I love the iPhone 5……. and it loves me too

My mum is awesome in ways that are totally random. Random in the sense that she would call me up one fine afternoon, totally out of the blue, going “Do you want the iPhone 5?”

………..DO I WANT THE iPHONE 5? Is that even a question??!!?!!?

After 2 weeks of using it, I’m completely smitten. I love how lightweight it is, the processing is definitely much faster, the screen display is bigger and absolutely gorgeous. But most of all, I love the improved cameras. Both front and back. I’m constantly snapping pictures of stuff, and I hardly bring my DSLR out to play these days, so the iPhone camera HAS to do the job for me. I’m always snapping & uploading on the go. (Instagram & Twitter) I was using an iPhone 4 before I switched to the iPhone 5 so it’s a pretty big culture shock!!! For 4S users I don’t think the difference is that noticeable, although Siri is now more advanced. Except I still don’t use it to do anything practical except chatting with her when I’m awfully bored. (Siri, what is the meaning of life? Siri, I’m bored. Siri, what is love?). Anyway here are some iPhone 5 FRONT CAMERA camhoe snapshots for your viewing pleasure….. You will not believe how awesome it is!!! With good lighting and a steady hand, the quality is pretty damn good.

Warning: Do not proceed if you get deeply offended by overwhelming self-love, extremely long faux eyelashes and cleavage staring at you in the face.

I asked Sam what title would be appropriate for a blog post full of narcissistic shots. He said, “For My Male Readers”

If you’re wondering why the hell I’m dressed up to the nines…. well I was going to do an outdoor photoshoot to take some nice pictures for my blog & Youtube channel background the other day, but it rained as I was about to leave the house. :( So I did a mini photo shoot at home, with the new iPhone 5 & me. The rescheduled shoot is happening TODAY, with a talented photographer I really wanna shoot with, so…


(This also means you will probably be seeing more photos of me on the blog in this similar get up in the near future, brace yourselves.)