Nikon 1 J3

Mochi loves getting her cheeks stroked!

She’s so tiny even though she’s adult sized already.

I find it amusing how rabbits look so cuddly and fluffy… but in truth, almost all of them hate being picked up or petted too much. Prey instincts, I guess.

Nom! Red velvet cake (hidden beneath the wrapper) and cream cheese frosting!!!

Random artsy fartsy image of some crisp leaves to break up the narcissism..

I’ve had the great pleasure of testing out the all new Nikon 1 J3 camera recently (update: this post was drafted some months back, actually! so not so recent..), snapping pictures of my everyday life with this bad boy as you can see above, for the whole past week… Which, surprisingly (or not) consists mainly of (or only) my rabbit, me, and cakes. Mmmhm just summed up my life the past month with a couple of words. I wish I had gone on some crazy adventurous trip around Europe or at least go out to a party of clubbing with friends or just something exciting so there would be more photography subjects to cover, however that’s just not me. I’m just the average baker blogger girl with a cuddly netherland dwarf and bright purple hair. Yep, sounds about right.

In any case, here’s introducing the camera that has taken ALL the pretty photos in this post – The Nikon 1 J3!!!

With the innovative functions and amazing performance of the new Nikon 1 J3, you can now easily create your own picture moments. Lightning-fast operation and minimalistic design come together in perfect harmony. Offering 14.2 megapixels and high-speed autofocus, the Nikon 1 J3 lets you capture photos with incredible depth and details.

The J3′s exceptional performance and range of features are beautifully built into an incredibly small and lightweight interchangeable lens camera body. Housed in its precision-crafted metallic body is a 921k-dot LCD monitor that offers a wide viewing angle. The J3 ensures you never miss your shot, thanks to its fast performance and autofocus. The J3 features a remarkably short release lag time (just 80ms in single-point autofocus) and 15 fps of continuous shooting, the fastest among all interchangeable lens cameras.

After using the Nikon 1 J3 for a week, here’s what I like most about it.

✓ Impressively mall & lightweight body, despite having interchangeable lens. After being a DSLR user for years, I grew reluctant to lug my heavy and bulky camera out over time, and resorted to using my phone to take pics instead. Since bring introduced to the Nikon 1 J3, I was thrilled by how it could fit properly in my girly handbag and still deliver decent photos!

✓ Super fast shutter speed! I normally do not like using the autofocus function on any camera because it focuses on the wrong parts of the frame and the response is sluggish. However, the shutter speed and auto focusing of the J3 is lightning fast which lets me capture that perfect moments seamlessly.

✓ User friendly and totally fuss-free to use. I didn’t even bother reading the manual – everything is labelled concisely, the user interface is straight to the point, and sleek. A true testament to the term “point and shoot”, this camera is great for beginners who would like something robust and versatile to play around with but not too confusing to start off with.

✓ Fun photography filter functions that everyone will enjoy using! Be artistic at the touch of a button – you don’t need photoshop skills or anything of the sort.

Here are some of my favorite creative filters from the Nikon 1 J3!

1) Miniature Effect

Basically what it does is up the contrast and vividness of the image’s colors, and plays around with the focus point to make small several objects stand out more than the rest!

 It is actually originally created for far away shots of small things such as cars on the road when you’re looking down from a high view point, and other aerial shots, however since those kind of shots don’t happen so often for me I love using it for a different creative usage: to shoot everyday objects such as flowers, Uno Stacko blocks and even coconut biscuits!!! I feel like it gives the overall look a lot more dimension and you don’t even have to edit the colors or focus points! Instagram-worthy images in a second.

2) Soft Focus

For girls who want to look like they’re glowing – literally. This isn’t a function I’d use everyday, but it’s a fun over the top beauty filter that makes everything look ridiculously dreamy and surreal. Great for bad hair / complexion days coz most details get blurred out nicely nobody would notice your otherwise apparent flaws.. LOL! No need for photoshop – yay!

Very useful for acting mysterious online. It’s like, you can see me… but really, you can’t see the real me. Am I a woman or am I a unicorn?

This look is best paired with white / light colored clothing and a head piece if you have one. Sit by the window sill and you’ll find yourself looking strangely ethereal even if normally you look like an ogre. ;P

Or, use this Soft Focus mode to shoot an innocent looking little baby for MAXIMUM angelic effect!!! I tried desperately to look around for an available one to shoot and prove my point but what do you know? Turns out I don’t have any friends with babies, and I can’t seem to find any for sale on eBay. I take this as a good thing because I’m not old enough to have friends with babies, yet. Relish being young, Jess!

3) Selective Color

This filter is AWESOME, especially when you’re outdoors with good lighting shooting colorful stuff!!! It picks out specific colors you want (anything from pink to blue to green to purple, a rainbow spectrum for you to choose from) in a picture and then turns everything else black and white. Normally this is only achievable through various tedious steps in Photoshop, but the Nikon 1 J3 does it for you so conveniently, whenever, wherever! This filter makes the specific color POP out in the photo and the flowers above seem almost 3d-like!

4) Panorama

Capture super wide angled landscape shots effortlessly, without distortion! All I had to do was hold my shutter button down and turn my body from left to right, making sure to keep the camera as steady as possible and leveled. I appreciated how the Nikon 1 J3 any obvious choppy patches in the panoramic shot as it often happens with other applications and devices. Obviously it would be a lot more impressive if say, you were taking a panoramic shot of Singapore’s majestic skyline from the top of Marina Bay Sands instead of the grounds of the old condo you’re renting right now…. but  yeah, you get the drift of the camera’s abilities.

Now, I was slightly puzzled when I realized the Nikon 1 J3 didn’t have a dedicated Macro shooting mode. It does have Aperture and Shutter priority modes, however not for close ups. I went ahead with trying to take macro shots with the auto mode anyway, and was pleasantly surprised by the results! The level of small details in the Auto mode meant there was no need for a specific Macro function, you can take nice close ups even with Auto shooting!!!

The previous close up shots above (such as of the selective colored flowers and red velvet cupcake), were also taken with the auto mode, which is very good for a camera of its size, I must say. It has a good depth of field and sharpness in tiny details which I feel, is essentially what macro shots should be about. Most other cameras I’ve tried shooting with before often had problems focusing quickly and focusing on small objects which annoyed me very much – I admit, I’m an impatient person!

Here’s a picture of Mochi licking my nose taken straight from the Nikon 1 J3 camera – no adjustment of lighting or color, 100% unedited and raw! Not bad huh? Considering the lighting in my house is pretty atrocious most of the time, I didn’t expect to get this well lit shot!

Finally, some other key features the camera boasts includes, pictures and info courtesy of Nikon:

• Smart Photo Selector

Capturing the moment is easier than ever. Enhanced Smart Photo Selector snaps up to 20 frames before and after you press shutter release, then presents you with the one perfect shot or a choice of 5 best shots. Or use its new Slow View feature to record a 20-frame slow motion video from which to select the ideal shot. You can even turn a frame from a video recording into a high-resolution photo.

• Motion Snapshot

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what you can express with Refined Motion Snapshots. Press the shutter release to capture a still image and a slow-motion video of the moments just before and after. You can even add background music and save the video in different movie formats to make them uniquely yours.

Video, images and information courtesy of Nikon.


Like what you see?? The Nikon 1 J3 will be available for purchase in stores in Singapore come end August! I find this camera most suitable for people new to photography but want something relatively sleek and substantial at the same time, or those who prefer a least hassling photography experience, without all the confusing buttons and additional shooting modes.

Just simply point and shoot, to capture that perfect moment with Nikon.
For more information of the Nikon 1 J3 and other Nikon products / features, visit the Nikon SG site!

Check out Nikon SG’s microsite here.