what a warm welcome eh?

so james came over on thursday and stayed over, then the next day he went to school and i went to my parent teacher’s meeting.

OMG, that sucked sooo bad.

i swear my session took more than FORTY-freaking-minutes. thats like sososo long compared to the others – some people only took like what, 15 mins?

my teacher and my mum just went on & on & on. PURE-talkative-auntie-style. how boring.

i just sat there nodding my head and saying “ya ya i will be a good girl.”

I AM a good girl! i just don’t like school very much. LOL. it’s not like i burn houses down or anything :3

on the way to school, i realised that i havent even returned my report book to the school since the first term. LOL. no wonder my teacher called me the day before telling me she can’t find my report book.

then my mum was like, “you don’t care about anything except shopping and james!”

awwwww. my mum is sooo mean :(

actually thats pretty true. im trying to be more BOTHERED about other things in life, but they all seem oh-so-boring. =/

anyway, i pretty much flunked my mid-year-examination. all because of stupid MATH!

my mum was really shocked at my results.

My marks:

English – 60

Chinese – 47

Additional Math – 0

E Mathematics – 23

Combined Science (Phy, Chem) – 42

Combined Humanities – 63

Pure Geography – 68

And my Civics & Moral Education got like a freaking D. pshhh i wonder what do they mean by that? LOL.

Because of both of my mathematics subject, my overall percentage is freaking low. how sad :(

i left the entire a math paper BLANK! and i totally gave up on math before the exam, hence i got like 23.

My science and chinese has always SUCKED, so that’s no surprise. i guess my english, geog and combined humans are okay.

it’s kinda weird that geography is my highest score though. because i used to fail like every test for the first term.

yea. every geography lesson i would stare blankly at the whiteboard, feeling veryvery lost. most of the time i would be falling asleep though.

but one fine day, i decided to actually STUDY for a test – so i did. for the first time in the entire year, i actually sat down at a table with my book and everything. it feels soooo weird. so primary-school-ish.

but then i read the chapter and thought to myelf, “wow, i can actually understand this.”

from that day onwards i decided that geography is actually pretty easy and have been doing okay in the subject. LOL.

what i’m most pleased about my results is my composition. i got 23/30 ! it was originally 24, but the idiot teacher decided that deducting a mark from me would be fun.

i totally didnt study for this exam – so 294.2/700 for my total mark is pretty much what i expected.

but whats really funny is that even with 294.2/700 i’m like the 17/39 in class position.

sure, that isnt high, but i was expecting to be the last few in class. but im in the middle.


i thought only i was lazy! looks like alot of people are pretty lazy this year.

my grades suck so bad. i kinda promised james and my mum that i’ll study from now on. sigh.

i think i will get myself a tutor soon :)

pure torture =’(

anyway when i brought my mum to the school i noticed that alot of people were staring at her. HAHA. thats like so awkwarddd.

maybe its her big hair. LOL. or maybe its her make up. i dunno. she looked pretty good though :)

ok moving on, i went back home after the parent teacher meeting and i went to sleep.

wait, i didnt straight away go to sleep.

i tried on 3 bikinis and stared into the mirror for a long time, totally freaking out and squeezing my fats hoping it will go away.

sooo unglamorous. LOL.

yea, after being tired of freaking out about being fat, i went to sleep.

then james came over to my place and we headed over to WILD WILD WET!

haha. i havent been there for sooo long. the last time i’ve been there was with my dad, few years ago. anyway i love downtown east – the familiar fun feeling of staying at a chalet, etc! im always having fun when im there.

anyway, wild wild wet was sooo fun. LOL.

i havent had SO much fun in a really long time :)

lucky for me, there wasnt any hot babes around. it made me feel better. LOL.

it felt kinda weird walking around in a bikini when there are so many kids running around though. i felt like im doing porn or something. LOL.

anyway after 3 hours of playing in the water we went to shower. I SNEAKED INTO THE GUYS BATHROOM. HAHAHA. it was soooo funny. i was trying to see if i could get in without being caught, and i rain in with a towel over my head totally forgetting that i had boobs. LOL. so it was like seeing this person running into a male toilet covering her head only with a towel and wearing a pink bikini. HAHAH.

halfway in, a fat indian man saw me and looked at me with this ” :o ” expression and turned to tell his other indian friend. and i was like, “Shit!” and just rain straight into a cubicle. james kept swatting my head and told me to stop giggling because no guy giggles like that. LOL.

sooo after showering it was 8+ already. it felt soo good to walk around outside just showered and in shorts, tee and slippers. i havent dressed so casual in a LONG time.

oh yea did i mention i wore like eye make up to wild wild wet? liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, glitter and everything. it totally smudged and i looked DREADFUL~

at the end of day the make up was almost all gone, just the black marks were left. i looked like i had REALLY bad eyebags.

anyway we rode his bike over to east coast park because i felt like eating satay :)

i looove satay. i was sooo hungry because i skipped dinner the night before and breakfast + lunch in the morning because i wanted my tummy to be as flat as possible while wearing the bikini. HAHAHA.

after walking around east coast park for abit we went home because we were damn tired already even though it was only 10+pm.

the next day we woke up at like 1. because of some *some of you might have seen the previous tags* matters, we didnt leave the house till like 4 or something.

again i wore denim shorts and a black polo tee, WITHOUT make up! in my spectacles! ahhhhh. to bugis some more. LOL. im trying not to be so obsessed with the way i look so i try to keep it casual (:

then we went to eat. BILLY BOMBERS! woohoo. that’s like the official favourite restaurant to go for me and him. we always have a good time there. i love the ambience :) they play all the lovely rock’n’roll oldies. I LOVE OLDIES!

while i was walking out of the restaurant, i spotted a guy holding some balloons. and suddenly i felt abit crazy so i kinda shouted, “HEY! its his birthday, can he have a balloon?” *points to james*

then james stared at me with a blank look for like 2 seconds. LOL. he went “nooo dont listen to her its not my birthday!”

then the balloon man walked over to him and said “dont be shy! happy birthday, heres a pink balloon for you!!”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. a pink one some more xD

after that we went to topman, and i bought james a nice long sleeved striped shirt :)

it was like yellow with grey stripes, and it looked gooood. he liked it because he doesnt even have like one yellow top in his wardrobe. all his stuff is like brown and green! that bugger.

i love buying him clothes. because its boring when he always wear the same colours / style.

the top was 80$. and i offered to treat our lunch which was like 50$.

excuse me, how am i suppose to survive my holidays? LOL. I’M IN DESPERATE NEED OF A JOB!

save me :(

then we went to my mum’s spa shop. we were looking for a free massage and facial because we were pretty tired from yesterday, but she wasnt in -_- and they were closing. BOO HOO.

then we went to suntec and played at the arcade there. HAHAH. i love playing the arcade man LOL its so fun when im with james. we challenged each other to lame shooting games and stuff.

we caught a midnight show, pirates of the carribean – at world’s end.

yoho yoho a pirate’s life for me ~

i still like the First movie better :) but it was pretty okay. a little too complicated though…

i cant wait for shrek 3 to come . HAHAHA.

when the movie finished it was like 2+AM already. and the entire HUGE suntec city mall was totally empty. how creepy. we spent like half an hour trying to get out of the mall because all the exits were locked.

we dunno where the others from the movie went, they just seem to have disappeared -_-

we felt sooo alone :(

even those bangla construction workers left the building already. we saw them leaving through a door and we shouted “oi oi wait for us!!” but they just closed the door.


we were seriously like the only ones left. then james saw a hole in the wall, and we crawled through the wall. LOL. because the shop was contructing thats why there was a hole i guess.

and i told him, “like fucking rats lor, crawk through holes in the walls”. so dumb.

then we rode home. im soo scared of traffic on the road recently. so many times because of stupid drivers we almost fell off the bike. nb -_-

i hate hate hate him having a bike. so dangerous. he should get a car. LOL.

okayy so thats it for today. this is a bloody long post! sorry for the lack of pictures, didnt manage to take much pictures.

so here are some random pictures from last saturday:


this game is mucho fun! we always play it :))

me giving stupid face because im bored! look at his blur kok face, haha, he was playing bomberman.