A picture I took just now. Looks quite naked but I wasn’t so there. Tubes are sexay.

Yayyy my bangs are getting longer but my hair is growing too slow. I luff my make up and my hair and my hair straightener!! I can do so many styles with it, my fav is in the pic above, big soft curls. I can’t achieve this with a curling tong because none have a diameter wide enough, plus my hair isn’t long enough.

With a hair straightener you can do just about anything. WIN!! SO bringing it to Orlando!!!

And don’t ask me the brand name coz I don’t know, Milly sponsored me it so ask her!’

And I super cannot fucking wait for Orlando, BARELY 20+ days omg hyperventilating now kthxbye excited can die.

Winter fashion is awesome!!!

I bought a super DOOPIE cute pink beanie that I can’t wait to wear, and several other outerwears. In Singapore I wear nothing also sweat like dog, in Orlando I can freeze my arse off yay hehehe.

The good thing about jackets is that they’re so fashionable but they are also super bulky and difficult to pack! I bet my luggage is going to be MASSIVE.

19 freaking nights worth. I don’t think I even have enough underwear HAHAHAH and washing underwear during holidays sucks plz!

Oh yes, I know my blog has been rather quiet recently BUT JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE! I have this really long and informative and cool blog post coming up, I’m having so much fun typing it!! Well it’s cool to me at least. VERY COOL INDEED.

It will probably be up in 1 or 2 days so stay tuned~~~

Meanwhile I’m really not doing much, I’m just shopping, starving to death at home while on a mission to eat healthy, desperately waiting for time to pass by so I can get my arse to Orlando and spend Xmas and New Years there.

And speaking of X’mas, I have thought of a FABBBBBBB idea for Sam’s X’mas present!!! I know we got each other expensive coats already, but since the both are really hopeless romantics and very impractical + dramatic people, we’re going to do more and my idea is the shitz lor.

I’ve never seen anyone else do this before and I must say I am very pleased with my choice!!! You will find out soon.

Wow, what a whole bunch of nothing reallys I just typed.

Ok enough ranting for one day and come back another day.

Much love.