Making our V’day gifts for each other!!!

In case you haven’t already seen my purty necklace enough in my other post :P

Isn’t is sooooo presh? ♥ .
. I love shiny things *_*

ESPECIALLY pink and gold!!!! And reds and purples oh wowwww.

Anyway, we told each other not to buy expensive gifts for V’day this year as we wanted to be economical and save up for a glorious holiday.. LOL plan failed.

We still achieved some brilliant home-made presents for each other though!!!!

A+ for effort
and even more points for it being such a random, spontaneous idea that kept us entertained and busy the night before Valentine’s.

That giant gob of red dough-looking thing you see is packeted Fondant we bought ages ago, dyed red with food coloring!

Can you guess what he’s going to make already? :D (if you’ve read our baking posts before)

Sam hard at work!!!!!! We were at it for I think 6 hours straight?


Janice and Jeremy came home late and saw us working on our V’day projects at the dining table.. First thing she said was, “Sam, are you gay?”

LOL. I don’t think it’s because he’s wearing my sparkly sequin embellished headband so proudly, but more of the fact that he….


For a change, I refused real roses and wanted something I could keep forever(ish), and suggested a bouquet of Fondant roses instead! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yup, the astounding work of art you see in the picture above this text is hand made from the giant red gob you saw earlier :P

I love my men slightly gay!!!!!!!! Then they’ll go shopping happily with you, laugh at stupid things, watch chick flicks and are good with their hands! Win.

Lookin’ like a hippie!!!

You can see the flower petals coming to life in his hands, yay!!!! Don’t ask me how he does it, I’m not as good at it and can’t really explain…

But it’s the same as playing with Play-Doh and you can watch Youtube tutorials for reference! Quite easy I think. From my point of view anyway :P

The “do nothing, sit back and watch the boyfriend slave away for you” kind of view.

Um…. my gift to him…… from the bottom of my heart ^______^ …… A Valentine’s Day Card!


NO, the above is not the finished product lol! That’s just me trying to draw different flowers, and failing.

He bought me some kiddy paint to play with when he went out to get supplies to draw the invitations cards to his sister’s wedding, so I thought I’d put them to good use!!!

I can’t paint or draw for shit, but luckily V’day is easy to settle. Even if my roses look ugly, I can say it’s meant to look artistic, LOL

That’s what most obscure well-known-paintings look like to me anyway :/ Shit that I can’t appreciate.

Painted it with a gorgeous blood red color of course.. I’m SO into red now!!!

Went over with a black pen for final outlines!

I didn’t even know what I was doing. Just making up random designs as I went along :3

I knew I wanted it to be very simple and romantic though!

Cutting out my roses. I know it looks simple but a lot of work went into my card, my hands hurt a lot after that x.x

I couldn’t decide what kinda pattern I wanna draw them in, so I drew them then cut out; this way I can stick them any position I wanted. Clever yessssss?

And very kiddish, I know. I still feel like 10 years old sometimes!!!

Doing more sketching.. Looks like poo poo at the moment, but a bit of outlining should do the trick!

Okay so this is what my “font” looks like after erasing the pencil lines and giving it some “body”. I think it looks almost printed.. in a good way!

I wrote the words “Forever & Always” despite how cliche / naive it sounds because I am soooooo addicted to the song Forever and Always by Taylor Swift and because

Sam will forever and always have a special, special place in my heart ♥

Ta-dah!!!! Finished my roses!

I think they’re pretty good considering I can’t draw even if my life depended on it e_e;

But let’s move onto his Sam’s present for me because his is obviously a lot more impressive and intriguing!!!

He took an olive oil bottle from our kitchen cabinet (ECONOMICAL indeed didn’t even get a normal flower vase wtf), washed it then put rice (YES RICE.) in it and that was my make-do flower vase.

Who knew empty olive oil bottles + uncooked rice grains could be considered as romantic gestures?

The end result was beautiful though. Just like how I expected them to be ♥

Can you believe my boyfriend made this out of fondant for me??? :’)

The attention to detail is pretty mind blogging!

These photos are much brighter than the previous ones because we worked all the way till 8am in the morning before going to sleep!!!

If you’re wondering what he used to make the stems stand upright, he used one of those pckets of sparkling thingymajig that looks like a giant metal matchstick and if you light it up, it ignites and burns all pretty-looking and stuff like a mini firework.

I feel so lucky and loved everytime I see this sitting pretty in my room!!! :)

It smells so sugary and sweet (it IS made out of edible fondant afterall), even Sam wants to eat it!!!!!! But it’s mineeeeeeee ^___^

You can look, but you can’t eat, sorry!

Yay. Go me!!!!!

He said it looks very “French”. I had to stare hard at him before he said “I love it!!!!!”

I think “French” is his polite way of saying, “Bitch, wtf is this? I hand made you a bouquet of intricate roses and you give me a damn piece of paper with the words Forever and Always on it.”

Ripped out a nice ribbon from one of my jewelry boxes and stuck it on with blue tack.

Classy. Beats a Hallmark card still :P

Just goes to show you don’t need money or expensive fancy resources to have a great time on V’day.

All you need is love ♥