If you want to do something, do it.

Hello, 2013!!!

I spent the last day of 2012 with my family having lunch in the afternoon, then shopped around with my mum in the early evening before spending the night counting down with friends by partying and clubbing. And by partying and clubbing I actually mean playing board games, ordering in room service and lazing on hotel beds, but that’s totally cool with me. At least we got a pretty nifty view of the fireworks from Marina Bay Sands. I pretty much spend every special occasion here now…. it’s become a no-brainer kinda place to go when you need to be somewhere, anywhere but home.

It was my idea of a simple, but perfect day.

When I woke up on the first day of 2013, I looked around and told myself… everything doesn’t seem any different at all. It could jolly well be 2012 again, if not for the fact I celebrated the beginning of a new year last night. Everything and everyone looks the same…. got new year, meh? *cue Singaporean accent*

..That’s when it hit me, and I realized – it won’t matter if its a brand new year of life, unless you change your mentality about things and strive to improve yourself. It won’t BE any different, if you don’t set out with change in your mind, and determination in your heart. A change in date won’t bring about miracles to your life. You have to actively pursue improvement, heck, even perfection…. and if you want something you’ve never had, you’re gonna have to do something that you’ve never done before. Opportunities don’t come knocking on your door. You have to hunt the fucker down, follow him home then burst through HIS door, demanding to be noticed. And when you’re finally noticed, please, don’t get complacent. I think one of my biggest flaws is having a short attention span. I feel like I want something, I go out and do it, and when I’m sorta pretty good at it, I just stop completely. Before I ever reach “excellent”, I stop dead in my tracks at good.  I move on to my next target, only to find just being good doesn’t cut it in this world – and ultimately, everything was a waste of time because it amounted to nothing in the end. How I see it: You’re either great, or you’re NOTHING at all. This year is going to change that. I’m going to be FUCKING TERRIFIC at everything I want to be great at, and god forbid if I let 2013 become another year of “what ifs” and “if only”… then shame on me.

Here are some things I’m going to accomplish in 2013, aka my list of New Year’s Resolutions, in no particular order or importance (yeah right):

1) Make more money than I did last year.

I took a long break with my business because of some personal implications late last year. I’ve stopped baking for other people for so long, I’m almost afraid I’ve forgotten how to make pretty cakes. I hope I’m still good at it. Who am I kidding? I’m fantastic, lol. This year, I wanna take business to new heights. Whether its opening a physical shop front or supplying to cafes or just expanding my online business even larger. I’m going to be efficient when it comes to replying emails. I will try my best to reply rude people nicely, even if I want to punch them in the face. I will invent new yummy flavors, and I will keep people coming back for more. I will try my very best to never disappoint any customer or mess up their order, and I hope each and every one of them will eat my cakes with a big smile on their face. I am going to have a new website for my cakes, because the current one is god awful.

When it comes to blogging, I’m going to churn out great write ups for my sponsors and clients. I’m going to try my very best not to be late when submitting my drafts (the lord knows how guilty I am of this, I’m perpetually late for everything) and I will try to blog more often, even if it means shorter but frequent posts! I will try to not have super backdated posts, anything older than one and a half month is unacceptable. (notice how I say “try” for resolutions I’m not 100% confident I will achieve, lol) Hopefully, I’ll get a new blog layout too, it is time for a refreshing change!

2) Save some money from the money that I make.

I’m not bad at making money, actually. What I’m absolutely terrible at is SAVING the moolah that I make. I’m a true blue shopaholic. I can spend over $100 at Daiso, even when I only walked in intending to buy a single $2 item. When I go on shopping sprees, I some times spend close to a thousand on random stuff a day, and frankly speaking, I don’t make enough to support that sort of spending especially when its on things that I don’t NEED. I have this mentality of living each day like it was your last…. but unfortunately the idea doesn’t gel so well with bank accounts. Hopefully, I can set aside at least $500 of savings each month. That most likely doesn’t sound like a lot to most people, especially the sensible and responsible ones who do save up, but golly, I’d be darn impressed with myself I manage to save at least $300 a month. Hahah.

3) Lose another 7kg of fats.

You know, ideally, I would like to lose an additional 10kg on top of the 11kg ish I lost in 2012.. but I will be very happy with 7kg of progress. I have a whole year to lose that 7kg, which equates to about 500 grams per month. I could totally do that. I could easily lose half a kilo in a week if I wanted to! I just have to REMEMBER that I need to be on a diet (and exercise more frequently). Too often I just forget about dieting and being healthy and I just pig out or create excuses for myself…. I’m a happy UK size 10 right now, and even though I’m pretty confident of the way I look and generally am happy with my aesthetics, I still have flabby thick arms, thunder thighs, pudgy tummy and what not that could use a little (or a lot haha) of work. Now that I don’t have eu yan sang’s acupuncture treatment to give me the push, it will probably be more difficult…. but it’s still something I HAVE to do for myself.

4) Be more punctual.

I’m always god damn late, god damn it. It’s a habit I’ve had since I was a kid in school – late for school, late when it came to doing homework, late when I had to go back to the classroom after recess…. I struggle to grasp the concept of time. Some times it goes by so slow, some times it’s so fast. I need to be punctual with my appointments more often!!!! Because of my tardiness, I end up splurging on cabs when I could’ve taken the MRT when it takes the same amount of time to get there, but costs so much more. You can do this Jessica, it’s not that hard. Stop oversleeping late into the afternoon and taking too long to choose your outfits before you go out. I will plan my outfits the night before, so I don’t spend an hour ransacking my wardrobe, turning it into a warzone.

5) Maintain good relationships with the people I care about.

2012 was a pretty good year for my friendships and relationships. I made new friends I’m fortunate to have met, reconnected with a few older ones I’m glad to still keep and I found out who my real friends were, and who were the ones I didn’t need in my life. I shared a lot of laughs with people I didn’t expect to, which was great. I almost never argued with my mother or got into big arguments, I tried to be as civil as possible when it came to my father and hey, I’m still attached to my boyfriend of over 3 years. That has to count for something, right? I swear to always be there for the people who need me, and that I will put more effort into being a better person they can be proud of.  And I will try to love them for who they are as well, flaws, smelly breath and all. Also I will try to not use my phone to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so much when I’m having social gatherings with people. Disconnect to connect. *chants 100 times…*

6) Floss my teeth more often.

Generally, I have very good hygiene. I don’t have dandruff or oily hair, I always smell pretty good even without perfume, I wash my hands after I pee…. but I’m embarrassed to say that my oral hygiene is something that needs help. I’m laughing that flossing my teeth is on my New Year’s Resolution list, along with making more money and losing weight. But yeah. There isn’t a whole lot of things I feel like I really need to improve on, except dental hygiene is definitely one of them. I’m going to floss my teeth after I finish typing this post. (*edit: I actually went to shower and floss my teeth halfway through the post. Now I have lickable clean teeth. Go, me.)

7) Keep my room nice to live in, and organized.

I’m a pack rat. I have 11 penguins in it, for goodness sake. It’s probably not THAT messy compared to some other girls’ rooms (I have witnessed horrible situations) but its messy enough to be kinda frustrating sometimes. I read a study once where it said living in a messy, unorganized or dirty room makes your life more unproductive. I think there’s some truth to this study!

8) Record more Youtube covers.

Uh-huh. So I finally plucked up the courage in October last year and I did one here

But I haven’t done any after that…. I know I can say I’m busy but I know its a lousy excuse. If you REALLY wanna get something done, you’ll get it done. I guess I became distracted. Honestly, the hardest thing was finding people to collaborate with coz I feel kinda awkward (and not so confident) doing it all by myself. It takes quite a lot of nerve. But I’m already in the midst of discussing a new cover with this really talented awwsuummm person…. so crossing my fingers we get together and record soon!!!!! I’m trying to juggle too many things at once, aren’t I? I can’t wait to show you guys what else I can come up with! I hope I can get one done by February. And yes these things take longer, and more effort than it seems….
If there are any musically inclined singers or instrument extraordinaire or videographers or anybody who would be interested in collaborating with me for a Youtube cover, drop me a mail at Shiberty@hotmail.com!

9) Get out of the country to see the rest of the world… at least three times.

I don’t think I’m asking for too much… or am I? Some people don’t travel at all, while others do it like every month. My mum happens to be one of those people. Envy!!! I want a relaxation trip, a shopping trip and a sightseeing trip. I totally wouldn’t mind going back to Australia again, I LOVE that place… there’s an endless amount of things to see & do there. Or if I’m really lucky I’ll get to go to a whole new country I’ve never been to before! Maybe Korea, Japan, Philippines, Europe, Hong Kong…. Anything but Malaysia or Indonesia again, please? LOL. Really bored of neighboring countries. Unless I’m going to Penang for the food or Bali for the shopping then I don’t mind. And, if anyone noticed, everything I’ve said in the paragraph above totally clashes with resolution number 2, Saving Money. Sigh. #firstworldproblems

10) I’ll keep number 10 open-ended for now.

I am actually rather worried that I don’t seem to have a lot of immediate goals in my sight. OMG am I an under-achiever??? Why doesn’t any of my resolutions include a cure for cancer? Why don’t I have bigger and wilder aspirations to share with you guys? This year I turn 21 and there’s no more excuses left for me. DISGUSTING. Me, 21 years old, officially an adult by law. I can’t pretend to be young and stupid and get away with things like lazing around any more. People will EXPECT me to be an adult and to be successful. What happened to 2012? It just went by like that. Scratch that, what the hell happened to my life from 16-20?

The older you get, the faster time passes. It really is scary. Now I know what all the old people mean by “in the blink of an eye”.