Marche + Shopping + Bakerzin with family

I have loaddss of other pics to blog but lazy to edit them so I just thought I’d blog about my day today.

Class starts at 12 15 today..

Left my house at 12 45 and on the way to school in the car, my mum suddenly asked me if I’ve taken my lunch.

Obviously not.. So I told her I’d eat in the canteen later.

2 minutes later she asked if my brother was hungry, and he said no…

Then another 2 minutes later she finally admitted she’s very hungry. LOL. Wtf.

So we made a detour to Vivo City, deciding that they’ll drop me off in school straight after lunch…

Me and my mother looked at each other and at the same time exclaimed, “Marche!”

Haahahaha Marche is love!!! Love the ambience, love the food and the variety and the whole set up..

(+sour cream +chilli sauce)

My favvv. Super yums!!!!

Have been craving for Rosti ever since reading about it on Fidel’s blog! Anyway, I think she’s in Taiwan now..

Have a great time babe!! Don’t forget me when you go shopping :P

Beautiful day.

I wonder why my mum always has this faraway look in her eyes when she takes photos!

More rosti!! Salmon. Yummy.

And my brother’s seafood plate thingy.. he said he’s never tried it before but he recognized the dish name from the recipe he’s using in Restaurant City and so he wanted to see how it tastes in real life.


My brother!

…Omg there were 2 girls who sat near to us in different tables and I swear they looked SO ALIKE.

From their typical secondary school girl hairstyle to their typical geeky specs to their typical casual tees and even their facial features looked too much alike!

Very freaky! I don’t even think they noticed someone so similar was sitting next to them.. I’m pretty sure they don’t know each other.

Anyway I keep seeing a loooot of lookalikes recently, it’s creeping me out.

About 2 days ago when me and my family went to Changi Airport to have dinner, we were in the lift and my mum suddenly poked my back and said, “Is that James?”

I turned around and stared at the guy for SO LONG because he soooo fucking looks like James!

From his height/built to his hairstyle to his facial features and wtf I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

Today, I saw a Felicia Chin lookalike in Nine West! Me and my brother kept staring at her LOL.

I think it’d be pretty cool if I could meet someone who really looked like me one day… I would so be best friends with her.



Ok anyway after our meal instead of sending me to school, we went on a spontaneous shopping trip LOL.

From Vivo to Orchard….

I bought this super SUPERSUPERSUPER nice boyfriend shirt from Zara omg I’m so happy!

I’ve been searching for a BF shirt with the right cut and the right material for the longest time, hate the blogshop-looking kind and I can’t wait to wear this vintage-denim BF shirt out! (“v”)

My brother bought shitloads of stuff.. think he’s taking over my title of Shopping Queen now. He doesn’t get to be renamed King.

He wanted to get this blazer from Topman but his size was OOS so we drove to Wisma’s outlet to get it instead…

Then my mum told him to get this one instead because the material wasn’t as crappy as the white one. I so agree!

But he couldn’t make up his mind in the end and said, “the grey one looks so formal! like going for job interview… you buy for me la, next time i can wear for interview. i want the white one cause it looks more casual”

And my mum really ended up buying it for him!!

OMG like that also can?! Too good with words! Biased!!!! T.T

My jaw seriously dropped because each blazer costed 200+ each and thats almost 500 spent on 2 blazers, not forgetting the shoes he bought from River Island and Zara and everything.

How long have I not shopped like that?!? AM PROUD OF MYSELF!

What a waste of money! I can totally get a blazer that looks exactly the same for less than half the price.

Nowadays I never buy stuff if I know I can get the same thing cheaper elsewhere! I think I’m becoming a kiasu auntie.

Maybe it’s because I need to earn my own money to spend nowadays… so I actually think before swiping the card :P

After a whole day of tiring but fun shopping…

We settled down at Bakerzin for dinner.

Bakerzin’s MACARONS ARE THE BESTTTTTTTTT. Red and pink ones are my fav!

Halfway through our meal a girl walked up to our table and said,

Hi Jessica. I’m your blog reader.. Your blog is very nice.”

I was super shocked and only managed a feeble “Hi, thanks.” before the poor girl awkwardly left…

I don’t mean to be hostile, it’s just that I still can’t get used to random people coming up to me out of nowhere and telling me they’re my blog reader.

It’s like I really DUNNO what to do! Sometimes all I do is Stop And Stare. *sings one republic*

My brother and mother insisted I should have been nicer to the girl, so whoever you are, if I see you next time I’ll be sure to be nicer ok!!

If you guys ever see me on the streets and I seem unfriendly I probably don’t mean it D:


Anyway, absolutely wonderful day for me in many ways.

Got to spend a lot of quality time with my bro and mum, got to buy gorgeous clothes, got to eat my fav food and got to skip boring lectures!!

Speaking of which, I should REALLY start attending classes more often..

Out of 7 days I probably only go for 2! Sick!

Gonna shower now, bye! Oh ya I just realized I haven’t uploaded pics for Father’s Day Celebration. …. Nvm too lazy, next time.

Love you Daddy!

Happy belated Father’s Day to all Daddies out there.