L4D Video of Rage, Sub, Loki & Me!

Omg I sooo wanna blog but circumstances are really not working out for me.

Ever since 14th July I’ve been SWAMPED every single day. It seems like no matter how many emails I reply a day, there will still be 100+ unreplied emails in my inbox. This morning it was 200 omg. Not to mention the sleepless nights we had while we were chionging for Cozycot event, over 200 cupcakes a day. Really can die.

Yesterday I thought I could finally have a free day to myself and clear out my inbox but NO!!!! I had to fall desperately sick!!!

I felt so awful that I had to go the hospital at 5am because I wouldn’t stop sobbing due to the physical pain I felt. Every part of me HURT and I couldn’t breathe properly. I suspect I developed an allergic reaction to this new pill that I’m on but the doctors said my symptoms were non-specific and brushed me off rather nonchalantly after making me wait for 2 hours and having me pay $85 for them to tell me they don’t know shit.

SO annoyed!!!

…Well anyway, enough of whining.

I thought I’d post a quick update and share with you guys a video of an L4D game me and my mates played the other day!!! It’s not particularly interesting but it’s one of the few games I’ve ever seen myself recorded in lol. For those of you who don’t play L4D you probably won’t enjoy this but for those who do there are some golden moments in there!

Oh and I’m Shiberfuckingty in case you didn’t realize lolol.

This video was filmed by Loki and it’s from his first person point of view, but occasionally you can see my character running around in the background (and failing quite a bit of times) I like to obeserve people’s gameplay so I actually sat through intently both videos showing all our games despite having played through them myself!

It’s a damn long video so I thought I’d list down all the memorable-ish bits.

Notable moments:

0:25 – classic hunter pounce fail HAHAHA I do that all the time wtffff. hate it when they move like 1cm and I totally miss

5:23 – I win the award for charger with longest arms!!! :D I always play in Australian servers so I lag a lot (400 ping) and I think the server fucked up. The dude that got incapacitated was like, “Dude wtf long arms much?”

6:13 – Nice tits. Nothing relevant but I just lol-ed when they said it.

8:04 – My victory run!!! Can’t believe I made it even though there was a tank, several special infected and tons of zombies on me. PLUS the lag. Weee!

16:17 – Pro charger melee which I can never seem to accomplish. Apparently you’re meant to whack them in the head!

19:32 – Stalker charger.. success!

Video 2:

1:05 – I have a “beautiful voice” yay!

5:25 – Your mum fibs. LOL

7:29 – Close call down the tunnel which we successfully made out of!!! Wooo

17:15 – Can you say good jockey work :D

21:42 – Interesting spawn location I never knew about haha too bad he missed his smoke.


….Ok, that is all.

I can’t WAIT to blog proper entries once I get better and less busy!!!

There’s actually the last part to this game that my friend hasn’t posted on Youtube but it’s pretty epic. Will post it when I get it from him next time.

P.S – If you’re waiting for my email reply, plz plz plz be patient. :(

I’m sick, tired and stressed. I think it’s time to hire someone just to reply my emails!


Update: Ok got the final video!

Fastforward to 5:40.. game ends in like 10 seconds lol