Lady Gaga’s Showcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Singtel AMPed

I can’t believe I was so lucky to get last minute complimentary tickets to Lady Gaga’s exclusive showcase OHHMYYGOOODDD. That’s right biatches! U jelly?

Thank you Huiwen / Nuffnang!!!! ♥

Even though it happened like 2 weeks ago I STILL get the shivers when I picture her coming out on stage, every time I recall that night my heart flutters a little bit. To say that being privileged enough to watch Lady Gaga perform live a mere few metres in front of you is a euphoric experience is a shameful understatement.

I swear the whole time I was like :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

*hyperventilates and screams*

Even though I’m not a super die-hard fan (meaning I don’t call myself a little monster or keep up with her obsessively or listen to all her songs) I’m still incredibly fascinated by her.

I think she is amazinggggg at what she does. I may not like certain messages she’s sending across (why do some of her music videos look like cult freak shows / blasphemy related content).. But hey, who am I to judge.. it’s working out for her right? She’s like the Michael Jackson of our time. Her difference is to her advantage. People say she’s the new age Madonna but I think she’s wayyy bigger than Madonna, I don’t think Madonna ever made this much impact on people around the world.

Whenever I watch one of her live performances online I just stare in awe. She’s got such a unique and strong voice and her stage presence is crazily empowering. If Taylor Swift was enchanting, Lady Gaga was ELECTRIFYING!

Brought Eric along! At first I thought Sam wouldn’t be interested and I always see Eric raving about Lady Gaga’s “artistry” on Twitter and I can tell he’s a huge fan so I thought it’d be nice to do him a favour!

But turns out Sam is a closet Gaga fan HAHAHAHA thinking about it now he always go “rah rah rah ah ah” for no reason and breaks into Gaga songs spontaneous (mainly Bad Romance and Poker Face) and I managed to get 1 extra ticket for 3 of us to go!!! Yay!!

Thanks for the treat to Thai food btw Eric! ^.^ He’s a sweetie.

Sam and I SUPER psyched.

Surprisingly we were both much more excited about this than Taylor Swift’s concert (even though I listen to Taylor’s songs much more) I guess Lady Gaga is more iconic and is more of a performer? And also because it was such last minute notice!!!

We were informed of the free tickets ONE DAY before the actual showcase and it was a pleasant surprise to say the least hehe.

Got there rather early and our view was pretty good. We weren’t at the very front but pretty darn close!! I SWEAR ONCE OR TWICE GAGA AND ME LOCKED EYES FOR A SPLIT SECOND

(coz I’d be waving frantically to catch her attention lol) but that may just be me being bonkers.

We stood around for like a full hour before she entered the stage…. and when she did I don’t remember much besides opening my eyes like this O.O and not blinking for 10 whole minutes and tiptoe-ing so much to see her properly (tall crowd) that my calves cramped up and it hurt like shit but I didn’t care!!!!! It was crazy to see her in person. She looks and sounds exactly the same on Youtube, TV and on her album lol. I know this sounds stupid but often I find it hard to believe that celebrities are real.

So whenever I’m moderately near them (like in the same concert hall) or something I’m like OMG SHE IS SO NEAR ME!!!! That’s so cool! I’m breathing the same air as her!


#foreveralone #foreverunfamousanduntalented

I was staring at her ass and hair (blue/green wig) the whole night lol. They’re fabulous.

Observing every single movement she made intently!!!

Gaga was like crawling and jumping and bouncing and floating and galloping and running and falling and sliding all over the whole damn stage!!! Not a second of it was boring or mediocre.

She had very minimal space to perform because the auditorium was tiny (PRIVATE showcase you know!! *fans self*) but she made full use of it.

Most of my pictures of her that night turned out like this. Blurry and half assed lol. Everyone was jumping up and down so much (including myself) I couldn’t keep my camera still for one second!!! There was so much jumping that the ground trembled under the pressure WTF for a moment I thought there might be an earthquake going on.

Crazy stomping fans on a rampage + exploding ear drums due to massive sound waves from giant bass speakers = earthquake simulator.

All of them had giant fake moles drawn on their faces hahaha

Comforting to know even Gaga has bad angles

Special effects wowza!!

Hailed as a goddess by so many. I wonder what it’s like to live a day in the life of Lady Gaga.


0:49 LOL!!!


Speaking of hair, Gaga sang a breathtaking acoustic version of her new song, “Hair”. It’s so beautiful I almost cried while she sang it.. wait I think I did cry a little.

Her performances are rock solid powerful!

You can listen to it here… it was even better live and when everyone was singing along!

I’d bet her armpit smells like roses.

…Or hairspray. Or talent. What does talent smell like?

Sam and me sweating like crazy while being squished like sardines. I was in a tight black dress and he was in a tight blazer but we could still jump up and down like hyperactive 15 year olds throughout the show lol. Eric was beside us the whole time diligently FILMING the whole concert!!!!


I tried to get him to jump and scream with us by shaking him but I don’t think he appreciated that very much LOL must have caused his video to go blurry.

I took a video too!! With my iphone so the quality is worse than lao sai but you can catch glimpses of Sam and I jumping up and down hahaha.

Lady Gaga sang all her top hits (Bad romance, Judas, Edge of Glory, etc) but included some of her newer songs and I didn’t expect it to go on for so long, it was for at least an hour I think. I thought she would’ve left after like 3 songs but it felt like a full concert!!!!


I really really really enjoyed myself!!! The experience was relatively brief but it made a huge impact. I’m definitely a bigger fan now, I listen to her songs much more often (even the non-popular ones) and I find her wonderfully inspiring.

After the concert, Alaric Sophie Eric Sam and I went to MBS (the showcase was held there) food court for supper. We got some food and chatted for a longgg time about everything under the sun (they are all such nice people!!!) before Alaric drove us to play some zombie smashin’ L4D.

They brought us to this lan shop at Selegie which was like the best lan place I’ve ever been to. Super clean, quiet, nice smelling, sofa seats, and after people get off their computer when they’re done using it the owner actually wipes the mouse and keyboard with a clean towel so everything’s spotless!!!!

AMAZING. I’ve never been to a more pleasant lan shop lol

Most overplayed map urgh I hate it

Sam had an equally great time that night!!

Thank you Nuffnang for making this possible. And to everyone else that night for being great company :)

LOVE YOU GAGA! ♥ I can’t wait to see you live again next time!!!!!! You are truly, rightfully legendary. Years down the track I will remember this night about how I was fortunate enough to be in the middle of a privileged small crowd that Lady Gaga performed to and how awesome it was to be in her presence!

Ending this post with one of my favorite performances by Gaga ever. Posted this some time back but doesn’t hurt to post it again.

She’s poetry in motion.