For you, I’d bake one whole batch of yummy cookies!

It’s been stay-home saturdays for the past few weeks. God, I’m turning into a no-life idiot.

Then again, always going out to town and watching movies and shopping all the time is also pretty lame, so I guess it ain’t too bad.

But today was a lil different, Today was a baking day.

Eunice decided to come over and we baked cookies!

Or are they cakes? Seems like they are half-cookie-half-cakes. Didn’t really follow the recipe, heh…

Eunice called me in the morning and she was like, “So do you wanna bake today?”

And I’m like, “uhhhh… OKAY!”

And so she came over in the afternoon to make a mess out of my kitchen:

Introducing Eunice,

a blur cockhead who can look freaking bewildered when she’s simply only mixing egg and butter together.

She’s one of my besties! Love that girl. =)

Even though sometimes, she’s so sotong that I am amazed. It’s like I’m tempted to knock on her head cuz I think it will make this cool hollow sound.

I haven’t baked in like, MORE THAN A YEAR or somethingg! But baking is so easy and fun, I love it. My mum always complains that I kept bugging her to buy an oven, but it’s already been sitting in our house for 2 years and yet I haven’t used it just once.

Well, the day has finally come! And all thanks to Eunice, if not god knows when I’d touch that oven.

Really random pictures:

Me cracking eggs! Hehe. I LOVE to take an egg out of the fridge whenever I’m bored at home, and then I’d go up to my maid and be like “Hey Intan, catch the egg!” and I’d throw the egg towards her way and watch her freak out, trying desperately to catch it.

LOL. I’m not mean, it’s just really funny to see her reaction.

ESPECIALLY when she misses and it goes “splat” on the ground!

Tiring job :(

I like to mix the batter with my hands cuz it’s uber fun, but slightly gross at the same time, when all the batter goes into your fingernails.

Added vanilla essence, sugar, chocolate chips and voila! We were doneee.

La la la, in it goes into the oven.. (I know the top right two piles of batter look extremely weird, the extreme top right one is supposed to be heart-shaped!)

And after about 20 mins of baking…

TA-DAH!! Coookies-cum-cakes-thingerz!

I know they don’t look very appetizing here, but they taste great OK!

Look at the top right one :D supposed to be a heart shaped, turned out kinda ugly.

And that big round blob is so cuteeee.

After eating up 3/4 of the pastry, messed around with the remaining pieces. LOL.

Isnt my smiley face cookie adorable?!


Guess who’s the heart-shaped-cookie for?

I still think about you everyday,

even though it has been some time now.

I don’t know what to do because you keep coming back to make things confusing for me,

I know I should pull away but I just can’t – And I’m sick and tired of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.


I wanna run, run run away but I end up running back to you.

I just don’t understand why,

whenever I’m with you, I’m like

but whenever I’m without you, I’m just like..









nothing quite makes sense anymore..