Laurier Shooting Star Post Event Advertorial

Remember the Laurier advertorial I did a while back?

Here’s my coverage for the actual event that happened on the 9th of October – the Laurier Shooting Star challenge!!!!

Goody bag to start the day with, all participants get one!

Awesome stuff that every girl would benefit from like Biore make up remover inside… refreshing and leaves your skin feeling really smooth!!!!

Also included : water bottles and basic necessities to stay alive in Singapore’s crazyyyy heat because the girls are gonna have to outrun each other around Orchard!

Team 61 – Wendy, Zoe and me!!!

Me & Wendy!

Team 61! Credits to Zoe and also Laurier’s Facebook for some of the photos I’m using in this post ♥

Me and Zoe… hahaha why do I look so gong

Fay and Zoe showing off their new polaroid cams, yay!!!! We all got 1 and I was very pleased because I’ve always wanted a polaroid cam but never got around to buying it…

Hello baby!!!

You are now mine! Every other participating team got 1 for themselves too, to keep even after the event.

The event only started at about 12ish but by 10 plus / 11 there was an overwhelming number of people at the event already… I honestly did not expect such a good turn out!!!!

For those who still don’t know about this event, it took place at Cineleisure Orchard!

It’s Laurier’s first all-girls Amazing Race style challenge where 60 teams of girls pair up together and try to out-run and out-snap each other!!!!

Teams consisted of best friends, moms and daughters, cousins, sisters…

They’re given a list of tasks to do that have to be completed around Orchard, timing and accuracy are the key factors!

My team 61 were there to be guest judges to see which would be the eventual winner who triumphed over all muahahaha

All the girls were very patient and enthusiastic (waiting and running around the hot sun for hours) so kudos to all who participated… IT’S NOT EASY I know!!! But it seems like everyone had lots of fun still :)

Waiting for the girls to be briefed… Was having such a bad hair and make up day no wonder my camera decided to focus Wendy instead LOL

Ok, ready, set, go!!!!!

All girls received their tasks and have started to make their way around Orchard.. This is the list of tasks we had to complete.

We decided to participate in the challenge just for fun too!

First task completed!!!

Taking a polaroid snap of a guy with dimples. Me and Wendy were at Cheers and she randomly asked a few guys, “Hi, do you have dimples?” and lucky our 2nd or 3rd guy was totally friendly and agreed to a snapshot!!

Gotta love spontaneous people :)

I think this task was the most fun coz you get to approach cute guys and not seem desperate.. a bit crazy maybe LOL but that’s all part of the fun right!

Second task that we did… Walked to Somerset 313′s Forever 21 to snap a pic of ourselves in Leopard prints!!!

If only we had time to shop wahhhhhhhh so many pretty clothes… *___*

Inside Forever 21!!

You’re not exactly allowed photos inside hahaha but bloggers really don’t care they will take pictures ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

Task 3 that we completed – finding Joanne Peh at “Finest Supermarket”

LOL we thought the actual person was going to be standing in some corner of the supermarket but all we found was a life sized cardboard piece of her!!!

Fourth task completed – going to Ben & Jerry’s and taking a picture with their signature cow!!

Woody the cow!!!!

And the last task that we completed for the day was putting on Black Lipstick! We didn’t finish em all coz well.. we didn’t need to!!!

Plus it was mad hot la. I really don’t know how the other girls had the determination to finish so efficiently…

This is me looking glum because the 3 of us did rock papers scissors to see which loser would have to put on the black lippie and that loser ended up being me!!!!

But because they’re darlings, they agreed to join me in putting on black lippie so I wouldn’t have to feel so alone and ridiculous hahaha ♥!!!!

Woot I love this pic!!!

We look hot in a vixen kind of way haha. I wish we got to keep polaroids.. Laurier kept them all. I wonder what did they do with em?? :P

Other polaroids!!!!

The close up ones are so funny I was like, “Ok I’m gonna snap chio artistic close up shots of y’all” and I don’t know why all that turned up was their chin.

How come what you see in the viewfinder isnt actually what comes out in the polaroid film?? Cheat me!!

Took this off Zoe’s Facebook!!!! This was during lunch.. at Waraku. Yummmm Japanese is my new fav cuisine.

Walked back to Cineleisure when it was time for us to do the judging of the contest!! I know I’ve said this already (because it applies to everyday in Singapore) but it was a HOT HOT HOTTTTT day!!!

The emcee debriefing the girls and asking them how the challenge went for them!

This was after like 3-4 hours of trying to outrun each other lol no wonder they look so tired.. 5 stars for effort definitely.

Me and the pretty emcee Ling!

Everyone busy at the event… so much activity that it’s almost hard to keep up with!

The girls stuck their appropriate polaroids onto the big pink wall for the judges to judge their accuracy and also their timing.

Prizes that were given out!!! There’s shopping vouchers and other coupons inside.. Many winners that day and most went home with happy faces ^.^

One of the photos during prize-giving ceremony!

Proof of how much fun everyone had!!!!!!

I must say this is one of the most successful events I’d ever participated in because everyone was just so enthusiastic and looked like they were having fun even though it was tough. Turn out was great, management was great, everything was fab!


This fun event was brought to you by….

The Laurier Super Slimguard - thinnest napkin in the market at 1mm!

So absorbent yet it’s barely there. Now you don’t have to compromise your wardrobe or physical activities…

Thanks Laurier for organizing an awesome event!

For more information on Laurier and for future updates from them (possibly more exciting events coming your way!), head on over to

Laurier’s Facebook Page