Everyone is afraid of something. Whether they’d like to openly admit it or not.

My phobia happens to be Lepidopterophobia.

Big word huh? Sometimes I feel like my phobia name is actually mocking me.. but that’s ok. I suppose it is a rather silly phobia at first impression, but when you really look and think about it properly, maybe I won’t seem so crazy after all.

According to this source,

“Community for people that fear butterflies and moths is known as Lepidopterophobia. The after affect of this is anxiety which is termed as Anxiety Lepidopterophobia.

The word Lepidopterophobia dereives from the word Lepidopterans which is any of the large order (Lepidoptera) of insects comprising the butterflies, moths, and skippers that as adults have four broad or lanceolate wings usually covered with minute overlapping and often brightly colored scales and that as larvae are caterpillars.”

I got this from a website about depression -_-

I don’t think I’m depressed, but I definitely feel anxious about Lepidopterophobia!


Yes, I am afraid of Butterflies and Moths.

..Wait, don’t laugh just yet!!!!! They are more scary and harmful than they seem!

Now you’re probably wondering why I would be scared of supposedly “harmless, beautiful creatures”? May I correct this warped bullshit by just reminding you that they are NOT pretty!!! (and certainly not harmless)

How the fuck are butterflies “beautiful”?! Insects, in any form, are DISGUSTING.

I hate every insect, but with moths and butterflies… It’s a different kind of war man.

Take a look at them CLOSE-UP, and judge for yourself!!!

WARNING: Squeamish people who hate insects with a passion, especially moths and butterflies should be mentally prepared to look at a terrorizing image.


*finds it hard to breathe*

I can’t believe I posted a picture of a fucking ugly butterfly on my blog!!!!!! My blog is polluted now. Wait, scratch that, there is no such thing as an ugly butterfly. They are ALL ugly.

I mean, will you please look at that thing!!!! It is not pretty at ALL, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! You know what’s really pretty? Me. Haha.

Ok sorry I just had to put that bit in.


It’s fucking hairy, it looks damn evil with those beady eyes, it has freakishly long and thin antennas and it has so many legs and the fattest abdomen ever!!!

I feel myself die a little inside every time I look at that image.

I know people find the “wings” the pretty part, but will you just look past the supposedly “pretty” wings *barfs* and actually take a look at WHAT’S UNDERNEATH?

Haven’t we always said that “it’s what’s beneath the surface and what lies on the inside that counts”?

Well guess what!!!!

What lies beneath the surface of this supposed “pretty thing”…


IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All butterfly / moth bodies look very similar so there!!! They are all hideous.

Many people say their wings come in pretty shapes and designs, but personally I think they look damn freaky and dangerous. Kind of reminds me of ugly freakish bright patterns that natives draw on their faces and masks when they go to war.

That’s what nature teaches you - unnecessarily brightly colored designs?


“Butterflies will not harm me, but they will make me harm myself.”

I know moths are less brightly colored…

But don’t even get me started on them.

WTF IS THIS?!????? Possibly even uglier then butterflies! *shudders*

You know what’s the worst part?

There are heaps of ugly creatures created by mother nature, but I don’t go out of my way to hate them just because they are ugly. What I truly, fucking hate about butterflies and moths is how supposedly “beautiful” and “harmless” they pretend to be, when in fact they are evil little blood suckers.

Kind of like the dirty cheap slut who won’t stop flirting with your boyfriend in a “friendly manner”!

Very few know of their true form, and those who do hate them with a vengeance just like I do!

I hate how butterflies and moths have NO sense of direction,

and they send themselves FLYING INTO YOUR FUCKING FACE.

First of all, they sneak in to your house through a tiny opening by the window when you’re not looking like a ninja then they find themselves a cozy spot on your wall.

Then they wait.

They wait for hours, days, just for you to come home….

Never once, do they leave their spot. They lie in the darkness, preferably in the toilet so when poor innocent Jessica switches on the bathroom light at 3am to pee, what does she see?


“Omfg it’s attacking me!!! It wants to eat me!!”


With every other animal / insect in this world, when they sense danger, they will run away. But no. Cb butterflies and moths will just flutter around like crazy with disgustingly powdery furry wings and terrorize you even further.

And call me crazy, but I believe that moths / butterflies can sense fear.

They ALWAYS fly towards the one who is scared of them.

I’ve tried so many ways to avoid them but somehow they always find their way towards me. I am not crazy, I wish somebody would believe me!!!

Scenario 1 -
I come home late at night. Very aware that moths are the most active this late, I am paranoid and check every corner of my corridor to make sure there’s no cb moth lying in wait to attack me.

The coast is clear. I let out a sigh of relief.

I let my guard down, and ring the doorbell. Just to be be completely sure and make myself feel better, I do one last spot check while my maid comes to get the door.

….OMG WTF IS THAT?! Tell me that’s not a fucking big, black moth that I missed out in the corner!!!

Omg plz don’t notice me plz don’t attack me I’m just going to go inside my house and leave you alone you can attack my brother who thinks you are harmless…”

Then WHAM!

Moth immediately reads my mind and feeds off my fear.

One second it was completely still, almost looked asleep but the very next thing I know it comes FLYING TOWARDS ME AT 100KPH and flutters around my face.


Why do they ALWAYS go for my face?!? The powdery substance on their body can blind our eyes! Not permanently, but still.

When whining to Sam one night, he in all seriousness said, “perhaps they want to feed off the proteins in your eyeball.”



The list of reasons why they are creepy goes on and on.

I find it freaky how they keep ramming their heads into light bulbs over and over again!!

I find it freaky how they were LARVAE at first, before becoming winged creatures of doom. OH MY GOD.

Flying larvae!! How is that not scary.

I get so freaked out when I see moths and butterflies, I will run away faster than you can ask where I’m going. I will scream and cry if one gets too near. And I will punch anybody who gets in my way of escaping.

I think one of the scariest experiences in my life is when I was showering late at night, happily splashing myself with cold water.

I already checked my bathroom beforehand to make sure it was moth free.

And out of NOWHERE, this fucking big black moth appeared (yes, my house area is full of this species) and started fluttering around crazily!!!

I couldn’t do anything because I was completely naked and wet, and the moth was fluttering in FRONT of the door, therefore I couldn’t escape!

I was so terrified because it was coming dangerously near me, all I did was sit down in a corner and cry, at the same time holding up the shower head in front of me to spray water so it wouldn’t come any nearer. In the end I had to call for my maid to get it out for me. All of this while still naked and crying LOL.


So yeah…

I don’t really know where I got this phobia from, ever since I could remember I’ve been having nightmares about them and frankly speaking it would be a lot more convenient if I was the kind of girl who could just be brave and swat the insect away!

It also doesn’t help that my numerous traumatizing encounters with these creatures also elevated my fear. I reckon people who don’t hate insects are the people who are fortunate enough to not get caught in fucked up situations where they’re all over your face, on your bed, or just making your life a little more miserable for that 1 minute.

I was reading www.ihatebutterflies.com (GREAT WEBSITE!!!) and came across this really interesting theory:

“I saw this programme once about phobias. They were mainly focused on arachnophobia (which I note several of us here don’t have), but they also interviewed a woman who was terrified of cats. The experts analysis of her fear was that it was something about the nature of cats which she found disgusting (this was a big breakthrough, incidentally, that the roots of the ‘fear’ actually appeared to lie in disgust).
Her personal shrink reckoned that, since she was rather a prudish individual – for want of a more neutral term – she found cats’ free-roaming, unshackled existence to be abhorrent.
I’m a person who likes to know where I have things, and know where I stand. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the flittery, panicked, chaotic and random movement of moths and butterflies is what really puts me off the little fuckers in the first place.”


And that’s totally true!
I know that moths will not eat me alive, but I hate the fact that I CANNOT stop them from coming near me. Personal space man!!!

I hate their super fast, super unpredictable movements because I cannot defend myself.. and I’m a very defensive and jumpy person by nature.

I also hate the fact that they seem to make no effort in avoiding humans. They just smack into your face all the time.

I also hate the fact that people think they are so cute / harmless / whatever, fuck you if you are one of those people!!!!

Lastly, I also hate the fact that some people make fun of me because of my phobia. Yes, I know it is irrational but I don’t laugh at other peoples phobias!

I’m not scared of heights, small spaces, roller coasters, spiders, snakes, rats, or any other common phobias. I just really hate insects, moths / butterflies in particular.


…….So that’s my story about Lepidopterophobia.

I feel so much better after typing all of this out because it’s something that has been bothering me deeply for the longest time!

The first step to overcoming your fear is acknowledging it.

I suppose I’ve taken a step forward. I never used to talk much about it and I couldn’t even bring myself to look at pictures. Now the pictures are on my blog!!!!

How about you guys?
What are YOU really afraid of?

Come and share with me, no matter how irrational or silly it seems! Nothing I would laugh at. I’m afraid of butterflies and moths.

Leave a comment, I’d love to know!

Makes me feel less alone when people share their common fears.

P.S – Does anyone have the code to include the date at the top of your post? I can’t seem to extract it out of a normal blog skin! Do share!! ^.^


  • Vivian

    I have phobia for basketballs and volley balls. Really!!
    I hate to play captain’s ball. Hate it when teacher forces us to play during PE when I was in secondary.
    I just shun at the sight of balls even if I’m not in the court.

  • Jessica

    Wow that’s the first time I’ve heard about a fear oh balls! What about the balls scare you?

  • (:

    <span>hi, first time commmenting here.haha I usually just read your posts but this time, i have to comment!! thats because have the EXACT SAME fear and i find it impossible to summarize why I’m afraid of moths and butterflies into words. I could get a chill down my spine just by looking at a tiny moth perched on a railing!!!! At least now i know what this phobia is called, thanks for sharing! (: Its so freaky but when i tell others about it, they dont understand!!! I absolutely understand how scary they can get, its like you cannot predict where they’re gonna fly next! i once accidentally touched a butterfly because it was coming right at me and i used my hands to shove it away. I felt digusted for at least a few days. Thinking about it STILL disgusts me :(
    anw, i do have the code for the date and time header thing but i’ve tried pasting here and everytime i hit post the codes get screwed up. If you want them, tell me how i can get to you ! (: </span>
    <span>ps: i love how you reply to every single comment! shows everyone that you do appreciate them (:</span>

  • Jessica

    Hi there, fellow moth-and-butterfly-hater!

    You are not alone!!! I’m quite surprised at the number of people who hate them. Ever since I started tweeting/ blogging about them, heaps of girls have been telling me about similar fears too!

    Now that you know what the phobia is called, the next step is.. learning how to pronounce it :-P I still have trouble with that big word! So much for getting over your fears if you can’t get it out of your mouth! An easier word would be Mottephobia.

    As for the code, could you send it to my email, Shiberty@hotmail.com? I’d really appreciate that! Thanks so much :-D

  • x

    I totally hate butterflies and moths too. but not that large extent. i hate butterflies. ALOT. one of those fuckers actually landed on my fucking nose and i took a few seconds to react and swat it away, from that day onwards i was truly fucking tramutized. and what sucks the most is how people keep telling me butterflies are so pretty and harmless and there is nothing to worry about them. fuck them, they’re so gross and disgusting and so ugly and so stupid and retarded.
    how the fuck can they stand such fugly creatures??

  • peggy

    OMG! I have the exact same fear as you!! I hate butterflies, moths and I have a terrible phobia for BIRDS! oh those freaking BIRDS i hate them to the car. Even a tiny sparrow could freaking freak me out.
    I guess I jus hate and have phobia for EVERYTHING with WINGS!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not afraid of anything except cockroaches. They scare the shit out of me and every time I scream and jump around to avoid them, they seem to run to my legs just to disturb me! Ewwww!!

  • joanie

    OMG! I finally found someone who has the same fear as me. So far, everyone that knows i cant stand those fluttering gross things make a joke out of it okay! *sulks*
    And I agree that they LOVE hunting us at night. Why oh why! Once i was about to sleep and one landed on my cheek. I couldnt sleep in peace after that. Horrible!

  • Jessica

    Eww landed on your cheek!! How horrible is that :(
     *pat pat*

  • Jessica

    I don’t seem to encounter many roaches, so I’m not that scared of them haha. They freak me out, but not really that much… Most of the time they run away from people!

  • Jessica

    Oooh, I like birdies though! They’re pretty cool, except for the fact they poop everywhere, anywhere, anytime -.-

  • Jessica

    They will never understand T___T Wait till a butterfly lands on THEIR nose!

  • Siah Shu Fen

    I think butterflies are ok but moths are definitely disgusting and annoying!!! I get so irritated when they perch on the wall and refuse to budge no matter what…grawrrr!

  • Jessica

    Yeah, moths are the more terrorizing ones since they are more aggressive and they ALWAYS manage to get into our houses!

  • Rinn

    I have a phobia for escalators! ): I just hesitate when i go on them. But lucky no one seems to mind that. (:

  • passerby

    I am afraid of fishes!! esp dead ones. Imagine my horror whenever I open the freezer and saw one stupid dead fish ‘staring’ at me. :(  There was once this stupid moth that flew into my bag of chips when I am not looking and I just happen to pick it out with my hands and almost bite into it before it flutter away. God I would have taste it if I didnt look at what I am eating! zzzzzz :-$

  • Jessica

    Oooh sometimes they freak me out too, like I’d imagine they will snap in two and send me sprawling towards the ground… @___@

  • Jessica

    Waaaaaaaaa gross!!! I would never ever touch it omfg!! I think if I were you I’d cry so damn hard.

    P.S – yah fishes are kinda weird. I’m hesitant about going snorkeling coz they seem so scaly and slimy o__O

  • xl

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    [<$BlogItemDateTime$> ]-> this is for time

  • (:

    Hahah I know a couple of friends who are afraid of them too but mine is really a phobia. I hate the season where there are extremely huge black moths all ard Singapore!! It’s extremely horrifying):
    I’ve always told my friends I would rather die than we enclosed in a room full of butterflies.

    Alright will email it to you in at most one or two days(: no problem at all! I just hope it helps.

  • Jessica

    Weeee thanks!!! I added the date part already! ♥

  • Jessica

    Omg when’s the season! They seem to appear randomly T_T

    I already have the code, another reader gave it to me but thank you dear!!!

  • Fion

    Same!!! I used to be terrified of them. I rmb they always come at night when my lamp light was on. they wld just fly ard the light and I could c e powder coming off it cos I was sitting so close to it. Eversince I hate using lamp light. nw whenever I c moth or butterfly, I try t shun away from it as long as it leaves me alone ohterwise I will jus throw random stuff at it for intruding my space..old folks say moths have souls in them mayb tts y they seem to be able to sense fear in us =S

  • Jessica

    Ya I know my mum keeps saying that too! Like, don’t kill that moth, that could be your grandfather. WTF LOL

  • S

    my greatest irrational fear is of cockroaches. even baby ones freak me out, much less those huge flying monsters.

    another fear is of heights, but strangely enough i love roller coasters and all sorts of theme park rides. i just cant bear to look straight down to the ground even if i were only a few storeys up. needless to say, stairs with spaces between each step scares me. i imagine all sorts of nasty things happening to me whereby i fall, or the glass windows or something break, and i end up a bloody mess on the ground. urgh!

  • Jessica

    LOL I totally have that sort of scene playing in my head all the time too. It’s like I’m scared of microwaves coz I imagine they will blow up in my face. Even when I take roller coasters I imagine I’m going to fly off the tracks and go splat X_x

  • Kacey

    im terrified of dogs that are unleashed. even if they are leashed, i still avoid them by walking on the other side of the pavement. lol. i think im more afraid of their prancing, licks and sniffs.

  • Jessica

    Hahaha I’m scared of big dogs too, especially black ones! But I love puppies.. that don’t lick / bark / bite too much :-P

  • Vivian

    Indeed about the fact that the balls never fail to hit me in the face. haha. It always happens to me. I tried hitting the balls but the balls hit me harder. =.=

  • P

    I’m afraid of taxis with pandan leaves… ):

  • (:

    There is a season! But it’s rare, once in a few years maybe. Oh okay that’s good, no problem at all(: hehe

  • Jessica


  • Jessica

    Well if there ever is one soon, do let me know so I can take cover!!!

  • Jessica

    Bahahah why?!? I was in one the other day and it had a nice pandan-ish smell.

  • P

    The smell is really disgusting to me and makes me gag! When I was a little kid I was either always on the verge of vomitting (or actually vomitting ewww) whenever I got into a taxi with them so I think that made me afraid of them (or maybe afraid that I’d vomit in the taxi. My mum always had a plastic bag for me because of that, lol)! Even now, I gag a little if I get into a taxi with them and I have to cover my nose and eat a sweet or something. I am fine with pandan-derived products though, like nasi lemak :)  

  • Jessica

    Oooh, I see! I gag in taxis too, not from pandan leaves though… from their bad driving :|

  • Anonymous

    James’ current gf hates you. its on her blog, not i say one ah!

  • P

    That’s common!!! I once had a driver LET GO of his steering wheel to describe something (not in Singapore though)!

  • Jessica

    She can hate on me for all she wants.. To a xiao lian like that, picking off my leftovers is probably the best thing that ever happened to her. She should be thankful I dumped James :) Ah lians and ah bengs are best suited for each other.

  • Jessica

    Lol a lot of taxi drivers are quite loony and they act like daredevils. Hate it when they act like they’re in a F1 race. Hello, young girl with bright future on board as well!!! I wanna pay with money, not with my life.

  • eLeanor

    I’m super afraid of animals!
    Even the cutest animals like dogs, cat.
    People often laugh at me when I tell them.


  • Jessica

    Aww, ALL animals? But some are so cute… like killer whales!

  • Macie

    Next time if there is a flying moth in your bathroom, just adjust the water temperature to the hottest and aim your shower head at the damn moth!!

    Sucks to have phobia… I can understand…

  • Jessica

    Ewwww no then the moth will go crazy and start flying towards me and attack me!! You don’t know how aggressive moths can be T_T

  • Anonymous

    jess don’t stare at the moth. get someone to stand behind you and stare at you then look away then stare at you without telling you whether he or she is staring at you. you can feel the stare and so can the moth.

  • Anonymous

    not only are they aggressive they are mf blur cock too! will fly right at the hot water!

  • Anonymous

    wahlao you make it sound like she was just waiting 4 u to dump james so she can have him haha.

  • Jessica

    T_________T But why wouldn’t I stare at the moth!! It’s in MY house wahhhh and I need to know it’s exact position otherwise I’d assume it’s fluttering around my head.

  • Jessica

    Good for them! But they don’t drown easily. The way they breathe isn’t like us so drowning takes a long time.

  • Jessica

    I don’t know about that, all I know is that I can’t understand why some girl would be so proud to be with a guy I dumped because he was a cheating, lying asshole who will never change his ways. I don’t hate James or his ah lian girlfriend, but I’m not going to pretend they are not who they are. Seeing as that relationship is the only thing going for her, maybe I can empathize a little.

  • Anonymous

    your choice bah but if u don’t stare its less likely it’ll fly towards you ahaha

  • Anonymous

    eh paiseh i didn’t mean to get you all worked up, just thought u should know only. just relax and give him benefit of doubt, maybe losing you made him open his eyes. give her benefit of doubt too, maybe she doesn’t even know that is why you dumped him. relax.

  • Jessica

    Well I’ll try and hopefully that works out @___@

  • Jessica

    Don’t quote me on this, but I read somewhere that they breathe through little holes on their wings. Well something like that LOL. It’s little holes spread out everywhere, it’s not like two nostrils for us humans, so they drown slower.

  • Jessica

    I’m not all worked up, I’m just saying things like how they really are, and unfortunately they happen to be unmistakably unpleasant. I can be hypocritical and try to pretend like I don’t think my ex-boyfriend is an asshole, but don’t tell me to give my ex the benefit of doubt, sweetie. I did that for 2 and a half years and I’ve had enough – it’s one lesson I’m glad to have learnt. Stupid cheating, lying and disgustingly unappreciative / selfish guys do not deserve the benefit of doubt. :) When you’ve learnt it the hard way like I did, you’ll understand why I seem heartless towards him. And of course she knows the reason why I dumped him. I don’t think she’s that bright but she’s not that stupid. She reads my blog too.

  • xl

    welcome =D anyway jus want to comment that ur blogskin is damn chio =))  i like.. LOL

  • Jessica

    Aww thankies! :-P I ♥ it too

  • Anonymous

    let everyone know!

  • Anonymous

    rock on jess!

  • Jessica

    :-[ ….. :*

  • mj

    “You know what’s really pretty? Me. Haha”
    this was really cute!!!

    “I was so terrified because it was coming dangerously near me, all I did was sit down in a corner and cry, at the same time holding up the shower head in front of me to spray water so it wouldn’t come any nearer. In the end I had to call for my maid to get it out for me. All of this while still naked and crying LOL.”

    do you lock your toilet door? cuz i do and once a cockroach was in the bathroom with me!! i have this like screen door.. the cockroach came from the window and crawled through the space between the door and the wall and headed STRAIGhT FOR ME!!! i quickly slide out and shut the door thinking hey its trapped! but nooo… the cockroach comes out and head for me!! story not over yet.

    i rush back in, and the cockroach went into the stall with me AGAIN!!! WTH right?!?!?!!! seriously cockroach can sense fear too -_-

  • Jessica

    LOL hahahaha some animals can DEFINITELY sense us!!! CReeeepppyyyYYyy