My recent life in pictures

Some of the things I’ve been busy with…

Mum was in town recently, and (persistently) urged me to get my hair done with her.

I quote her, “Girl ah, your hair is sooooo awful!!! Faster go get it done la!” – LOL. Thanks a lot mum.

It wasn’t that bad… I think?

Sure my dye job was about 8 months overdue and my hair had absolutely no structure whatever (which is why I always had sunglasses on my head, to distract people from my bad hair days, which was pretty much everyday)

So, I tagged along on one of my mum’s salon trips at my aunt’s salon at Ang Mo Kio and fixed up my hair. It’s called Hair Zone if you wanna visit them.

Reasonable rates, very friendly staff and they do hair color impressively evenly and well!

Tadah! All done ^.^

Very smooth and straight now, it almost looks like my hair was rebonded. I like how it fans out perfectly when I lie down on my bed. And also how it has a lot of dramatic “swing” when I turn my head sharply. Kinda like a walking shampoo advertisement lolol.

I’m not an adventurous person when it comes to hair, so I got my fringe cut upon persuasion from my mother and I dyed the color a chocolatey brown. After a few washes the color faded a abit, so it’s at least 3 shades lighter now.

I’ve been wanting to do something drastic with my hair, but from painful past experiences, I’ve resigned to the fact that I look awful in short hair. I mean, sure, it’s a fresh look for the first week or two.. then I start looking like a boy wtf.

I saw this advertisement for breast enhancement surgery on a magazine page I was browsing in the salon and wanted to share it.

That’s like the most beautiful and logical thing I’ve ever read about cosmetic surgery :’)

Momma ditched her white Volkswagen Beetle for this silverish BMW 5 Series. I dunno how she’s going to drive it, that thing is freakin’ massive!!!

I liked that cute little Beetle, but HURRAY to no longer having to climb into a tiny 2-door car. It was so stupid having to squeeze mercilessly in it every day. I could barely sit up straight or comfortably. It’d be especially torturing being in it after going out for dinner together coz everyone would be extra fat.

The new BMW is so futuristic and cool. You can barely hear any engine or road noise or feel bumps / movement when you’re in it.. I can fall asleep so easily in it (Y)

Lunch that I made the other day. Roasted red skin potatoes with sun dried tomatoes & herbs + home made meat balls with bolognese and dijonnaise sauce (my secret recipe n_n)

I really enjoy cooking. I wish I had the time to cook more.

Speaking of food, my kind neighbour randomly brought over some fresh corn the other day (yeah, she’s cool like that) so I marinated then baked some and it was the best corn I’ve had in my life wtf. I had like 2 whole cobs to myself for dinner, that’s how much I liked it.

She brought them back from Cameron Highlands and they were so juicy and sweet and now I will never look at corn the same way again. #truestory

I love my mummy.
Our conversations always crack me up.

Check it out!!!!!!! :D

Cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets were featured in a local publication!!!!!!!!!!

My babies, in a magazine. *tears* Not just ANY type of food feature. I’ve got hawwwttt white models posing with my cuppycakes in a fashion shoot to sweeten the deal even further.


Camped out at MBS for 2 nights.

It’s nice to get away from it all while not having to go too far. I love MBS like my second home. They have the softest bed sheets and the best view of all in Singapore.

Woke up to this and a bath tub filled with bubbles on our second day :’) ♥

I’ve been burning these oils in my room and my room constantly smells amazing. :’D Forget air fresheners and room sprays, pure essential oils are the way to go!!!

Mixed lavender and lemongrass scent, and instant magical formula for my room to smell like a heavenly spa. Smelling good makes me happy. Aroma therapy works wonders.

Amazing (new?) cereal I found at Cold Storage!!! I have cereal for dinner instead of breakfast, because I can’t eat anything within 1 hour of waking up or I’d get diarrhea. I betcha didn’t know that o_O Am slightly lactose intolerant especially in the mornings.

So I can never have cereal for breakfast like a normal human being T_T

Dining at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery.

If you’ve ever walked past this restaurant you would’ve seen their boastful array of tantalizing desserts.. Sucked me in right away.

Oh and Sam’s expression was because I told him to give me a “high class face” coz we were in a “high class restaurant”. LOL.

Nichy came over to visit me when he booked out of camp!!! Brought me some cake too. Silly boy, I make cakes, why do you bring me cakes?!

HAHAHAHA his botak head is sooo funny. I love you Nic Nic, but bald is not a good look for you. I keep telling him he looks like a shaolin monk, lol. We had several rounds of Monopoly and UNO Stacko showdown… I don’t think there’s anything else I’d rather do in this world than sit down with my loved ones and spend quality time playing board games with them!!! ♥

Wendy got a new bunny recently and it….


It’s fur is super duper soft and she is so friendly :D At first she didn’t really like me picking her up, but after an hour or two, the bunny hopped onto my chest and SLEPT there angelically while we watched Forrest Gump.

I can’t believe I’ve never seen Forrest Gump before this… Yes, I’ve been living under a rock.

It’s such a good movie, and made even better by little fluffy bunny sleeping on me!!! Unfortunately cute little bun bunz peed on me halfway through the movie (I HAD AN INKLING IT WOULD HAPPEN.) and I had to change into Mike’s clothes because Wendy’s wouldn’t fit me lolol. It was a new dress too..

I think it’s still lying around somewhere in her house covered in bunny pee. o_o

Sam and I walked pass a bridal shop the other day and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this dress.
I LOVE IT. It’s simple but gorgeous!!! Most wedding dresses look like Christmas presents because they’re too poofy, but this one is perfect. Too bad I’m not getting married.

Me on my way to see my favorite people – the (S)ocial (P)layground (I)sland people!!!! I even curled my hair for them so they must be really special coz I haven’t done that for aaaaages.

Jayrus, little Zac, Valerie (Miss Singapore!), Wayne

We met yearsss ago at at Nuffnang event, and have been good friends ever since. We don’t see each other all that often, but each time we do, we have the best fun!

I brought Sam along and I was so happy he could meet them. They’re a bunch of incredible nice people.

I made them oreo and chocolate cupcakes. They were VERY happy about that, lol. Couldn’t get enough!!!

Mucho love for the SPI gang! ♥ ♥ ♥

I hear they’re planning a Jet Ski outing next and I’m so excited imma wet my pants I luvvvvv jetskiing yo

Iris enlarging contact lenses are the best things that have happened to me since false eyelashes. Surprisingly, I actually feel relatively comfortable without make up these days. (I still have my eyebrows drawn because I have no eyebrows naturally)

But when I can help it I usually do my whole face anyway… :P

This is me on my way to attend a customer’s birthday party. I was so pleased – I’ve served people hundreds of birthday cakes, but only ONE has ever invited me to their party. ;_;

*feels unloved*

I was kinda skeptical at first, I’m not really a party person and I wouldn’t know anyone else there, but Sam and I ended up having a great time because everyone present was so welcoming and nice.

Complete strangers came up to chat with us and took their time to give us invaluable advice about our business and offered to lend a helping hand to someone they’d only met an hour ago. I was moved by how there are still kind strangers without any ulterior motives out there. I’d post pics from the party, but it was in someone else’s home so I don’t think that’s very appropriate.

I do have one pic though!!!

Thank you Aisyah for inviting Sam and I! We had a blast. :)

Went walking around a mall after the party and bought myself the new love of my life.

Everyone, meet Philip. ♥ He is the cuddliest freakin’ thing to ever exist. (after Wendy’s bunny)

That is all for today.

It’s the weekend!! Which means Yipee for you, and Boohoo for me because weekends are when I have to work the hardest – swamped with cake orders. I can feel my back and hands aching already.