Milly’s – Sponsored Advertorial

I am always happy to do advertorials.

Writing is such a breeze!

Another reason to love advertorials: most of the stuff I advertise for happens to be goooooooood!

I really like the service / products and if I knew about it without having them ask me to advertise for them, I’d still go for their stuff by myself.

If it’s bad, I wouldn’t dare to advertise here anyway, since you guys might complain!

Since I’m making the effort to introduce you babes good stuff, MUST SUPPORT THE SHOPS THAT HAVE CHOSEN TO ADVERTISE WITH ME (wise choice! =P),


Anyway, you girls should love me for this!

I’m always advertising blogshops, but here’s an awesome change:

A retail shop at the heart of every teenager’s favourite shopping haunt!




Not bugis…




It is at none other than FAR EAST PLAZA!

Famously known for its affordable fashion apparels, but fret not, other goodies besides clothes and accessories can be found at FEP as well!

Such as,

Milly’s!!! – Hair. Lashes. Nails.

Located at Far East Plaza, #02-83. Tell them you’re Underage-Girl/Jessica’s reader for discount!


Milly offers all kinds of services that girls like us were never good at ourselves~

Face the facts, girls – most of us singaporeans are not blessed with thick, luscious hair, and neither do we have long volumous lashes.

But good hair and nice lashes make all the difference!!!

Sad but true. Thankfully for us, everything can be fake nowadays! From contact lenses to boobies to lashes and hair.

Yes, faux lashes!

Seemingly VERY popular in Singapore.. I have angmoh friends who have never heard of such things – they don’t need it.

But we do!

And I KNOW FOR A FACT, that MANY Singaporean girls are HOPELESS at putting on faux lashes.


I’ve seen it myself – the eyelash horrors.

And many girls have asked me how do I do it all the time!


I can empathize, I know the problem with faux lashes: They either don’t stick at all or keep dropping off, it looks too fake no matter what you do, the ends keep fluttering around, it hurts your eyes, etc etc…

Fake lashes are supposed to make you look better.

If you look like someone who can’t put on fake lashes…. you’re better off without them.

What you need is to let someone else do the lashes for you!!!

Mmmmhm, EYELASH EXTENSIONS are what I’m talking about! Every lazy (or so they call it “practical”) girl’s lifesaver.

Strands of eyelash glued onto your eyelid that would last you probably about a month.. You don’t have to worry about putting them on every day or have them falling off as long as you take good care of them!

All your faux lashes worries will disapppearrrrrrrrrrr!

Milly asked me to do some eyelash extensions, but I’ve school, so I got my hip mummy to do it instead!

Milly doing extensions for my mum!

It’s not her first time doing eyelash extensions, btw. My mum is so cool. *jaw drops*

My beautttiiiffulllllll mother!! Looking EXTRA beautiful with her new eyelash extensions ;)

Come on babes, (or dudes) it’s time to show mummy some love. Most mothers haven’t a clue what on earth are eyelash extensions,

and I’m sure if your mum is the sort who loves to look beautiful – She’d LOVE you to bring her for some eyelash extensions!

Depending on the thickness and length you want, eyelash extensions can either look very NATURAL or very DRAMATIC.

My mum’s one is sort of in the middle!

If you think you’re an expert, you can also just purchase faux lashes from Milly’s since she has them for sale as well~

And of course, Milly is expert when it comes to all kinds of hairs.. (except armpit la!)

So she also has HAIR EXTENSIONS!

I know alot of girls would be very interested in this, since I get loads of questions about both my lashes and hair at the same time!

Milly offers two types of hair extensions, such as how she offers two types of lashes:
She has the clip-on one,

Presenting to you, my trademark hair extension photo:

kindly modelled by some lost guy I picked up from the street, HAHAHA!

I’ve blogged about this before, and that blogshop owner told me she sold out all her stocks within a few days! Yipee.

So now they’re back!! With different colours and different designs, once again you girls will be spoilt for choice.

Brief summery on what clip-on extensions are : Unlike the permanent ones, these clip-on are ptetty self-explanatory. You simply clip it onto your head (very simple, takes like 2 seconds?) and you can remove it as and when you like!

Very convenient and affordable.

If you’re interested, get Milly to show you how to clip them on!

They are very natural, heres a pic of me of my original hair length without clip-on extensions:




And here’s a pic of me with it!!! (Sidetrack: I MISS MY BANGS!!! Should I go cut again?!)

And she also has…

LOADS of permanent hair extensions!!! Of course, by “permanent”, I actually mean a few months cuz you’d have to take them out by then.

You can put them back on after removing the tangles though!

With so many different colours and styles, you are bound to find something that suits you perfectly.
She even has crazy colours like pink!

Who would be so silly as to keep their hair for years just to let it grow long,
when you can have extremely long natural-looking hair in a few mere minutes with these hair extensions?!
P.S, just thought I’d like to include I’ve read somewhere before that most guys are attracted to girls with long and beautiful hair!

Ooooo… guess who else was there, making her hair BEAU-TI-FUL?
ESTHER aka Ice Angel from!

Hehehe. Don’t you guys love her new hair?

If you guys haven’t noticed, there are actually quite a few other bloggers who have recommended Milly’s!
Esther chose the braiding method, which I heard is really comfortable!

One advantage this has over the clip-on extensions is that the clip-ons tend to feel heavier and more uncomfortable, you’d have to get used to the feeling.




Esther and Jessica were not the only ones @ Milly’s…
Isaac and Fidelis were there too!!

Isaac, Jess, Fidelis and a bunch of hairs.

Woot, a band of bloggers all squeezed into Milly’s shop! =P

The place is really cosy, and the shop owner (Milly duh) is UBER FRIENDLY!

We kept camwhoring and chatting and sometimes we forget we’re in someone elses shop.

We took lotssss of photos, but since this is an advertorial post, let’s keep the content relevant shall we.. ;)

Check it out, she has awesome bling bling accessories for sale as well! I LIKEEYY!!




Here’s the lovable shop owner, MILLY!!

She makes all your prettiest hair and lashes fantasies come true! =P

Of course, milly does more than just lashes and extensions…

Here’s an incomplete list of what Milly’s offers :

“Permanent” hair extensions – $1 per Strand (its more of a “small bunch of hair” than a Strand. Very affordable, since salons like Jean Yip etc do it for around $5 per strand)

“Clip-on” hair extensions – $23.90 for 8cm in width, $29.90 for $12cm in width

Eyelash extensions – $58 (for a month’s worth of beautiful lashes that are no hassle at all, hey, why not?!)

Eyebrow threading – $10

Upper lip “aka moustache” threading – $10

I personally really like this advertorial, since the location is so convenient – second floor of far east plaza! after you get tired of shopping and walking around, why not pop in to do your lashes?

Oh yea, don’t forget to
while you’re at Milly’s, to enjoy exclusive discounts!!!



Looking beautiful is no longer a secret.

Beauty fantasies come true @ Milly’s : Far East Plaza, #02-83