kallang roar

I was working at an event for Kallang Roar – the movie.

The roadshow was going on opposite Cineleisure, at some Youth Park..

I honestly thought it was a weird location since people usually don’t go there? Except for those bikers?

Me and my “partner” for the day!

Check out our awesome old school soccer jerseys.





The first AND last time you’d ever see me in this.




Anyway they had several live bands performing..

Most of the local bands I’ve heard = crap. Honestly. Either the singer is crap, or the music is crap, but I really liked two of the bands which performed yesterday, unfortunately forgotten their names :(

One group was DAMN FUNNY.

The bands were all malay guys, and one of them was on stage talking about how the youth park is an important place to him and his band because this was the place where they auditioned for SUPER BAND..

And he was like “It was here that all those chinese people went, “Eh!! Ma lai ren lei!!” …

and after we started singing they freaked out even more and went like,


HAHAHA I was laughing really loud when he said that. Imagine a malay guy being amused by all these chinese who were amazed that they could speak chinese!

Anyway, after that they started singing KISS GOODBYE. WTFFFFFFFFFF it was so nice, I didn’t bring my camera if not I would have recorded for you guys.

There’s just something endearing about malays singing chinese songs, no?

The way they try so hard to pronounce the word correctly! Malays sound cute trying to speak chinese but I think chinese people sound stupid trying to speak the Malay language. LOL.

They had soccer matches.. from the cast of the movie Kallang Roar. MILO versus CANON. (two sponsors)

LOL. It was totally entertaining~

They also had bike stunts performances! Very entertaining =)

Wa, seems like my vocabulary very limited today, I keep using words like “very entertaining” to describe like everything.

Kudos to those bikers for their guts and skills.

And of course, my super duper adorable host!

Guess who??


I LOVE YOU RANDALL!!!! (in a I love Edison Chen too way)

I know the darn picture looks distorted. It was a printed photo and used my digi cam to take a picture of it, obviously I took it from a lame angle…

I remember I used to be completely obsessed with Randall, I cut his photos from magazines and pasted them on my wall!

He’s veryyyy friendly and nice and of course, irresistably adorable.

Happy day for Jessica!




My my, who has such giant feet?

It was raining heavily the ENTIRE day!!!

But the crew was still cheerful. The bands continued to play in the rain and fans watched with umbrella over their heads.

Due to the rain, I did completely NO work the entire day =X

Officially the most SLACK job ever! I was sitting around in the tent waiting for the heavy rain to stop with the others. It didn’t stop and basically flooded us all, LOL.

My shoes were soaked, ewww :(

Thanks to the rain, I could sit around admiring gorgeous Randall, listening to live bands play good music, talk to girl friends / working buddies and do no work at all but still get paid. Shiok~

Oh yea, if it wasnt for the rain, I would have had to play SOCCER!!!!

WTF. Friendly match against other girls. SIAO. ALL MY LIFE I have NEVER played soccer..

It’s funny enough I’m in some old school jersey, and it would be the funniest thing to see me running after a ball on dirt and grass.

Of course, besides being entertained by bike stunts, bands, Randall, girlfriends and stuff, I couldn’t hide from the fact that I was stuck inside a flooded tent with basically nothing to do.

Anyway after the event ended, mummy came to pick me up and we went to have family dinner!

Jessica is a very happy girl :)

Although there are some events in my life recently that made me feel super fucked up, deep down inside I know that my life is heading in the right direction and my future is bright.

So staying positive is my key!

And of course, I wanna get a DECENT grade for O levels. Tomorrow I’m going to take my Chinese O’s retake prelims! $%*@%*@)%

Tomorrow is also me and James’ 2 year anniversary lo… Hohoho :]

Right now, he’s at Peninsula Plaza (how to spell the place name ah?) and hes calling me from the travel agency, asking me where I wanna go!

We have been quarrelling for the past few days and we got so pissed off that I told him I didn’t want to see him on our anniversary and that I didn’t want to go anywhere anymore.

He said ok, he won’t bother to bring me anymore..

We’ve been having cold war. Very very cold and mean indeed :(

But he suddenly called me to tell me hes at the travel agency already!!! OMG.

I super love you, James!

Anyway when I got home.. I happily opened the stuff that I brought back:

Besides my pay for the event, they gave me some spa and clothes vouchers and omg, A CANON PHOTO PRINTER!!! (canon’s one of their sponsors, you see)


I am super obsessed with photos, so now I can print them all anytime I like. Free too! *skips around*

I will have many many photo albums from now on! Memories will never be lost again :D

I’ve wanted a printer for a long time, and I’ve also wanted a damn microphone for a long time!!

Finally bought a mic so I can talk to people on my msn!!!!

I super miss my overseas friends and I can just talk to them like that, OMG DAMN FUN AND GOOD. No more stupid expensive overseas phone calls.

I have a webcam now too! Yipeeee fun.

Alright James just confirmed with me that we’re going Pulau Besar.