank you, thank you! ^.^

This is after a few showers. I try not to wash my hair often these days… it makes me sad every time I see purple and red dye on my towels. :( It’s like washing my money away, lol. I used to need daily shampooing (I get itchy scalp!) but now I limit myself to 3 washes per week. Was so worried about the colors bleeding out too fast, but it’s been a coupla weeks now and it’s still looking quite good except less purply (I’ll go for more purple next time I think)

The only real problem I have with my hair is that it’s so much harder to match outfits now! This is me in black, feeling strangely gothic. I don’t like the vibe it gives off.

I tend to like really bright colored stuff. Bright handbags, bright clothes… and having bright hair to go along with it all just looks plain stupid, to be honest. If I pile on too much color, it screams “trying too hard”… but if I wear something plain-ish like solid colored lace dresses, which I have a lot of, I look like a misfit out of place. So I’ve had to readjust my wardrobe style a little bit. Black just doesn’t look quite right, I come across as a rebellious 14 year old of sorts. It makes me look younger.. sort of?! Nobody past 25 years old would do this sort of coloring to their hair, right?

Proof: Goth #1

And Goth #2!

Yikes…. so not me!!!! 

Slowly, I discovered that bright-ish tones like peach, coral, and oranges look the best with my hair…. and preferably with minimalistic accessories, because my hair is statement enough already. (or maybe I’m just not bold enough) Wearing neon yellow, bright red, solid white or black? Ugh. Just no. Pity, I have a lot of those in my closet.

I also found out that light make up seems to go well with this look. (sorry if this post is incredibly self-absorbed and shallow LOL and forget what I said about minimalistic accessories)

With no make up (except eyebrows drawn) and out of bed hair. If I don’t comb my hair almost everyday I’d look positively crazy and lion-like (like Bellatrix Lestrange)

Something like this. LOL. Yes, I actually went out with hair like that… I’m not sure what I was thinking, and why my tresses just couldn’t be tamed. I’m amazed that despite bleaching my hair twice (to get the “base” for the bright colors – my dark colored hair is so stubborn) and having to dye the red-purple part ALSO twice, it’s really not very damaged. It’s still smooth to the touch, not as much as before, but it could have been a lot worse. I’ve seen people with natural hair without any coloring in worse conditions, so I’m happy with the outcome. It might have to do with the $100 treatment I spent on it directly after coloring, though. Felt pretty much like grass before that.

Coupled with my soblingit’llblindyoureyes hello kitty phone cover, I don’t know who can take me seriously any more. B i m b o and bimbo was her name o! (this song just popped into my head)

Now that my ombre hair’s gradually fading away.. I’m considering which color to risk next! The usual brown, jet black, that fiery red I wanted to try or just stick with my ombreness for another “season”?

Dunno about you but I think my vote is most likely going for this one!!!!!!!!! :D ♥ ♥ ♥

Hair can make such a positive influence on your life. (this is real talk don’t laugh at me for sounding like a bimbo!) 

If you have boring hair that’s always limp, discolored at the roots or boring looking, you’ll FEEL boring. Just looking at yourself is boring. But because hair can totally change the way you look, putting in effort into styling your hair will eventually change your mind set into wanting to dress in nicer clothes and to present yourself in a nicer image as well. Change of hairstyle, change of person. Personally I’ve noticed that people are a lot more animated when they talk to me these days. Perhaps it’s just my imagination but more people (and strangers!) have been chatting me up (not necessarily guys, it’s girls in fact, first they ask me about my hair then they ask me about other random stuff). Maybe bright hair gives them the impression that I’m 1) fun / interesting / outgoing so that prompts them to do so.

Any how, I like it. I like how I can have all my favorite colors for hair on my one head. 

I’m glad I dyed my hair ombre ;)