My first flea! Come support? :>


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It’s the third time this year I’ve had to clear out my wardrobe to make space for new stuff and do a spring cleaning of my room, instead of giving away all of my mint condition stuff to the Salvation Army, this time around a friend suggested booking a flea booth to clear my stuff. I jumped at the idea since I’ve always wanted to try having a flea booth for a day!!!

So this Saturday, 14th July, from 2-8pm I will be at *SCAPE, Level 4 having a booth, selling away my preloved and some brand new items.

I’ll tweet the exact location of my booth on my Twitter account on the day itself, so if you can’t find my booth, tweet me!!!

There will be brands like River Island, Topshop, Zara, Guess, etc among other less expensive ones.. everything is in good or perfect condition and many of them I wish I could keep myself but Sam is forcing me to clear my overflowing wardrobe T_T. Prices will be at a steal, of course! I have no idea how many people there will be at the event, since I heard there are other fleas elsewhere going on that day, but if you want to come, come early so the good (branded) stuff doesn’t run out! If the response not so good then… Next time everything goes straight to Salvation Army can already. :P

I will be selling: pretty dresses, cute t-shirts, accessories, shorts & more! Sizes will range from UK 8-14, so there’s something for everyone. (yes that’s how much my weight fluctuates hahaha FYI I’m about a UK 10 now)

I’m also thinking of baking my butter cookies (if I’m in a good mood and have time, no promises just in case something crops up!!) to bring to the flea and share it with you guys!!! Not to sell (I think cannot sell food) but just as a little gift for readers who make the effort to come down & check out my booth. No purchase required, just remember to mention you’re my reader and you might get a cookie (if haven’t distributed finish lah). Watcha think? Not bad right? LOL. #bakingbribes

Obviously besides me, there will be many other people selling their stuff at the flea as well. One of which will be my brother’s girlfriend selling her blogshop’s Avenue Of Chic clothes at a fraction of the price you’ll find most other blogshops selling online.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys at *SCAPE on Saturday!! :)

P.S – bring your camera so we can take pictures yay!