Dream World

I miss waking up to views like this.

Listening to the surf gently rolling in is undoubtedly the best sound to hear in the morning. I reckon it guarantees a perfect day ahead of me.

Fidelis and I took a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast and we met up with Sam there. We stayed in the heart of Surfer’s Paradise (aptly named so.) It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. Not because it had an astonishing amount of raw astounding beauty… but more of the fact that it was the longest coastline I have ever seen right next to civilization.

I thought Bondi was beautiful until I came to the Gold Coast. It’s about ten times better, if that’s even possible. (one day I will go to Maldives and say it is 100 times better lol)

The coast line stretches on further than the eye can see!!! When you’re on a Gold Coast beach, you look to your left and see towering skyscrapers. And then you look to your right and see an endless horizon along the ocean. And then miles and miles and miles around you, it’s the same thing.

Towering apartments in the Gold Coast.

Not something you’d normally see in a coastal area, but I guess the higher you are, the more magnificent the view because the ocean looks infinitely bigger!

I think people who live in the Gold Coast are incredibly lucky. What I’d give to live in a place like this. ♥ They get up in the morning, wake up to views like this and go about their day as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

Every day I was in the Gold Coast, I wake up, walk towards the balcony going “OMG, sigh, I’m so lucky… I wish I could have this for longer.”

Fruit Loops and Cookie Dough mix to start off our day. I’m in love with cookie dough

The grotesque amount of brochures I took back to our apartment.

I have an obsession with reading brochures and memorizing all the different activities we could do. I want a meticulously planned perfect itinerary. I do this whenever I go traveling. I end up knowing the foreign country even better than my own country.

I kid you not… I could tell you more places to go and things to do in the Gold Coast than in my own country I was born in, lol. Everyday I scratch my head, going, “I’m bored. What the hell is there to do? Ah, I know… I’ll blog about better days I’ve had somewhere else.”

And so here I am.

Fidel took the Sofa bed while Sam and I took the bedroom, I think she got the better view because she was directly in front of the giant balcony!!!

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t asian just so I wouldn’t look so cock eyed every time I’m staring intently at something. LOL

On the first day, we rented a car and here are are driving to Dream World! (a theme park, what else?)

I’m a huge theme park junkie, and ever since Orlando I’ve seriously been DYING to visit another theme park again.

Driving in Australia is fun.

There’s lots to see, little traffic and people generally give way all the time.

Parking is also easy to find.

And we have arrived!!!!! Side note: can Fidel’s hair get any redder?!

From far away, we spotted this MONSTER of a ride!!! Man, imagine the G forces on that thing!

We didn’t get a chance to because it opened like 2 days after we left the Gold Coast. Pfffttt lame. Just like how we were Universal Studios in Orlando, and the Harry Potter Wizarding World opened like 6 months later.

(honestly, had I known then, I would’ve waited)

Fidel and I kept going “WOHOOO ROLLER COASTERS WOOHOO!!!” even when we were in Sydney.

Ok at this point I’d like to make a disclaimer, to NOT judge my shorts (and shirt) because I actually wore PAJAMAS out. LOL.

They don’t really look like PJs (I think?!) at least that was my impression when I first put them on in Australia… now that I look back in the pics, man, I can so tell they’re home clothes. I cut out most of the pics where you can see me in the shorts but before anyone asks, “What kind of shorts are you wearing?!” I’d like to first answer, “Pajamas.”

….What? I underpacked!!! Everything else was too warm for the Gold Coast weather, Sydney was much much colder.

Yay for having the foresight to get our tickets online beforehand. We get to avoid the long queues and they’re usually slightly cheaper.

That’s us!!!


♥ Dream World, we’re ready for you!!! ♥

My first impression of it was…

“This kinda reminds me of Universal Studios Singapore.” Very hot weather, which is an instant mood dampener.. but nicely decorated and still fun nevertheless.

I ♥ Churros - the ultimate theme park food! That, and Disney’s turkey leg… OMG.

I never really liked hot dogs. They remind me too much of penises. #justsaying

Let’s forget I just said that.

LOL. I guess normally people would just take a photo of the clown but I asked if we could climb into his little car with him.. whaddya know?

He said “Hop on in!”

And then drove away.

Doesn’t look half bad a job actually.

Especially if you’re like, 30… and still jobless.

We were there really early (kia su, lol. I ONLY wake up early promptly and consecutively on holiday. even when I’m going for an exam, I’m still late) so none of the rides were really open yet… hence the abundance in pictures of nothing in particular.

Besides, it’s not like we can bring our cameras onto the rides itself (Australia has strict rules, I could do it in the US) so yeah.

I’m honestly shit scared of sharks. :(

I’m ALWAYS on a paranoid look out for sharks and jellyfishes when I’m in the ocean.

Think ya could take on a shark, big boy?

Hahahaha I like how pictures taken with a shark can say so much.


Sam’s says: “I’m having Shark’s Fin Soup for dinner.”

Fidel’s says: “Meep.”

I found it hilarious how there was a lens flare EXACTLY where Sam’s face was!

Dream World has a sister water theme park called Whitewater Park.. and it’s soooo good!!!

It was the best out of all the theme parks we went to. But that’s for another blog post.

I think in this pic you can clearly tell I’m wearing a sleeping t-shirt hahahaha

Waiting for Sam and Fidelis to go on a crazy headache-inducing, barf-worthy ride that I refused to get myself involved with! I love roller coasters, but I hate any ride that spins.

Tea cup rides, ones that spin you 360 degrees constantly and flips you around……


Definitely not my kinda thing. I get heavy motion sickness from just everyday taxi rides already.

The face of an accomplished person!

The happy boyfriend ♥

We dove indoors to bump around in bumper cars because it just got too hot. Seriously, Australia, I love you and all… but fix that giant hole in your ozone layer because your Sun is killing me (and all of you in OZ too!!!)

(I’m just being literal. I know it actually can’t be fixed)

Then Sam suggested we ride this completely ridiculous horse racing where you needed to hump the thing vigorously.

LOL I mean seriously you have to trash yourself back and forth, up and down as fast and hard as you can.

I think I was winning for the first 10 seconds until I got tired and gave up. :3

LOL the stupid shit we get up to!!!

I think we took videos of the whole thing, but it’s probably not a good idea to post it up.

Sam’s favorite part of the theme park!

He loves Tigers. And animals in general.

I don’t mean “He loves animals so he keeps pets and is a sworn vegetarian”… I mean he really likes learning about them and observing them. We watch animal documentaries together all the time, and he always educates me on the way they live and the unique factor about each animal. I think he’s a major reason why I fell in love with killer whales. It’s heaps of fun learning about science and animals with your partner!

Oh and Sam would also like me to post a disclaimer on his behalf, saying that his ass is not huge, but he had a big wallet full of money tucked into his back pockets hence the bulging looking buttocks.


Tigers basking in the sun about 6 meters away from us!

There was a little cafe right in front of the Tiger enclosure so we sat there and had some brunch while waiting for the Tiger show to start.

This is what happens when you get your noob boyfriend to take nice pictures of you.

And the show begins!!!!

It is SOOOO weird to see a killer 2m tall tiger act like a giant pussy cat.

It is a wonder the tiger doesn’t pounce on the chubby trainer lol. Look at that belly, I bet it’d make a good dinner.

Lookie! Kitty does tricks!

I knew tigers were good swimmers, but I didn’t know they could climb like that as well… damn.

Or that they could jump like that. (very intimidating in real life wtf)


Souvenir pennies!

We have a fortune of these from Disney.


Sam + Soft Toys is a great mix.

Recently I bought a stuffed Penguin and we made up this hilarious character called Philip and Sam does these amazing uncanny penguin voices and makes the penguin do silly dancing moves and we laugh hysterically for 10 minutes like 5 times a day over it. I know this probably sounds crazy to you guys lol.

I adore how he’s not afraid to appear childish and he’s just being who he really is, whether it makes him appear “unmanly” or not. Too many guys out there put their pride above everything else.

Having fun and not giving a damn is one of the secrets to leading a happy life.

I almost bought this sleepy lil white tiger (I have an army of plushies at home) but we already bought matching tiger plushies from Orlando in 2009, so…

Soooo many plooshies! *squishes*

I have no idea what relation my retarded pose has with these tigers. Please resist your urge to put your fist through your computer screen.

I have no such thing as a normal pose. I am either desperately acting cute, or failing a supermodel-hand-on-hip-suck-in-cheeks-pouting-mouth pose.

Or posing with a peace sign like the azn retard I am.

(P.S – These self jabs don’t mean anything. I don’t actually hate myself these days, I just don’t take myself too seriously)

Ugly hugeass birds that are littered all over the park. That beak looks like it might poke my eye out.

Getting some lunch! I hate getting hungry in theme parks, because that means paying for overpriced food and eating bleah meals.

Slushies are highly underrated. I cannot walk past a 7-Eleven without buying a slurpee. It’s like one of the best inventions after carbonated soft drinks.

Fresh from the sea….?


It’s comforting to know that no matter where you go in the world, french fries are always the same.

Even if they’re thick, thin, soggy, over fried… they’re still french fries. Maybe that’s why McDonalds is so popular. It’s comfort food that’s cheap and filling. I know people who go traveling and still eat in that particular country’s McDonalds (wtf?)

Cute little cheeky kiddo spotted!

I see you!!!


To be real honest, Dream World wasn’t exactly a dream.

It was ok.. kinda boring at times, but it has a few good rides. Dear OZ, you need better theme parks!!! You have SO much land, do something with it!

The day wasn’t as action-packed as I thought, but it got much better the next day when we visited Whitewater World (a water theme park!)

We got off the train at the Wildlife stop. Lol @ the googly eyed koalas

Random pic. I promise you I didn’t actually see the no touching sign until I actually touched it o_O

Badass sign
at the Croc enclosure. I like it.

Random fact: I still can’t really differentiate alligators from crocodiles… they all look icky and reptiley and scary to me.

I know I’ve already posted Australian animals pictures in my previous Blue Mountains post, but I thought I’d post a few again anyway…

Baby koaaaalaaa!!!! ^.^ Looks cuddly!!!

This bird made a great photography subject. It just stood there, ever so still, while I snapped away.

Caption of the day: “Please don’t shit on me.”

I’ve been to Dream World many years back with my mum and her partner. We were in THIS very aviary, and the 2 of them were ahead of me, walked past a bunch of birds that were perched on top, just like the one in the picture above, without a problem.

The moment I innocently strolled past, like 2 seconds later, a bird shat a watery one directly on my brand new jacket.

God, y u no love me?

To make matters worse, we took a picture with a koala after that (I was carrying it), it dug it’s nails into my jacket and tore a hole in it.

I never wore my new jacket again.

This girl walked up to a breastfeeding mamma kangaroo and they just stared at each other like this.

I’d like to think this picture has some sort of artistic value.

We’re in The Wiggles’ kiddy land!

Apparently they’re really popular in Australia and have sold-out concerts that kids attend. They must be like the Barney of Australia. I remember when Barney used to be the shit.

Honey I think you found your long lost cousin!

AHAHAHAHAHA @ Sam’s “Sipping English Tea” pose.

What did I say about my boyfriend enjoying being a kid?

That looks like a cozy house!

Random stuff. I don’t even know

We saw a lot of these little buggers on a boardwalk, so I urged Sam to slowly inch towards it for a picture.

“Closer!!! Not close enough. GO A LITTLE BIT CLOSER, he’s not going to bite you!!!”

Until Sam got a little too close for the comfort, and the reptile came SPRINTING in our direction (it was only 3 meters away from us)

Fidelis and I let out ear-piercing shrieks and ran away like little girls.

This is the best part about Dream World!!!

It’s called the Tower of Terror, and the moment you see it in real life, you see how appropriate the name is.

It shoots up THIS freakin’ high, BACKWARDS!!! And then hurls you back to ground level in a matter of seconds.

At one point you’re at a 90 degrees level, hovering hundreds of meters above the ground for 2 whole seconds, looking down feeling as though you’re going to fall flat on your face like a pancake!!! It has all this sci-fi shit going on in the beginning too.


Maddddd stuff ey?! We lucked out and got FRONT row seats too, so we experienced exactly what you saw in the vid above!

Lots of screaming involved… Fidelis and I are loud, loud screamers. Particularly me, because I used to be in the choir, so I have a pretty strong voice. LOL


This river rapids ride was the last one for us that day. We’re all flustered from the Tower of Terror and tired from the whole day’s activities…

My hair always looks like shit after I come out of a ride!!! And here you can properly see my PJs shorts. *hides face*

Spotted the clown from the afternoon (think it’s the same one) and I was just wondering…. how is it his make up doesn’t smudge in the hot weather?! What make up primer / base is he using???

I just wanted to say…. I wuv you!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have so much fun together. And it means a lot to me that we get a long so well.

Thanks for taking me on holidays and being so good to me. (most of the time. i am an idealist)

Awesome sunset as the backdrop of a parking lot. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday!

See ya later Dream World!!!!
(and yes, that’s the tower of terror behind.)


In the evening, we took a short drive and walk from our apartment to a nearby Night Market by the beach!!!

I really liked their night market… had all sorts of stuff from handcrafted items to nice-smelling soaps to yummy food items to fortune tellers!

I’ve never liked beef jerky before this, but Silverson’s Beef Jerky is da bomb! We finished 3 packets of that stuff in a week. A really friendly guy too. (they mostly are)

For the first time ever,
I got my palms read!!!!!!

I’m always excited about being examined fortune-tellers. I don’t necessarily believe everything they say, but it’s really interesting listening to what they have to say about you. Sometimes it’s kinda freaky how you’re complete strangers but everything you do is spot on.

My mum knows this chinese shi fu who is really accurate in everything he says… how does he do it?! Wild guesses and crosses his fingers that he’s right, or says generalized stuff about everyone?

Like “she’s really stubborn” coz everyone’s stubborn in their own way

Or like “she’s going to be very successful” coz everyone wants to hear that shit?

This man didn’t seem to have any business at all going for him that night, so I decided to be nice and sat down at his table for him to do a reading on me.

Can’t remember exactly what he said, but he asked me what my profession was and I said, “I create customized cakes with fancy designs and sell them.”

He asked for my age and I told him I was turning 19 years old.

And the rest of the reading, he couldn’t stop complimenting me LOL. About how I am really business-savvy and creative and determined and successful etc etc…. I knew he only gathered all of this from what I told him about me and not from my palm lines though. But that’s ok, I was happy just to listen to him rave about me. :P

He did say I was going to lead a long and healthy happy life and he looked Sam in the eye and told him he was very lucky to have a girl like me. HAH!

My night = made.

We walked past this restaurant and then I retraced my steps to have a second look. Anyone see what I see???

Why the hell would you name your restaurant that? What if people named their restaurant “Jesus”?! I’m not a religious prick, but I still don’t think that’s right… for a RESTAURANT?


I’m not going to “Buddah” for dinner, that’s for sure.


Our final adventure of the day was checking out this trippy Special Effects attraction called “Infinity.”

From their website: “INFINITY is a mind-blowing journey into spectacular, futuristic maze like worlds of wonder – an extraordinary series of around 20 multi-sensual environments filled with unique special effects, atmospheric sound fields, ultra groovy music and illusions that appear to go all the way to infinity!”

We had to wear gloves on our hands, and even giant socks that covered our shoes before we could go in. I guess they wanna keep the place spanking clean.

It’s really hard to describe Infinity.

It’s like this spacey, sci-fi maze house with lots of flashing lights (that might cause epilepsy I swear my eyes rolled backwards a few times) and you have to navigate yourself through a giant labyrinth. It was much more fun than I thought actually because they have unexpected elements like a wobbly ground.

When you walk on the ground it feels like there’s water underneath and you can BARELY walk straight because any slight movement from another person will throw you off balance. All of this while in almost complete darkness of course. And there are balls that people throw at you when you’re not looking wtf. (random, I know. kinda hurts too)

Hahahah ok now I realize it sounds quite awful but it’s actually really cool once you get past your initial skepticism and fear. There are many different kind of mazes, some colorful, some dark, some bright and flashing….

My favorite part was when a whole bunch of strangers formed a circle and started jumping up and down like CRAZY. The ground shook like it was an earthquake and people were flying in all sorts of directions. I fell and landed on my ass like twice lol.

Looking down was scary. Even though I knew I was on solid ground, it looked as if I might fall through a bottomless pit. :(

(and yes, I know that’s not a good look for me lol)

In certain mazes, I’d be so lost and confused and all I’d see was something like this.

It’s still good fun though,
would definitely go back there if I visited the Gold Coast again! It’s nothing like anything I’ve been to before.


That was the end of a fun-packed first day in the Gold Coast!!!!!!!!!!

So many fond memories created in just one day.. ♥ And we’re only at day one. ;)