fat bitch :(

I find my interest for photography growing.

It’s fun to surf photography forums :]

You get to see really cool pictures & you can learn alot more! (if you’re interested la.)

Found this photo while surfing:

(photo taken with permission of thread starter)

HAHAHA. Supppppppppppper funny & cute plz!

Yup, that’s a photographer covered in thick layers of foam. (the event at Tanglin Mall)

Soap only what! Scared what? Nothing can bring this photographer down =P

Geez, the things one does to pursue the things they love… (photography, for that matter)

I love Canon cameras!





Okok I have to stop my mindless ramblings & prepare to go out now, I’m meeting Jasmine the act cute bitch later.

Going to Far East to change a dress that I bought on Xmas Eve, stupid ah lian shop girl from Zimple gave me the damn bloody wrong size!

Before I bought the dress, I asked to try on a sizeM for the grey dress I was eyeing.

Then the ah lian shop girl went like, “nono! size M is super huge la, take size S, alot of people cannot wear M coz it’s damn big. you should try size S”

And I said, “ok.”

So I took size S to try.. and Hey Presto!

Fits me p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. Of course I’m damn happy la. (which means I’m not THAT big-sized afterall)

So I bought the grey dress and another pink dress (both size S), and everything was good until I reached home and put them on again..

Then I realized, that stupid ah lian shop girl gave me a fucking size M for the grey dress!!!!!!!

Which, I know could be a humble mistake, but what makes me pissed off was the fact that she kept emphasizing how abnormally huge size M is, persuaded me to get size S, THEN SHE GAVE ME A BLOODY SIZE M TO TAKE HOME.

You know what that means?


Normal skinny girls can’t wear size M cos it’s too big, only fat bitches like me can!!

SO I NEED A SIZE M!!!!! *cries*

….I am extremely hurt. =(



Fat bitch here is going to Far East to find ah lian shop girl to slap her with my fat ass now,
then I’ll change it to a fucking size S to make myself feel better.