made my pink Identification Card =p


Check out that cheeky grin on my face as I hover over his sleeping silly face, bwahaha, I look like I’m going to do something very evil to him the next moment…

By the way, we’ve caught James’ sexual harasser!!

And this was what we did to the little monster..




not really. She did that to herself =X

Crazy girl

HAHAHA. Keep a distance from your computer screen cuz my tongue is about to reach out & give you a good lick.

If I lay here….

If I just lay here,

would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Apparently, James really liked what that little monster did to him afterall, because his rather-suggestive expression is well-captured in this photo….


What’s he trying to do?

He looks dead.

….Actually, this picture is totally gonna look like how I murder him if he ever lets me down, and he’s left with a cold blank (dead) stare while I grin happily into the camera. ^^


THIS GIRL!! Cannot stand her!!

Why is she lying on MY boyfriend?

The both of them look more like a couple than me and James lor. I just look like some miserable bitch about to get dumped who has half her head cut off in the photo.

Awww, this photo is sooooo cute! Love love.

And I have no idea what that big distracting thing on the top left hand corner of the photo is, but it sure looks like one gigantic penis to me.







Joanne, Eunice, Jessica, Jasmine, Jonathan~ (Why can’t her name be Junice or something?)


They came over to my place to swim after school. Hehehe.

They brighten my day like no other. I can talk to them forever about anything and everything.

They are none other than my best friends! (come to think of it, they’re my only close friends as well, I am suchhhh a loner)

The following pictures are horribly pixelated but that doesn’t matter, the people in them are awesome enough to still make it interesting to look at ;)

And Jonathan, being the only male, got to swim with 4 bikini babes that have gone wild! LOL

Lucky Jonathan with silly Joanne~

Lucky Jonathan with..

Gee, I don’t know, who can that super fat super ugly bitch in the blue bikini be? *shrugs*

Lucky Jonathan with bitchy Jasmine~

And Lucky Jonathan with adorable Eunice!

Yeah yeah I know all of you guys wish you were Jonathan just for that 1 day. =X

And I bet that day was Jon’s happiest day of his life, HAHAHA.

We’re planning another bikini party @ my house for SINGLE PEOPLE on Valentine’s Day. WHO WANTS TO COME?!?

For all you know, you could come single and leave attached.. ~

The thought of Valentine’s Day nearing is absolutely depressing for me.




Anyway, I’ve finally made my IC!!!!!

Wooo, I feel so grown up now, lololol.

I’m finally going to get that ugly pink card that everyone else has, that pink card which defines an adult Singaporean.

Yayayaya. No more freaking gay kiddo EZ LINK CARD HAHAHAHA.

On the bus, going to Lavender.. Pink card, here I come!

My darling mummy accompanied me there~~ (“v”)

Went into the photo booth, this was what I got – my IC photo! When I looked into the camera and the person asked me to tilt my head to the left, it reminded me of being in a photoshoot..

AND I COMPLETELY MISS THE FEELING OF SHOOTS! My last shoot was like 11 days ago, and it feels super super long.

I’m going to get myself a few shoots before I go to Malaysia, I don’t care. I think I’m addicted to shoots, they’re just so fun and pay well and having nice pictures of yourself is way too awesomeee.

Speaking of which,

I have a casting to go to tomorrow – pay is $300 for 3 hours. Do nothing but walk around wearing their uniform and smiling to people…

And I can’t make it cuz I’ve got school!!! GRRRRRRRRRR…

Damn angry. *sulks for a very long time*

I can’t skip school either cuz my teacher would complain to my mother, and she’d killlll meh.

On a random note, when I looked at my report book for my overall attendance last year – there were 60+ days when I didn’t attend school!!!


That’s a whole damn lot of “Pontaning” man. Imagine all those days I went for manicures, facials, shopping and lazy sleep-ins, hehehe.

Actually spent 2 whole months doing those things when I shoulda been in school. *jaw drops*

LOL. My weird photo stuck onto my Chanel bag. =P







That’s the end of my post dearies.

Suddenly feeling emotional =(

I hate being in relationships….

KK I don’t feel like elaborating right now.

Seeeeee ya.