My Jipaban X’mas Wishlist!

He’s makin’ a list.

Checking it twice!

Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…

He sees you when you’re sleeping;

He knows when you’re awake,
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good, for goodness sake!!!


Christmas shopping can be difficult for a little penguin like Phillip.

He likes to buy nice gifts for the people he holds dear, but he absolutely can’t stand the maddening crowds in the shopping malls once December hits and the X’mas season is in full bloom. Penguins have really short, stubby feet so it’s no easy feat waddling around the crowded malls in overpopulated Singapore… And, he doesn’t quite understand what some people want for their presents either?!? Phillip is happy with just a bucket of fish.

Don’t worry little penguin (and everyone else in the same situation as Phillip!), has got it sorted out for you!!

Skip the crowds, the queues, the headache and the hassle with Jipaban‘s Christmas Gift Guide.

They’ve got thoughtfully pre-selected categories of beautiful presents suitable for your mum, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother or sister! Geeky gaming prezzies for the boyfriend, girly fashionista trinkets for the girlfriend… unique cooking utensils for your mother and practical business-related stuff for your daddy? They’ve got it all. A one-stop shopping list to pick up everything you need for your Christmas Shopping.

My favorite categories are actually the Mum categories (omg what does that say about me???) because I am a dosmetic goddess sort of gal. I love cooking, baking, staying at home and hosting people at my place!! And since X’mas is coming soon I thought I should take the liberty to shameless hint to everyone some gifts I’d absolutely LOVE for Christmas! ^.^

Teacupcakes Cupcake Molds

Awww these are so cute!!! Of course buy baking materials for a baker, right?! Brings a new meaning to CUPcakes. I’ve got heart shaped baking cups and these would be a lovely addition to my collection :D

Gordon Ramsay’s Chef’s Secrets

I love Gordon Ramsay. I love cooking. Now that makes this a great gift.

I’ve tried a few of Mr Ramsay’s recipes before and they are brilliant!!

Never Let Me Go (Blu-ray)

I’m a big big sucker for soppy love films. The more dramatic and impossible a love story, the better. I lap it all up and it won’t be long before the tears start flowing….. where else am I going to get such romance – real life?!

French Toast Bread Stamp

So cuuutee! French toast is a pretty fuss-free and quick breakfast to whip up, in fact I just made some the other day. To have this stamped onto my toast would’ve made it perfect!


So that’s my X’mas wishlist from Jipaban!!!

Key in “jpbxmas10″ to enjoy 10% discount storewide.

If I’m your favorite blogger or if you love me enough, you can send me Christmas prezs / letters / hate mail at Blk 38 Kinta Road #02-03, Singapore 219107, addressed to “Shiberty”.  I’ve had some readers ask me how they can send me gifts & other items before, and although I’m not comfortable publicly revealing my home address you are more than welcome to send letters or random stuff to Nuffnang’s office – my managers will pass them to me :D

Share your Christmas wishlist on Jipaban‘s Facebook page and Jipaban will pick one lucky shopper every week to give them an item in their wishlist!!! The giveaway is only valid for items sold in

Merry Christmas in advance to you all, I hope you have a blessed holiday season and happy shopping! ♥